How To Counter All Heroes In Mobile Legends


The reason why this MOBA based mobile game got 100 million download is because of the fairness between heroes. There are lots of massively online battle arena that you can play on both iOS and Android. You can play Heroes Arena, Heroes Evolved, MOBA Legends and lot more. But the best from what I mentioned is Mobile Legends because of there is no hero that is too overpowered as everyone can counter with another. If there is someone that Miya is too imbalanced or Yun Zhao maybe because they don’t know how to counter this hero. So below we want to share to you a list of all heroes in Mobile Legends : Bang Bang and how you can counter them in laning, item build, team clash and hero.



Like what we’ve mentioned in our Akai item build and strategy guide he has a great weaknesses in kiting. If you are a ranged hero with good CC such as Miya, Clint, and Layla just slow them and do hit-and-run (kiting). His ultimate is very predictable and once cast, just spread out and runaway. Use your escape skills if you are too close to him. If he use his first skill against you, just run away from him as Akai is good in both defense and offense and if you are a carry /marksman which his priority target, you can tank his damage unless you are well fed and you have enough life steal.

The best way to counter Akai is to pin him down on early which is easy for you as you can kite him hard. If you can manage to outclass him with your equipment, countering him is not really difficult.

Heroes counter to Akai – Pick hero that has good crowd control and escapes such as Clint, Bane, Yun Zhao, etc. ou can also use Karina and her passive that works with Akai. Her passive will deals additional bonus damage based on 8% Hp that already lost in her target. With Akai has the biggest Hp because of his natural item build, you can inflict much damage using Karina.

Items to counter Akai – Get item with CC such as Froze and Ice Frost. And the most counter for all tanks, are Astral Wand for magic penetration and Wind Chase for armor penetration.


To counter Alice you need to prevent her to reach her strongest in game – the late game. Due to her passive, Alice is snowballing without a limit and can become the biggest threat in long game. So when we are fighting against Alice we need to ensure that this will be a short game by taking down towers as fast as possible and focus on team objective. There is also a way to counter Alice and her skills such as when she ultimate, just run away from her and never tank the damage because it do lifesteal that makes her almost immortal against AD in this state.

Heroes to counter Alice – Because of her invulnerability with basic attacks and lifesteal while she is in her ultimate state, it is hard for AD carry to counter to champion. The best way to do is to pick champion that can do burst damage that can kill her without giving her a chance to lifesteal. You can pick Gord, Karina, Kagura as a good counter against Alice.

Items to counter Alice – Build your hero with item that boost magic power massively such as Guardian Relic, Astral Wand and Blood Wings.


One of the biggest threat to almost squishy heroes in game. The biggest downside of Alucard is he is too item reliant. So if he not get fed in the early game, he is useless in late game. When I’m fighting against Alucard I make sure that I can outfarm him. He is melee, squishy and doesn’t have decent damage in early game. He is very easy to get kited. The only thing he can do to you is to gap-close and attack you. But that still not good enough because he has no crowd control and as marksman you have better damage against him. I play aggressively when laning against Alucard and the common scenario here is to leave me in lane and go jungle. He is good in jungling because of his sustain. But him going to jungle and me in laning, I can ensure that I can outfarm him really hard unless my teammate will feed him. In most MOBA I played I always focus in farming and that experience makes me not to get hard dealing with Alucard who also rely in farming.

Heroes to counter Alucard – The same with Alice who use lifesteal to sustain, you can also use burst heroes to prevent him from taking advantage with lifesteal. You can use Karina against him. But the common match-up I seen with Alucard is going against marksman as most players believe that Alucard can assassinate most marksman easily. Well not if you can harass him on the first place and outfarm him. You can use any marksman to counter him hardly it is the way on how you play the game.

Items to counter Alucard – If you are AD go for lifesteal such as Tooth of Greed and Fallen Sword. If you are spell caster, go for additional burst and CC. And the number counter in against Alucard is Blade Armor that is good against lifesteal.


