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Recently we shared to you Dynasty Saga 3D-Three Kingdoms as the newest turn based strategy game and now we are here to add something new to your list with Land of Daimon. The game is about the perfect combination between battle functions and role playing strategy game. In this game you can have different role play with various occupations. You can also make a troop with different players. So let’s play Land of Daimon and enjoy great fighting skills, cute characters, interesting stories and lot more. And for those who are playing to play this game, you can check our cheats and guides below.

1. Easy farming and grinding cheats. Actually grinding and farming is not really difficult but you need to be patient since you will do same things over and over for hours. The fact is grinding and farming are very important to become stronger in most RPG. Most of the time, players got failed in this part because they always want the easy way – spending money . And that encourage devs to create a pay-to-win game. While some game considers the typical attitude of players so they put up an auto-feature to the game. And from that feature, we found out how we can cheat so we can have much progress than auto-battle feature can do alone. This cheat will gives you a 24/7 grinding and farming so even you are sleeping or you are out for work, the game is continue on giving you loots and experience points which you need to win the game as we understand the part of it to win the game.

So for us to do this cheat, we need first to download an application that can do record and play this record in repetition. So instead of us playing the grinding and farming part manually, we can just let the apps do this in auto and that will help us a lot. Now for those who are question about this kind of activities, well I’m pretty sure that this is not illegal as the game involves auto battle too and what we are doing here is to improve it so we can obtain the maximum potential of AFK gaming. And when it comes on the application that we are going to use, I highly recommend to get Repetitouch. The free version is enough for this cheat, but if you want to enjoy the other features of the said app, you can pay for it. Or you can play using Nox emulator. This will let you play Land of Daimon on PC. For Nox, it has the same feature as Repetitouch. From the top of that, playing in PC can give you assurance that your game will run 24/7 while you are away on it.

With the tools installed, you can start your recording your grinding which you will play later on. Find a good stage to farm that comes with good experience points and loots. Complete the level until you reach the same part of the game where start recording. Save it and play to see the the application will do it in auto. You must understand the concept of this cheat so when error occurs you know how to handle it. Yes there will be a possibility for this cheat to be messed up and this is from desync. You are relying for the saved action to pilot the game for you and once desync, it will stop functioning. But there is nothing to worry because it will still continue once they get sync. What will happen is that the game will stop progressing but the bot or the saved action will proceed until it reach the game again. With several test and still synchronized, you can now leave the game to the bot.

2. Earn rewards from leveling up. With the help of cheats, earning rewards from leveling up is not a problem anymore. In this game, you will gifts based from your level. So it is better to rush leveling up to get rewards. This is your chance to get higher tier rewards including premium currency so you will earn gems without spending cash in game.

3. Complete achievement. Cheating the game is fun at first few days but after that you will get weary and losing the interest in game. To help ease this problem, you should play dynamically and this is by completing achievements. Here you can complete several task from true fan, group tour to gain, to be a guardian and lot more. Aside from stirring your interest to the game, you can always get prestigious rewards from achievement.

4. Earning easy gold. If you are short in gold, the easiest way to earn it is through Alchemy. Everyday you can go for it twice and this will give a tremendous amount of gold from spending gems. If you are looking forward to earn gold and still you have lots of gems, you can go for Alchemy.

5. Add friends. Everytime I play mobile games, I use to take advantage the friend system of the game where I can get rewards. Good thing now is we don’t need to experience hassle in adding friends. Just visit the friend list tab and then tap on add and follow friends. It is also better converse with other players and talk about their own cheats and tricks in playing Land of Daimon. The more information that you can get from this game, the better.

6. Always check mystery shop for limited availability items. If you have an extra gems, the best way to spend it is through mystery shop. Just make sure to have the best item available from time to time as it comes limited every 15 hours. Item change from time to time, so better to check it and see what you can limited items you can avail.

That’s it for my Revelation Online cheats and guides and if you have a question especially for auto-grinding/farming, you can reach us in comment section below. Just specify the part you don’t understand and we are very happy to help you. Enjoy!

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