Kingdom of Claws Strategy Guides and Tricks


I like this game being a new way to enjoy Clash of Clans. So instead of seeing warriors, archers, and demolisher, now you are going to play with monsters. Though new content when it comes to battling unit, you can still enjoy the city building strategy game that most MMORTS games offer. So here you need to build your structures which will let you unlock more monsters, earn resources to supply your warfare and building defensive towers that will protect your territory from intruders. You can also attack other players using the monsters you’ve trained in battle. Now if you are ready here are some strategy that I used in playing Kingdom of Claws.

1. Start improving your resources. I know that the main reason why you play this game is because you want to attack other players’ territory and compete with them. But since you just started playing the game, the best thing you can do is to just focus on your resources. You need this to improve your arsenal this is your ticket for long term improvement of your overall power in game. Yes fighting is fun and it will only be fun if you are the one dominating it and that is why I said that you should focus with your resources. Also a beginner, there is nothing to defend of. This is for those who are thinking that they need to start building defensive towers. So the best thing to start the game is to spend all your money constructing and upgrading your resources building. When the supply is enough for you to unlock all offensive stuff, that is the time that you can unleash war against other players.

2. Claim the sign in rewards. One of the most tempting method for devs to put a sign in rewards which requires players to log in daily for cool rewards. Here in  Kingdom of Claws you will  get coins and diamonds as premium currency. From here you will see how they set the game fair to those who can’t afford to spend money for gems. So you really don’t need to download cheats to get unlimited diamonds as the game offers you way to get it for free. Just make sure to log in daily so you will get rewards.

3. Complete your quests. In this game there are three sets of tasks to do such as Daily Quest, Quest and Achievement. Daily quests brings new task to do everyday and usually you will get coins and premium currency here. Quest has sets of task based on your current progress. This is a good way to know if you are playing the right or not. If you can complete your quest easier meaning you are good in this game if not, you need further improvement which includes spending money for this game. And lastly the achievement, this is a long-term task that you can complete as you continue making progress in game. Don’t forget to check these tab to see those quests you already completed and claim your rewards there.

4. Always check your message. This will serves as your battle log wherein you will see the defense and attack happened to your account. There you can take revenge as you know who is this ambitious player attacked you . Also there you can get more rewards from more friends.

5. Buy in discount. If you like this game and want to support it, you can donate your cash for diamonds. And to make sure that you will get the highest compensation possible, you can should diamonds in discount. As you can see Novice Pack and Launch Bundle gives you a big discount.

6. Get additional worker. Now that you have lots of diamonds, I know that your next question will be, “where should I spend my diamonds” well the best way to spend diamonds in Kingdom of Claws is in additional worker. This will give you a better progress in game since you can do two actions at a time. Also unlike with other stuff like completing the process, having additional worker will give you permanent boost in game. In this game you will start having two works, and upon using your diamonds you can get additional workers which I highly recommend.

7. Unlocking the free Leopard. This is a powerful 2-star unit in game which you can unlock upon inviting players from social network to play this game. Actually that is not really difficult to do since the game is so fun to play and for sure we will not get ashamed if we recommend this game to our friends.

Hope you will find that strategy guide effective to you. Just tell me if you want some add tips and guides for Kingdom of Claws you can use the comment form below.

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