Alpha is lack of gap closer which will makes easier for you to kite him. His skill is also predictable due to the animation. Never get too closer against him if you are marksman. Stay with your range and never go on Alpha’s range as he has good CC and damage too. Stay away from bush as most Alpha players are using bush to get near to you. Once they get near they will CC you to death with slows and stack damage.

Heroes to counter Alpha – If you are playing as marksman just stay with your range. You can pick heroes with good escape and CC such as Clint, Miya, Bruno or you can take advantage with your long range with Layla. Alpha is a good bruiser and you can’t trades easily with other fighter hero unless you are well fed. Tank is better counter to Alpha but what is really annoying is his slow that will makes his teammate kill you. Keep in mind that there is no really invincible in this game. Even well fed 1v5 can still kill the full item hero.

Items to counter Alpha – buy items with CC that will help you kite Alpha effectively. If you know that you can out farm him, focus on damage so you can do trades with him by simply standing and do auto-attack.


One of the easiest hero to counter because of his predictable mechanics and low mobility. You can simply kite him to death once he cast his spin-to-win skill or miss the gap closing skill. The common mistake of most players who are against Balmond is giving him a chance to regenerate from killing minions. Keep in mind that if you engage in him, don’t give him a chance to go back and recover his Hp. Just try to punish him as many hits as possible and while not giving him a chance to fight back.

Heroes to counter Balmond – Go for heroes with good all in such as Alpha, Yun Zhao, Bane. For easy match up, play marksman against him and kite him all day. Surely they will change lane and find a noob player from your teammate who don’t know how to counter Balmond.

Items to counter Balmond – Go for CC items such as Frost and Ice Force. It is usual for Balmond to raise his HP so he will get a lot from passive so he will build most from Hp and Armor. Buy damage penetration to tear his defense such as Wind Chaser and Astral Wand.


This guy has good stacking damage and sustain. The best way to counter it is go all-in and using burst. Don’t give him a chance to enjoy his Rum as well as stack his damage against you. He needs to get 4 stacks to unleash his passive. But doing all-in and kill him immediately before he can do 4 attacks he can be easily killed in this way. It is not good throw cheap shot from time to time that can easily be healed with Rum. His strategy is to harass you by doing hit-and-run. Make sure this guy can’t runaway from your burst and you can counter him easily.

Heroes to counter Bane – Play heroes with all-in kit or burst such as Yun Zhao, Miya, Natalia, Karina, Freya etc. Don’t engage if you can’t kill him as this is always your downside against him. Keep in mind that he has rum and he can recover immediately if you can’t kill him in one engagement.

Items to counter Bane – Go for burst damage such as Wind Chaser and Astral Wand. You can also invest with lifesteal that will improves your laning trades against him. If you are tank, get Blade Armor to improve your armor and sustain yourself from his debuffs.


From his kit you will think that Bruno is the best hero in Mobile Legends because of his passive that deals with critical strike, burst, and crowd control. But like what I’ve said there is no such overpowered in this game as devs ensure that all heroes has their own pros and cons. And the best thing to counter Bruno is harassing him and killing him without giving a chance to fight back. His skills are somehow predictable and you can dodge or unless minimize the damage. Among all marksman, Bruno has the least potential in terms of trade. If Clint can do double attack on every skill, Miya improving attack speed with passive and ultimate, Layla can boost basic attack damage using range, Bruno has a passive that works with ability and increasing critical chance up to 20% which is nothing compare to other marksman capability in trades. So playing against Bruno, you must push him to make trades and own him. You must also be wised with his ultimate. You must not let his ultimate bounce between two heroes. If you are solo it will only do little damage. Bruno will find a chance to make his ultimate ricochet and do damage well. You must counter it by spreading out so it will not bounce between heroes.

Heroes to counter Bruno – I tried most marksman against him and he can do nothing about how you will own him in laning. Just make sure you will are going to outfarm him so you can handle him in late game. If you are playing using assassin or fighter, just harass him as he doesn’t have sustain too and he is too vulnerable in close quarter combat. You can easily harass him using Alucard or other tank heroes with incredible gap closer.

