How To Play Android Games With Keyboard Using Bluestacks and Nox


As a hardcore gamer playing in tablet and phone limits us from usage, capability and user experience that’s why we play using emulator. This let us play Android apps through my PC. This is not actually new for gamers who wants to play without a limit speaking of battery. Right now mobile games endorse nonstop grinding so you really need the help of PC to maximize your output.

But with all advantages I mentioned above with PC still there is a limitation on it – touch-screen feature. Before this is not a big issue in most games that come to be strategy and puzzle game which you can interact with single tap. Now you can play top games from different platform including MMORPG and Arcade RPG  in mobile platofrm which requires you to interact more in game. With just emulator’s virtual keyboard you are not able to play the game well.

Well thanks to keyboard mapping apps which will let you bind specific location in your screen with your keyboard. Unfortunately lots emulator users missed it because they are using Bluestacks and unfortunately, this emulator doesn’t have such feature until they released Bluestacks 2. Also some users are not aware with this feature or how or how this feature works. So we are here to guide you so you can play android games with keyboards using Bluestacks and Nox. Let’s do the basic with these two most popular emulators.

Keyboard Mapping in Bluestacks

1. Download Bluestacks 2 here. (the classic version of Bluestacks doesn’t have this feature)
2. Run the app you want to play
3. Click the icon (shown below) and assign keys base from game’s control.

4. Save. The mapping will be saved per game so you don’t need to configure it every time you play the game.

Keyboard Mapping in Nox

1. Download Nox here.
2. Run the app you want to play.
3. Click the icon (shown below) and assign keys base from game’s control.

4. Save. The mapping will be saved per game so you don’t need to configure it every time you play the game.

Actually you can also do keyboard mapping with Andy but we don’t find it user friendly so we didn’t include it here. Anyway Andy is a good emulator better than Bluestacks as you are free from Bluestacks’ annoying ads. But the best for us is Nox. Very light compare with other emulator, no ads, no crashing issues which is very important for non-stop grinding and yes very easy to do keyboard mapping.

With this feature, we can say that playing on PC have lots of advantage over tablet and phone. So Instead of using just two thumbs, now we can use 10 fingers which is perfectly for playing arcade games and RPG. If you have problem with this tutorial, we love to hear it through comment form below. Enjoy!

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  • sir? i still have problems with “mobile legends” controls… i want to set the movements to the “right click of mouse” and also the skills to “QWE” (first,second,third skill) just like the game “LEAGUE OF LEGENDS” SO that i can play like i use to do… but i find it hard to configure… help me pls

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