Infinity Alive Guides and Tips

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Infinite alive is a progressive action RPG game. You can play this without a network service! Be the justice warrior on earth and work hard to end the evil powers which invading the plane we knew. This is also the game where tremendous action plays that  gives you a thrilling hit feeling. Gather the best gear and find new skills. Clear all the enemies, knock out the boss and grow up with the acquired gold! Be the strongest warrior!

1. Check Your Inventory and Artifact

You can see your newly obtained equipment and their information in your inventory. Don’t forget to equip an equipment and upgrade it to increase the stats of your character. Check them as often as you can.

In the artifact menu, you can obtain an artifact of sealed mysterious power and check its information. An artifact with a strong ability would belong to its user and can be stored permanently. Its user can use the power in that artifact.

2. Check Your Skills

You can learn new skills and runes from the skills menu. Each rune has unique asset. Try combining various runes and skills together. Learning new skills is important in Infinity Alive, it helps you to access more days or level in the game. Try to unlock to get them all and tell the world what skills and strength you have.

4. Upgrade Your Hero

Achieve the briefing about the campsite and get back to the battlefield to continue completing out mission. As you play the game, you can upgrade the defense of your hero. Constantly use your gold coin to upgrade your hero to become stronger. Aside from upgrading, HollyBullet and potion are useful items in the battlefield. Don’t forget to carry them enough around you. You can both passively and actively use a potion with a right setting. Decide which setting you would want to use. If you want to stay alive, make sure you are totally ready on your journey. Upgrading your skills and gear is so much necessary for able you to beat your enemies.

5. Watch An Advertisement

Advertisement is one of the annoying part of the game. Sometimes its appears out of nowhere, appear and occupy the entire screen of your device. However, these annoying ads are useful. You can get a bunch of coins and other rewards here which you can use in upgrading to become stronger. Don’t set aside this because watching ads can provide you 3 gems also.

That’s all for our Infinity Alive Guides and Tips. If you have your own strategy then feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below! Enjoy playing!

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