Items to counter Bruno – Outclass him with damage, get any items based on either physical or magic that amplifies damage.  You can get Blade of Destruction for outstanding damage or Tooth of Greed for both sustain and damage that you need for trades. If you are a tank you can buy Heart of Steel to deny his 20% crit strike chance.


To counter Chou first you need to know his role in game. If you know his intention and the mechanics on how he will perform it, you can counter him hardly. Chou is assassin type that is capable of bursting damage against his squishy target. He has a good CC that can be initiate an attack or turn the tide of the entire game. He is always looking for carry. So if you are playing as tank, you must support your carry and peel it with crowd control. Like most assassins, Chou is vulnerable to crowd control when he is not charging. He has 2 seconds invincibility with crowd control and if you see him in this stage and you are a carry, run away and make a gap from him as possible. From this skill you can predict his next actions and you can counter it. If you are a tank and you see Chou charging go to your carry so you can peel him once Chou completed charging and ready to attack.

Heroes to counter Chou – Playing against Chou, select a hero with a good escape and mobility. If you are carry, play using Clint as he has escape. If you are tank, make sure that you can protect your carry well with your skill once Chou get near to his target. You can pick Tigreal and Lolita for slowing and stunning effect.

Items against Chou – If you are a carry, outfarm him and boost your damage as possible so you can kill him before he can go close to you regardless of not using any crowd control. Critical items such as Blade of Destruction and Blade of  Despair is a good choice for damage.


The safest pick among carries because of his good escape, good range with passive, and good spamming abilities for kiting. Doing damage without leaving his safe zone. The best way to counter this guy is to go trades to death by going not in front of him but from the back so he is not able to use his escape. Clint is rounder and to compare with other carries in terms of trades he can be easily out-damage by other marksman especially Miya. Unless this Clint is well fed or out farm everyone in game.

Heroes to counter Clint – Natalia is a pain in most marksman especially against Clint who relies in range and poke. With Natalia you can easily go from his back using your invisibility and go all-in with smoke bomb, basic attacks and ultimate. You can also use Layla against him, with additional damage from range I’m pretty sure you out damage him in trades unless you don’t know how to farm well and he has more item sets than you.

Items to counter Clint – Just go for damage and lifesteal for a safe trades. In trades, the heroes that has this two stats always win. I don’t think you need CC for Clint as he has no reason to run from you. He will stand and everything will be based on your damage output.


The main role of Eudora in team fight is to annoy the entire team with her crowd control. Because of AoE effects it is not easy to avoid her CC unless you know how it works. Keep in mind that you will only get stun if effect of her passive, Semiconductor applies on you. So as long as you are not under with her passive you are safe from getting stun. To prevent your hero from getting effect of semiconductor you must avoid her skills. Do not worry because it is predictable and easy to avoid if you play champion with good mobility. I also found an easy counter to Eudora if you are not going all-in instead of punishing her with poke and hit-and-run from your basic attack.

Heroes counter to Eudora – Go for lane bully such as Bane, Clint, Miya, Nana, and etc. This is a kind of hero that can kite or poke their laner until it reach low life for a full engage. Eudora has no sustain so just make his life low until you can burst him with your all in. The good key in fighting Eudora is not giving her a more than 2 seconds to use her semiconductor against you.

Items counter to Eudora – Buy items that improve burst damage. Eudora is squishy champion and with a good item you can eliminate her in less than 2 seconds. It is also good to consider buying magic resist in terms your hero has less mobility and you can’t avoid not getting hit with her skills.


A very mobile hero that has perfect kit in going in and doing some damage against his target. The main weaknesses for this champion for you to use and counter her is her damage and defense. She doesn’t have outstanding damage that can makes her trade with carries. She also doesn’t have enough tankiness to play the role that most tanks do. I also found this hero difficult to play since her cable only working with terrain and not with hero itself which come tricky for Fanny players to use it accurately. Not really a hard match up for any hero that is why they play it most of the time as jungler. So usually Fanny will come in your way as gank and there is nothing you can do about it than to outfarm her and make sure you have better items than her so you can kill her in a trade.


