How To Recharge In Mobile Legends Without Credit Card


I said to myself that I will not spend money in this game but after they released the new skin of Layla on patch 1.1.56, I came to the point of donating money on Mobile Legends. On my first attempt, I don’t get it why I’m having a problem of “Unfortunately, your transaction can’t be completed at this tim[e. Please try again later” in using my Credit Card. Actually in most transaction I’m using Paypal bounded by my Credit Card but sad to say Mobile Legends has no payment option for Paypal.

So I tried a different ways of how I can recharge in Mobile Legends from Philippines. Yeah Google Play card is still unavailable in my country so I’m did a thorough research for any legit possibility.

I saw from different Facebook group there are individuals who are selling such credit. Of course I’m vigilant on transacting with people I just met online.

After several minutes of searching, my friend of mine suggested Paymaya. It gave virtual credit card that works as Visa. Meaning I don’t  need a physical card to make a transaction in Google Play. All I did to download their app and sign up using my phone number.

With my account ready, I can now load it up through different options such Ministop, 7-11, Robinsons, SM, BDO, and Smart Money. And since I have Paypal I used it as one-click away of adding funds to my Paymaya account.

With sufficient balance in my Paymaya account, I successfully purchased the Cannon and Roses skin of Layla. 🙂

Upon DOWNLOADING or using our CHEATS, we are not liable for anything that might happen to your account.

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  • Can you help me with the steps on how to recharge diamond using paymaya? I keep getting this error

    Your payment was declined due to an issue with your account. Please contact us.

    There is a time that I got the transaction ID from Paymaya when removing and adding the payment method all over again but Google keeps refunding the payment,
    Any suggestions ? or a guide on the settings of google play acct or the paymaya can help

  • I’m​ also having problems with recharging using PayMaya, it keeps on having an error, I tried to recharge using my Globe telecom billing and it worked but when I tried to recharge using PayMaya again, it errors. I tried to buy an app using PayMaya and it worked, I edited it in the Google payments center and tried to recharge again but it just won’t work.

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