Kritika Online Classes Guides (Outdated Not Applicable for SEA)


As Playpark confirmed the release date of Kritika Online SEA (MMORPG) now we need to decide what class we are suppose to play. This will follow with the question: What is the strongest class, What is the best class for farming, what is the best class for PvP and so on. Actually based on most MMORPG I play, every player has their own understanding on specific class thus they answer the question different from one another based on their experience playing the role of each class. Well to help you start and pick a class that might you like, we decided to share some preview on every class with videos so you can have your idea on what role you are going to play once the game release next month. So here are the 4 major classes in game plus the 3 advancement on Warrior, Rogue, and Mage and 2 advancement on Scyther.


Burst Breaker

Best for those who want to focus a character against single target either on PvP or boss hunting. Burst Breaker is armed with gauntlets which is use to cast down powerful attack against single target. Known to be simple yet powerful striker in game. This sounds funny to me, while holding a sword yet he uses fist which makes them not good in initiating combos while doesn’t have evasive skills. This character is for those one who love to do a single massive blow. This class use Mist Gauntlet which give an additional flame damage to most of this attacks. 


*Good in unleashing critical hit. Once you reach level 50, you are able to unlock Awakening which will give this class a greater critical hits and transforming his skills into more powerful damage through additional fire-based attacks. You can also take advantage with Charging which makes this class powerful on late game.

*Armor breaker. The primary job of this class is to serve as armor breaker that can inflict powerful damage against super armor. You will find that most skills from burst breaker are one-hit powerful which can do more damage against armor based character.

*Tanker. If you are a player who love survival instead of damage, you can go for burst breaker. As you can see most of burst breaker’s skills gives super armor which will boost your defense a lot. Sounds ironic that the weakness of burst breaker is also himself.


*Doesn’t have evasion. This is a general rule, for a character, tanker has poor evasion and so with Burst Breaker. Meaning to say you will take all attacks/damage/cc from your opponent. And even being a tanker, you will get useless when facing tight situation or fighting players that can cast lots of crowd control against you.

*Doesn’t have good combo. Since this is a one-hit power blow type of character, you can’t initiate good combo for your attacks. Keep in mind that combo is one of the most important factor in this kind of game. This will also rate players’ skills on their character they are using which will give them a big advantage in game.

*Rely too much in charging. As you can see most of this class’ skills need to be charged to unleash full potential damage.

*Slow cooldown. Most of Burst Bersker’s skills require longer cooldown.

*Poor in PvP. Technically PvP is based on players’ skills but to compare this class on others, I found out that burst berserker is not good or should I say difficult to play on PvP. Like what we’ve said above, this class doesn’t have good combo which is what you need to master in PvP. Combo is even more important than damage. Even with poor damage attacks, but with a good combination, you can kill your opponent without giving them a chance to fight back.

*Late gamer. I don’t know if we can consider this as disadvantage but maybe for those players who are impatient to reach level 50, yes this is a major downside of this character. Burst Berserker’s full potential will be unleashed once it reach level 50 to unlock Awakening skill. For me this a advantage for Burst Berserker because I can ensure that late game will be an advantage for this class. Late game is inevitable and we need only a patience until we unlock our full potential. But anyway if you are not like me, who loves grinding and spend time to the class I pick, you can use other class which will not requires you to more time before to enjoy its full potential.

Demon Blade  

Demon Blade specialized on the art of drawing swords. He also using range attacking skills to eliminate enemies in distance. This is  breaking the rule of common rule in warrior which come as melee. Now you can play as Demon Blade to enjoy skills in range while playing warrior class. As what we noticed this is the most popular character in game because of its good CG for skills as well as character itself, dual blade wielder well that’s cool. All attacks from this class cast darkness power allowing them to do short and long range attacks. This character is balanced with power and speed which makes them efficient in different situations. 


*Versatile. This character is good for flexible players who loves mechanics. Demon Blade can handle different situation which makes them fun to play. You have always options to play in different build based on your preference or your opponent. If you are fighting with enemy doesn’t have super armor, you will find that slash type demon blade is effective in dealing damage.