This hero will become effective in game if you let him to become effective. If you don’t know how to dodge his hook as well as how can you take advantage his low mobility in game. He has somehow predictable with his hook and only newbie players can easily get it with or you are playing with Pro Franco. Well to avoid hook, you can either go out of his range, or use minions to cover up. You can also use your abilities to dodge his skills. Dodge his hook all day and he will become useless for the entire game. While in his ultimate, Franco is vulnerable from attacks. So make sure to focus your fire against him once he cast his ultimate. He can’t avoid these attacks as he can’t cancel the animation from his ultimate. There noob Franco who just hook without team follow up, don’t be afraid, cast your all skills against him and he will be a dead meat for sure.

Heroes counter to Franco – I believe he is more a support hero than a carry and just like a support hero, you can counter him any other heroes as long as you can dodge his hook. For easy match up you can play marksman and kite him all day. Clint is the safest pick against him since you can use your escape for every hook he will do. You must keep your distance from him so you will not be the victim of his ultimate.

Items counter to Franco – He is very poor in mobility and you can CC him with no problem. Buy Frost or Ice Force for additional CC. Most players build their Franco as tank so go armor and magic penetration against him such as Astral Wand and Wind Chaser.


A good rounder hero that is good in both offense and defense from gap-close to crowd control. A safe pick hero from spending cash in game. Though as a rounder she can easily out-damage by other carries. You can also tear down her defense with effective items against tank and her mechanics is also predictable too. If you know what she is doing in game, you can easily make her ineffective. Her in goes with jumping in you, ultimate for damage and defense and attack speed buffs that adds crowd control. So if you can escape her jump she can’t execute her combo to you or you can just run away and wait until her ultimate ends.

Heroes counter to Freya – She has poor mobility too aside from her gap-closing skill. Using ranged heroes such as Layla and Clint, you can kite and poke her without giving her a chance to fight back. If she successfully dive in front of you, just escape and get help from your tower. If you are well fed, you can simply stand and kill her with your auto attack. If you are playing as fighter, Freya has weaknesses against sustain, you can counter Freya using Alucard and Alice having an outstanding lifesteal in game. Just sustain the trade until his ultimate ends and that will be also the end for her.

Items to counter Freya – go for lifesteal that will gives you sustain in trades. You can buy Tooth of Greed or Fallen Sword. Buy an armor/magic penetration that will tear her defense when she under the state of her ultimate. If you are playing as marksman and you are planning to kite her all day, you can buy Ice Force for additional crowd control.


Another mage in Mobile Legends and just like with most mage, he is also squishy. What makes him useful in game is his threat of burst damage. To counter Gord, make sure he can’t make a stack from you that amplify his damage. There are several ways to counter Gord who has low in mobility, sustain and predictable skills that leaves him vulnerable for attacks. Position is the major key to outplay this guy. The crucial part for him is when he cast his ultimate where he leaves himself defenseless. With a good position you can save yourself from this attack while hitting him hardly into his death. We all know that he will spam you as that is his specialty. Dodge most attacks which come predictable in terms of range then look for the right moment to unleash your all in.

Heroes counter to Gord – You will find it easy to fight Gord using heroes with all in and gap closer skills such as Natalia, Alucard, Chou and Freya. If you are playing as marksman you can pick Miya and use her ultimate to dodge attacks.

Items counter to Gord – Buy items that gives most damage. You need to kill him instantly while leaving his safe zone and this could be happen if you have enough damage to burst him down. You can buy magic resist in case that your hero is less mobile and you can’t find a good position to fight him.


