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From the popular developer, GTArcade they released a game entitled Top Developer Legacy of Discord-FuriousWings to bring us a stunning visuals, visceral gameplay, endless customization that we can play in our mobile device. In this game you are going to enjoy the next generation of action role playing with intense real-time combat. Yes it’s real time meaning you are able with your friends online into hack-slash gameplay. The game offers different multiplayer feature such as arena and PvP battles grounds. So upgrade and made your way to the top of competition. And when it comes on competition we know that we can’t deny the fact that most mobile games are pay-to-win wherein those who spend money in this game got the biggest advantage from rewards system. And for us to beat them we need to use cheats and guides just like what we did in most games we played before and we believe that this will also work for this game. So come on and beat this game!

1. Auto grinding and farming cheats. In most role playing game, grinding and farming is your way to be strong but also lots of players failed to do it because it requires patience. That is why MOBA got the trends now while MMORPG is losing their players because it deals with grinding and farming a lot. While you will see most role playing now has auto-battle feature to give their players ease in grinding. And so the same with Legacy of Discord as you can see there is a auto-battle button which will let the computer play the battle in auto. But that is not enough as we discovered a way on how we can cheat it so we can have a 100% auto grinding and farming. What I mean is that you can leave your game 24/7 and get progress from it.

For us to get started we need first to download an application which will serve as bot. This application is able to record the action you do and play it in auto for infinite loop. As for our preference, we love to use Repetitouch as it is reliable (no crash) even running overnight. But we also encourage you to use other application so we can check if we can download better than Repetitouch as long as it is free app. And for those who playing using emulator which is common since grinding requires long lasting battery and this is what emulator best to cater, you can play using Nox Emulator. This emulator has built-in feature which is the same as Repetitouch so you really don’t need to download additional app at all.

With the app installed or playing in emulator, you can start the record and grind on the level you wish to farm. On this first round or the recording phase, you are creating your pattern that you are going to use for auto. So all action you do, including repeating a level and confirming a victory will be included here. Just make sure to turn on the auto-battle before recording as you must not include it in your record or everytime you play the bot will tap on it, so what will happen will be an on and off throughout the grinding. So we will not include it in our bot. Once you reach the part you started the record, that will complete the cycle and you can stop the record on it. Save it and then play the record which will automate the grinding in infinite loop. Test it for several times before leaving your computer because there will be a chance for you to experience error and this is when the bot and game desync. That can be happen because there will be no exact same time completion in every round so we can’t expect that the bot and game will always work on how we recorded it. The only thing we can do is to adjust the bot or while we are doing the record, we will wait for couple of seconds before tapping on the button or the action you need to do. So every time it requires an action the bot will always adjust by waiting a couple of seconds before tapping on it. This will minimize the desync that might happen for game and bot.

2. Don’t forget to claim your free chest everytime it is available. This is your shortcut way of getting higher tier especially if you are going to spend currency of it. The trick here is to ensure that you are going to claim your free draw everytime the cooldown is ready. Or you can save all your currency and draw the x10 purchase which will give you a guarantee of higher tier gears and items. Also check the weekly special event if you can avail yours.

3. Check your mails for rewards. The rewards that you will get from events and other in-game feature will not directly go to your inventory but in your mail. So you better check inbox from time to time to see rewards you can claim. Here you don’t need to claim it one by one since there is a collect button for easy claim.

4. Always check the event. This will give you a good deal if you can participate on timed event. In this event, you can get gold out of the box treasure income double and that is for 2x vault. Aside from that there are lucky event and funds. Newest server has lots of events, so if you are playing in old server, it would be better if you are going to wait for the new release.

That’s it for our Legacy of Discord cheats and guides. If you have a question especially with auto-pilot bot. Don’t hesitate to write us a comment below. Enjoy!


Upon DOWNLOADING or using our CHEATS, we are not liable for anything that might happen to your account.

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