*Good in PvP. If you love warrior class and you are looking for PvP based character, you can pick Demon Blade as this is very effective in PvP.

*Dark element user. Among other elements, darkness is the most powerful element due to its effects. This will makes character much more powerful when building high dark element.

*Have good combo. Because of different quarter combat it can handle, Demon Blade has good potential in making combos.


*Difficult to play. This is the fact, and it is not good for players who doesn’t a good skill in playing with versatility, good reflexes and interaction. Else if you have a patience to practice, this character needs a lot of it.

 *Mediocre. This character doesn’t have mastery unlike with Burst Berserker that relies on armor and def breaker or Acrobats who master the art of evasion, air combo and skill combo, Demon Blade is on mediocre of both. But regardless of those disavantage, this class is still popular because the potential of this character relies greatly on players.

Raging Berserker

The fastest among other warrior class advancement. This character also has the largest HP in Kritika Online and use this HP as sacrifice to become more powerful. This is the only character that use warrior’s great sword (BB uses first, DB uses katana) slashing multiple enemies in massive damage. This character relies on both speed, super amor and damage with a sacrifice from their HP. 


*Very high HP. The class known for having very high HP while it has the ability to transform for no mana skill and additional max HP. It has also a skill that instantly regens 25% of their max HP after having an HP below a certain percentage amount of health.

*Non-stop killing machine. Upon reaching level 50, you activate Fury which let them lose mana completely and transform all your skills into HP-consuming abilities. At this state you will have a Rage gauge in place mana and this will turn Raging Berserker to be a non-stop killing machine. This will transform the skills into more devastating attacks and also will grant RB  with super armor, speed, critical, damage.


*Requires presence of mind. This in terms of your HP, yes we can’t deny that Raging Berserker got the highest HP but also we need to keep in mind that even with a good HP amount / regen, you need to check it if this reach your limitation or you will die easily. Unlike with Demon Blade’s combo and Burst Berserker gameplay that you can memorize over the time (muscle memory) here you need to mind your HP as this can be your ally or foe.

*You need to repair your equipment a lot. I see this as major disadvantage for Raging Berserker. Because of massive usage with HP, RB affects equipment durability and this will even left you unequipped in the middle of dungeon if not check properly. So you need to ensure that you always have a repair tools in your inventory.

*Consumes lot of AP. Another cons in playing Raging Berserker is that their best awakenings requires lots of AP which will limit your awakened skills.


Cat Acrobats

This class is specializes in close quarter combat. Known for having fast-cooldown skills to connect more combos efficiently. This character is for those players who love fast-action characters while also challenging players to play it faster to make it even more effective in game. This is the most popular class for PVP lovers. I can say that this is the most powerful class in PvP but also difficult to play that requires good reflexes, interaction and advanced experience from players.



*The best in PvP. This is the only class that can do several aerial combo. Also I like Cat Acrobats skills on initiating areal combo as most of her skills can knock enemies into the air and can keep them helpless while taking multiple hits from acrobats. PvP relies on players skills and this class has a good mechanics that will give a player an unlimited utilization on PvP.

*Versatile. Aside from aerial combos, Cat Acrobat also has powerful awakening for more ground-combo or she can be an armor breaker or evasive character. With this flexibility, you will enjoy this character a lot based on how you want to play it or how you wish to fight your opponent.

*Highest evasion and speed. Though doesn’t have remarkable armor defense which is given, yet still got the highest evasion which will play as their defense mechanism. Evasion is better than armor in this game, with higher evasion, you don’t have weaknesses against super armor breaker or slow type class even with a powerful damage attack.


*Difficult to play. This character requires advanced experience from player. Cat Acrobats is the fastest character in game and this requires practice from players on how they will connect combos especially on dealing with aerial combo. Also being poor in survival rate, you need to master evading attacks with good finger reflexes and interaction. So I hope you understand this disadvantage before playing CA or else you are not going to enjoy this character throughout the game.