His role in game is to assassinate your carry while anticipating it, you can protect your carry and makes him useless in game. He has a incredible gap-closing skill but unlike with Chou he has weaknesses against crowd control. He moves is also predictable and if you are good enough to support your carry, Hayabusa is very easy to catch off guard. Aside from his teamfight presence, he has also a good sustain in laning. Don’t make that sustain works on him a lot if you are fighting against him. Go for all-in combo or burst him until he dies.

Heroes to counter Hayabusa – Usually those heroes who have a good all-in combo such as Yun Zhao, Karina, Freya etc. Make sure when you engage with Hayabusa, you are going to kill him he can outplay you with his sustain. You when playing as marksman and you are against Hayabusa, harass him before he gets his ultimate. Once his ultimate is up, make sure to not to play carelessly while extending from your tower too much. You must also ask your support to save his skills for defending your against Hayabusa’s ultimate.

Items to counter Hayabusa – Go for item that improves crowd control. You must not let this guy touch your carry and crowd control is effective to interrupt him. If are playing with burst-based hero, make sure that you have items for improving your damage or penetrating his defense as typical for Hayabusa to get defense item as he will go defenseless once his ultimate cast.


She excels in skill spamming and poking. Make sure his kit will not tilt you in laning. She has low in mobility and escapes, you can ask your jungler to gank her for a sure kill because she has nothing from her kit to stop you. Her biggest threat against you is to cripple you in laning. The best way to counter Kagura is to go for all-in either burst or combo. Most of her abilities have long cooldown to cast while going all-in will leave her defenseless.

Heroes counter to Kagura – Pick Natalia and you can kill him all day and night. You can also play as Freya and Alucard for a good gap closing skills and trades. It will only become hard for you to kill Kagura if she has supports to peel your engage. But as long as she is alone and the tower is far away to help her, she has no escape and she will be your prey.

Items to counter Kagura – Go for damage and kill her immediately. There is no time for fooling around her like playing hit-and-run or poking. When you decide to get her, go closer to her and burst her. Just make sure you have enough damage to do it that is why you must get item with good damage booster such as Astral Wand and Wind Chaser.


She is melee and squishy. You can poke and kite her in laning without having a problem. Harass her until she get outfarm by going back to her base often. Her ability to kill you is to go for all in. So make sure you are not stepping in her range where she can execute her combo to you. Play with distance and hit her with several skills as possible. You can go all in if you know that you can kill her with her current Hp. Also you must be careful with her ultimate as this cooldown resets every time he kill a hero. This what makes this hero a perfect assassin even in clash.

Heroes to counter Karina – Almost all marksman that can kite her effectively. Just make sure that you can outfarm her in early game because in late game, for sure they will revenge and aim for you whatever happens. She needs a kill to reset her ultimate and marksman is the easiest to kill unless they are well fed and can do trades standing with damage and lifesteal. If you are playing as spell caster such as Kagura, Gord and etc just poke her everytime she gets to kill minions.

Items to counter Karina – Go for crowd control. If you want to become a lane bully, buy items that gives additional crowd control so you can kite her helplessly. If you want to play as burst, make sure you have enough damage than her since her all in is all about stacks, damage and worst is her cooldown reset.


She is a marksman that relies not in her basic attack damage but in her skills. Unlike with most marksman her skills doesn’t works too much with her basic attacks aside from her passive. She has similarity with Bruno who spam skills rather than doing trades with his basic attack. From this set up, you can see her weaknesses and counter her through trades using a hero that inflict much damage than her. Her ultimate is also predictable and you can easily dodge it.

Heroes to counter Layla – speaking of counter and marksman, her best counter are Clint and Miya since these two heroes can do trades better than her plus they have skills that can dodge Layla’s ultimate easily. Aside from marksman you can use other heroes with gap closer to counter Layla. We all know that she is relying on her range and poke so a hero with good gap closer is really a pain for her. You can pick Natalia to counter her badly or Alucard and Chou.

