Knives Out Cheats and Tricks


Like what we promised in our first post in Knives Out about surviving and winning the game, we are going to share to you cheat in Knives Out. This cheat will help you kill your opponent smoothly as you are playing first person shooting game main title on PC. I believe you already encounter players who are very good on trading shot. They can jump crouch or firing while running without having a problem. This is because they are also using this cheat. Not only they can fire with ease but also play the game entirely including scoping, roaming, and controlling their characters without having any struggle.

We believe that playing first person shooting or even third person shooting game on mobile is not that easy. Even with other console such as Playstation or Xbox it still best to play the game on PC. From that concept we came to the idea of playing Knives Out on PC. The question is how?

Actually you can play Android games using emulator. And when it comes to emulator the best software that you can download for free is Nox Emulator. It has a keyboard mapping that will substitute to your tap. The best of it is you can enjoy the mouse feature letting you to play like the real FPS game on PC. There is a pre-set keyboard combination such as “B” for bag, WASD for direction button and so on. It is like instead of using thumb as how mobile games should be played, here you can use 7 fingers. Here you can simply see the advantage of playing Knives Out on PC.

When I first tried playing on PC, it gave me ease especially on aiming. I can also do side step while firing and that leave my opponent helpless especially when I used to surround him and going from his behind. I also tried firing while jumping for additional evasion. Playing on PC let me kill 5-10 players easily.

For emulator you can download from Bluestack, KoPlayer and so on. But in my case I use Nox and enjoy their preset. You can also change the settings based on our preferences. Don’t forget to adjust the sensitivity too that will work for you smoothly.

Upon DOWNLOADING or using our CHEATS, we are not liable for anything that might happen to your account.

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