Crimson Assassin

And for rogue specialized on both close and mid range. Kritika Online has Crimson Assasin that can play two positions either close or mid quarter combat. This is the character having a good precision against their target. You will see that most of their skills are towards on particular target without missing it. Being this type of class, it has poor potential on making large combos but more on massive damage. Assassin has the most powerful damage output in game. 


*Good damage output. Just like what we mentioned above, this class can do fatal strike with the help of debuffs which is present in most of her skill. This will let their target bleeds with deadly venom. While playing this class, first you need to debuff your target leaving them in low resistance and disarming their armor before you hit them with your killing blow.

*Good in dungeons. Because of their powerful damage and debuffs, you can solo even end game dungeons without requiring advanced player experience.

*Good evasion skill. Don’t forget that this advancement from Rogue means you are able to enjoy evasion stats from Cat Acrobats and Mystic. You will see that most of her skills gives you an evasive advantage over your opponent such as quick back attacks as well as good speed to go in and out from combat.

*Easy to level up. This is when you are dealing with grinding and leveling up. As you spend time playing this character, you will see that it has a good early game that also scale good on mid and late game.


*Doesn’t have good combo. Because this character relies on single powerful blow, she doesn’t have a good combo output. You will find that most of her skills are for evasion and precision and not for combo chain. If you really need to execute combo, you need to play it faster but actually that is not how you should play Assassin as this is more on debuffs stacks.

*Doesn’t have good AoE skills. Being a class that relies on single target, CA doesn’t have good AoE skills which is worst compare to Burst Berserker.

*Boring to play. Compare to other classes, Crimson Assassin has boring gameplay that deals with debuffs stacking and few good skills to use with. Crimson Assassin doesn’t offer good mechanics to play compare with other classes.

Mystic Wolf Guardian

Play as ability user on Roque class which come as Demon Blade in warrior class. Mystic Wolf Guardian known by her thunder magical skills and her ability to summon a wolf as guardian which is able to attack as well as defense in battle. In battle you will fight together with Sirius which is often joining skills and power together for devastating effect. Mystic Wolf Guardian uses lightning as primary element that comes into slash, strike and pierce attacks that will makes the flexible in terms of style of attacks. 


*Hybrid attacker. Using this character you will see that they come into different damage type such as Mystic doing the slash and Sirius doing the strike and both of them do Piercing type attacks. Their attacks will come out as slash, strike and then it will end up with pierce and lightning based damage. With this flexibility of damage, it is really difficult for opponent to counter her attack type.

*Scale well. As you play the game and unlock more abilities, you will find this character powerful to play having good in both DPS and combo. It can also attack bosses while keeping evading opponent attack by riding Sirius.

*Easy to play. If you feel that difficult character such as Demon Blade and Cat Acrobat is not for you, Mystic Guardian is good for you . She doesn’t requires advanced experience in game but still have a good end game that will not let you compromise later.


*Late gamer. You will find this class not so effective on the early game. And for you to enjoy the full potential of this character, you really need to spend more time unlocking her ability until you reach her end game.

*Skills are easy to cancel. You will see that most Mystics’ skills can be easily disrupted without awakening.

*Character having cooldown as the biggest disadvantage. This is why you need to reach higher level before you can use this character on her full potential. You need to have lots of skills that will give you ease with longer cooldown.



Known as Angel of Death that can inflict damage on several target using her chain-scythe. This class is good on both long and short quarter combat by switching different stances. This is the newest addition in Kritika Online. Valkyrie known for her critical that will makes her deadly in both ranger and short range. 


*Versatile. With two different fighting stances, you will find this character flexible in both close and ranger quarter combat. Valkyrie got both damage and speed in gathering enemies, lashing out and dealing massive damage against them. This makes this character unique giving a different experience for players.

*Hottest character. I don’t know if you mind the model but for me it is also a good factor to pick a character to play. Can you imagine how hot this scythe-wielder character killing enemies on her way.

*Good in PvP. With her speed, combo and damage, I can consider that Valkyrie is also good for those who love PvP.


*Doesn’t have good defense mechanism. Unlike with other class having evasion and defense, Valkyrie relies only with her stance or with her full offensive type character. You shouldn’t give your opponent a chance to fight you either in range and close phase.