Items to counter Layla – all you have to do is to out damage her using items that improves damage a lot. You can buy Blade of Despair and Blade of Destruction for damage and critical. She is poor in trades especially against with other marksman and with the item given above, you can easily eliminate her. You can also use item that gives crowd control so you can caught her off guard by reducing her movement speed.


It is not really difficult to counter Lolita because most of her skills are predictable. Her first skill is also difficult to get hit unless you are close to her. Her ultimate is easy to dodge and it gives no threat unless you will just ignore her. And unlike with most tanks and support heroes, you can easily out farm her and what makes them effective in battle is based on how you are going to play your game. You must also avoid her first skill as this will be her first move to engage. Just go behind minions and this will not able to hit you. Just gap against her at all cost so she will not give any threat to you.

Heroes to counter Lolita – For a safe pick go for hero with escape so you can go for Clint, Fanny, or any hero that you can use their skills to dodge her first skill or ultimate. Lolita is also low in mobility so you can kite her with no problems using hero such as Miya, Nana, Gord. Above all, just out farm her to earn more items and then damage that will penetrate her armor.

Items to counter Lolita – Get armor and magic penetrating items. There is nothing more effective Lolita than to make it a full a tank. Make sure you have a decent damage against him empowered by penetration. You can also bring some CC item with you as she has low in mobility and you can poke and kite him for days.


This hero play as support most of the time and unlike Lolita he is even more easy to counter because he has less crowd control. Only Minotaur has more defense compare to Lolita. When I’m playing against Minotaur he doesn’t give me a threat as I can easily poke and kite him in laning. Actually his biggest role is in teamfight and it is based on how you are going to play on early game. Just bully him and make sure that he is always going back to the base to regen. In teamfight it is better to ignore this guy as he has everything he needs in defense and it is not really easy to take him down regardless of time and focus fire that you should put on other enemies which come squishy. With incredible defense, he doesn’t do much damage or annoy players because he doesn’t much CC compare to other support.

Heroes to counter Minotaur – Go for hero that do good poke and kiting such as Gord, Miya, Clint, Bruno, Layla, Nana and for his biggest counter, Bane. The Lord of the seven seas has debuffs that lowers target defense. This work a lot with Minotaur which the best investment is with his defense. Only for me it is easy to get line up with ranged heroes so you can hit him without giving a Minotaur a chance to hit back.

Items to counter – Go for armor and magic penetrating item. You can also go for high sustain items such as Tooth of Greed and Fallen Sword. He doesn’t do any burst damage and with lifesteal he is not able to kill you. Actually he is not after to kill you, he just want to distract the enemy to buy time and for his teammate to do their team objective. I just ignore this guy as he don’t do much harm. I don’t know if he go for AD build but that will be even better if he is not going to work out his defense because he has no gap closer skill and he is very easy to kite I’m pretty sure he will be a dead cow before getting closed to marksman.


One of the most popular heroes in Mobile Legends next to Yun Zhao and this hero is not really difficult to counter. I also see players mistakes to make Miya effective in trades and teamfight. One of these mistakes is tanking her second skill. This is very predictable and once Miya cast it against, all you have to do is to move your hero away from that snowfall. Also Miya is good in trades because of her passive, so don’t ever trades to her unless you have better gear than Miya. Her attack speed stacks so the longer the trades the faster she become. If you know her mechanics you can easily counter Miya with several heroes.

Heroes to counter Miya – the exact counter for Miya is Natalia because of her silence, backstab, invisibility, ultimate and gap closer. But the most match up doesn’t go like that. It is about marksman vs marksman. With this set up you can play as Clint and poke her all day. You have also dash backward to dodge her second skills. You have range advantage that can makes kite her with no problem. With this kind of mechanics, you can easily outfarm her with 1 or 2k gold gap. That is the time that you can do trades with her especially against Clint. Layla can do a good poke against her but with Miya’s ultimate she can easily dodge Layla’s ultimate. Also Layla is not designed for trades compare with Clint that you can rely on your passive and first skill to make your opponent ineffective with their basic attacks.

