How To Play Mobius Final Fantasy On PC Using Keyboard

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Just like how we play Brave Exvius on PC we can also do the same with Mobius Final Fantasy. There are lots of reason why we should play in PC. First there is no battery limit, second we can cheat MFF and third we can rely more in CPU usage. The only reason I found difficult in playing in PC is adapting the touch-screen feature of phone and tablet. But not anymore because now we can use keyboard mapping that will work same as with touch-screen with even better because you can use 10 fingers instead of just thumb . Now the question is how we can play this game on PC?

This is actually not new as hardcore / pro players use to play mobile games this way. But now what I’m going to share to you is specifically for Mobius Final Fantasy. So same stuff we are going to use emulator here. But instead of your usual emulator I will name exactly what is the best emulator for MFF. Keep in mind that there is no perfect emulator that will work in all games. There is always a conflict with coding and engine they use for specific game. And for this new Final Fantasy title, you can use NOX emulator that works perfectly.

Just visit their official website to download this emulator for free. Now that you have NOX there are two ways to install the game, either you are going to browse on Google Play using mobile browser and then download / install from it or the easy way is to download APK file and install it to your emulator.  After the game installed, start it and this will ask you to download additional files to complete the installation.

Now for you use keyboard in game (actually the game doesn’t require too much action but in case you wish to play in keyboard) you can refer to this link.

Hope you found this guide effective for you. For more Mobius Final Fantasy cheats, guides and updates, you can bookmark our website or browse on related topics for MFF. We also welcome further questions and inquiries about this post through comment for below. Enjoy!

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