Lady Knights Guides and Tricks

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Lady Knights is a real action RPG where you can experience the endless competition contents! Do a combo actions by different buttons and give your flaming game skills. Achieve victory with various styles and challenge in the Tower of Time and Space. Win and give your best to defeat other players in Lady Knights.

Use our Lady Knights Guides and Tips to get those best armor you may use in the game.

1. Choose Your Lady Character Wisely

Many lady warriors scrattered in our world now and now is the right time to invade this field. I’ll give a quick review about them so you can choose the perfect one for you.

  • Gladiator-  her attack points is 105, her defense points is 150 and for her health points is 830.
  • Samurai-   her attack points is 84, her defense points is 120 and for her health points is 760.
  • Gun Master- her attack points is 84, her defense points is 120 and for her health points is 780. She can do a flying skills and can deal with the twenty skill damage.

Choose your Lady Knight wisely and  start your adventurous fight in the exciting world.

2. Complete Your Objectives

There are various types of objectives in Lady Knights, including Daily Mission, Quest and Achievement. Objectives is the source of your huge rewards and other things that can surely help you throughout the game. These are the reason why you keep playing and it can also help you to understand the deep meaning of the game. Keep achieving them and in the end you’ll feel the satisfaction and happiness. Check them from time to time and acquire rewards as a return.

3. Check Your Mailbox

Your inbox is one of the most important place inside the game. This is where you can see your compensation from the GM as well as your other rewards that you’ve already achieve. Your message will be deleted if you didn’t get them at the right time.

4. Upgrade Your Hero

Equipment, Level, Skill and Star Grade are your needs if you want to become stronger in the game. Try your best to get those equipment that fits to your chosen character. Upgrade your character’s skill for able to them to meet the strength of enemy. Check this more often so you can upgrade them anytime. Once you become stronger continue your adventure and face more enemies!

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