Items to counter Miya – Just go build up your damage and lifeteal for trades in late game. I admit that the best AD carry when it comes in late game so you need to prepare yourself and your damage against her. It is also good to finish the as early as possible so she will not get snowball that hard. As for item, you can go for Tooth of Greed, Fallen Sword, Sword of Destruction, Sword of Despair for maximum damage.


This is the biggest threat for all marksmen because of her incredible gap-closer abilities, disable/silence, slow, invisibility and ultimate. But to counter it is not really difficult if you have someone to protect you as a carry. Her role is to eat up carries and she is good at that. But the game is not about 1v1 it is about teamwork. And if you are playing against Natalia you must play with teamwork. If you are support or tank, focus your attention on Natalia as she can go anywhere from invisibility. Usually she will go from behind to take advantage with the backstab. The worst from is her smoke bomb that will makes her invulnerable in basic attacks. So we need burst/disable skills here. If you see her attacking your carry, go for her and throw all your skills. Never let your carry die on her or that will be a lose for the entire team. In laning it is not really difficult to fight her as she is squishy and melee. What makes is invincible is her smoke bomb. Without it she is very vulnerable in most attacks. She can also silence you if she hits you from invisibility. If that is the case, all you have to do is to retreat until you are away from smoke bomb range and go trades with her. As a carry you still have better damage against her don’t be afraid, after she throws her smoke bomb, she is now easy to kill especially her first skill is very tricky to use in disengage.

Heroes to counter Natalia – Most tanks can counter Natalia as she is aiming for heroes with high defense that can she can kill before the smoke bomb fades. As a good counter, you can rely on burst heroes with good sustain such Bane. Heroes with lifesteal also works too such a Alucard and Alice. Keep it mind that you need to stay longer than her smoke bomb and she will be dead.

Items to counter Natalia – You can go for CC item so once you survive until the smoke fades, you can do crowd control so he can’t get away from your revenge. If you are marksman, go for damage and lifesteal so you can do trades against him in late game. Assassin has downside in late game where everyone can kill them easily as they are squishy. You don’t need to go for penetrating items since Natalia has no defense at all unless they will build it as tank. So focus on damage, attackspeed, critical and lifesteal.


This hero has good crowd control and damage but the biggest downside of Nana which you can use to counter her is her teamfight presence. Her CC is only for one target, so when he cast is on your allies or you, she is vulnerable as she doesn’t have escape. Also don’t let her boomerang hits you. This is somehow predictable players can easily dodge it by moving sideward. If I’m playing against Nana, what I’m doing is a an all-in combo and not giving her a chance to retreat. Don’t let her poke you with her skills and passive especially with her boomerang. Just find a good chance for all in and she will be dead.

Heroes counter to Nana. When it comes to all-in based hero, Yun Zhao is very good on it. You can also use Natalia or Hayabusa against her and give her no chance to fight back. If you are marksman such as Miya or Bruno, wait for her CC to cast to your allies before going in for a massive trades. You are the primary arsenal of the team, you should not get disabled especially with 3 seconds being a cat.


Sustain that is her role in game and the primary counter for sustain is burst damage leaving them no chance to heal. Aside from her heal, her ultimate is also effective in teamfight. Somehow this is predictable and also easy to dodge. Her ultimate doesn’t do decent damage against she will go full magic damage. This is a set up for a teamfight so once someone is caught by her ultimate, don’t leave him by to prepare for a clash. Rafael is squishy so you must focus your fire in this hero so she will not heal her teammate anymore. She is low mobile and a good gap closer can easily catch her off guard.

Heroes to counter Rafaela – Those with good gap-closing ability such as Freya, Alucard, Natalia, Hayabusa, Akai, etc. Once you get close contact to her, burst her to death so she will not become effective in teamfight. Her heal is a big help in teamfight as this can heal all teammates with decent amount.

Items to counter Rafaela – Most Rafaela will work on her defense so she will stay longer in the game. Make sure you have penetrating items that will tear down her defense. You can also boost your damage with high damage based equipment such as Astral Wand or Sword of Destruction.