*SP problem. Because of the flexibility of this character, it tend to unlock most skills to empower both of her stance. Well unlocking skills without thinking about it carefully will give you a serious problem with your SP. So you should consider this point well while prioritizing the skills you really need to unlock. Also you must consider that not all skills are there to max out the level.


Shadow Mage

This class uses shadow magic to work as crowd control by means of binding his enemies’ movement before killing them all with powerful attacking skills. Among other mage class, Shadow Mage are quick using lightweight pistols. He has also a companion, Alteo that deals with slashes and strikes attack using dark element. Shadow Mage do piercing attacks and you will see that this is play as a gunner than mage.


*Hybrid attackers. Just like Mystic Guardian that is capable of inflicting slash, strike and pierce attack, Shadow Mage can also do hybrid type of damage. His shooting skills will do the pierce which ignores penalties and Alteo do the strikes and slash based on what the mage will command. Because of the attack rate that both Alteo and Shadow Mage can inflict, this class can be a good damage dealer in team.

*Have good combo. Speed is the bread and butter of this class and he can you use to create good combo. You will see that Shadow Mage can toss Alteo to suck enemies while him firing bullets towards their target.

*Dark user. Alteo has the advantage for using dark element. So here you will improve Alteo’s effectiveness in battle by adding darkness to your gun.

*Good in PvP. Because of speed and combo, we can say that Shadow Mage is good in PvP. And unlike with other class, Shadow Mage doesn’t require such advanced gaming experience. Just catch your opponent using Alteo and that will be his end because of fast execution of skills and combos.


*Doesn’t have good precision. Combos are there but if you are fighting wise opponent that can out or interrupt your combo it will be a frustration for Shadow Mage. You will also experience that your team will knock your enemies back which will let your attack be missed. Also you will find ranged skills difficult to use as you will experience a problem between the distance of your target from you while will let you miss your target.

Dimension Controller

This is class plays as the master of time and dimensional magic skills. Dimension Controller can debuff his enemies to makes his killing skills more effective against his enemies. This class can summon powerful dimensional weapon to eliminate enemies in group. The master of time that can do stop, bend or even making it faster to terrorize his opponent. Dimension Controller is the best for mob gather as well as penetrating super armor.


*Good in precision. If you don’t like Shadow Mage because of his disadvantage with precision, you can play as Dimension Controller which precision is his ace in this game. This character can gather enemies, lock them down and kill them with their ultimate skills. DC’s skills mostly in AoE that come as explosive, meteors and gravity distortion. These skills inflict as strike-piercing that is effective in handling super armor.

*Good in Combo. Because AoE is the bread of butter of this class, you will find that making a combo in hordes of enemies is not really difficult.

*Good in both offense and defense. Dimension Controller has shield around his back that works as secondary arsenal when high element is built and awakening is taken. This will protect you from attacks as well as executing attack against opponent.


*Requires lots of mana. This class relies on mana well which limits their capabilities on offensive skills.

Freezing Blaster

Freezing Blaster is able to debuff his targets and kill with ice magic. He can also play as support using his powerful crowd control skills. Known to be a shotgun wilder of the game that is capable of slowing, freezing and other crowd control skills against his target. Because of his skills that evolves on crowd control, Freezing Blaster is very essential in party. 


*Very essential in party. Play as support in party, this character has wide range crowd control which will give ease for the team to complete dungeon especially in battling boss. Blaster also use Pierce type attributes that will makes them ignore super armor and deal full damage without those elemental resistance.

*Very good in crowd control. If you believe in teamwork, you must play as Freezing Blaster as this can have all the crowd control attacks you ever wanted to support your team.

*Good in dungeon. Since you have a good crowd control, the next thing you need to practice is kiting. Mastering this technique will let you complete dungeon in solo. Attacking enemies without giving them a chance to fight back because of crowd control.


*Slowest Cooldown. This character has skills with longest cooldown which will serve as your vulnerability in battle. Slow cooldown also a pain in leveling your character. Because of this long cooldown, you will find this class too boring to play especially if you are expecting interaction and speed battle which what Kritika Online offers to their players.

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