Most skills from Saber are predictable but what I notice in most players are they just ignore the damage of getting hit by Saber’s skills. Saber is good in poking and spamming abilities and to counter him, all you have to do is to go for all in. Dodge most his skills especially his ultimate and you will not get a problem with this guy.

Heroes counter to Saber – Get heroes with great all in and gap-closer. You can pick Freya and kill this hero easily. You can also use Alucard and lifesteal to harass Saber to death. If you are playing marksman, just don’t give this hero a chance to hit you. You are squishy and vulnerable in poke which is Saber’s specialty. You can also use Alpha having a perfect all-in of both damage and crowd control. Knowing his mechanics you can use several heroes to counter Saber.

Items to counter Saber – Go with items that gives damage. If you are using heroes with less to zero crowd control, get Frost or Ice Force to add cc. Like what I’ve said this hero is poor in trades so invest on damage and lifesteal so you can stand longer in trades.


The number one weakness of Monkey King is crowd control and kiting. He doesn’t have a good gap-closing skill and he get hard time dealing with ranged heroes. Don’t get fooled with his clone always look for the real Sun. Use your skills to predict the real sun. Don’t get trades with several clone as this can also inflict damage to you.

Heroes to counter Sun – His biggest counter is Bane due to Bane’s splash damage that is capable of dealing damage against all clone including Sun itself. You can also counter with heroes that can spam skills and do AoE damage. You can pick Layla as a good marksman counter as well as Saber to deal damage in all clones.

Item to counter Sun – Due to his weaknesses against CC, you can buy item that gives CC including Frost and Ice Force. When you are carry, make sure to out farm him with damage. And the most important above all is lifesteal for additional sustain while you are trading against him and his clones.

Yun Zhao

Yun Zhao is a good initiator with his ultimate, disable as well as good bruiser. His mechanics is very easy that is why he is the most popular hero in Mobile Legends. But regardless of it, he is still not overpowered or invincible in game. You can still counter him if you know his mechanics as most of his skills are predictable. If you can anticipate his action, he can’t be effective anymore in game.

Heroes to counter Yun Zhao – Though this is a big threat in most marksman you can also counter him through kiting. Yun Zhao is less mobile without ultimate. He is also squishy if he will not get enough defense from his item build. As sure counter to Yun Zhao go for tanks with good damage such as Balmond, Freya and Akai. I can also counter Yun Zhao with Natalia since he is basic attack reliant after he ultimate while Natalia’s smoke bomb will drain all his damage and kill him in matter of seconds.

Items counter to Yun Zhao – If you are tank, go build a Blade Armor that will reflect 25% his damage back to him. If you are marksman, make sure you have better damage and lifesteal against him. Yun Zhao is good in all in and lack of sustain. So with decent lifesteal for your sustain you can kill him. Once they cast all of his skills, he is useless as he can’t enough damage with his basic attacks than other marksman do. If he build tank, go for items that penetrates armor and magic resist. Always check the item he is building so you can anticipate a good counter item against him.

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  • Hahahaa, i am so gonna leaving a comment after reading your counter for Kagura. You seems totally know nothing about her and yet you are writtng a counter about her. Hahaha! She has extremely high mobility. She can jump in and out easily.even if there are 5 heroes. The heroes i hate to ply against sometime when i use kagura is only Alpha, franco, bruce and yun zhao. Natalia sometime due to her silence, but can be escape easily due to short silent time, or most.of the time i will carry purification and countr kill her. Add me.. “orge mage”.. i show u the art of kagura and i may inspire you to write a proper counter to Kagura.

  • Oh ya.. i left out tigreal too.. tigreal also anoyed me when i ply kagura.

    As long as hero tht can pull u, is kinda higher chance killing you when you go aggresive.

  • As a kagura main, I have to disagree with you about her mobility. She is, if not the most, one of the most mobile mage in ml. Sorry, I just got to say

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