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Honor Against Darkness is about leaping through time and jump into a mysterious fantasy world. The game is sort of real-time PvP battles and dungeon grinding that will challenge players. The game also offer brilliant 3D graphics and special effect built from Unity 3D. You will be pleasantly surprised by the high end graphics of characters, mounts, pets, and maps. There are also a real-time PvP battles from 1v1, team vs team or even guild wars. Fight for honor and be the top of the leaderboard on your server. And to help you build up your empire in game, you can check out our Honor Against Darkness cheats and guides.

1. Easy grinding and farming cheat. This will help you a lot in game by means of doubling or even tripling the experience points and gold you can get from farming. In addition of auto-battle system, you can maximize the profit using this cheat. The key here is by creating a team from your 3 accounts (1 main and two farmer) As you can see in team, you will get the same experience points from what your teammate gather. XP will not be divided by the party. So the with party, you can grind efficiently.

But the problem with party system is your teammate can’t comply the way you play the game. The trick here is to create a three account and let them put in a party so you can ensure that all three characters will play actively as yours. Once they get DC’d all characters will. Now the question is how to make it possible for you. This is by using Nox Emulator. This emulator has a built-in feature for multi drive. Meaning you can open 3 or more instances in one PC. Also the advantage on playing with Nox emulator is you will experience a battery problem which is a must in grinding. If you want to do it in mobile device, you need to have three gadget and still your power source is not as reliable as PC offer.

2. Follow your quest. In games like this, you shouldn’t do something without a quest telling you to do it. This is the fastest way to level up as well as getting currency. Quest will introduce you to the game. This is a party of tutorial so you will have a better jump start than playing it on your own. Also the quest system has a auto pathing so it will not be a problem for you to complete the quest especially on early levels.

3. Don’t forget to claim your rewards from leveling. Since you already have cheat on leveling it, it will not be difficult for you to claim all the rewards from welfare. Here you will get item base on your level. This is your chance to claim premium items and high tier materials.

4. Plan the skill you are going to master. The fact is, you can’t get all skill use it in battle. Or should I say it is not wise to learn all without maximizing few skills available in your arsenal. The best thing you can do here is to plan it ahead and decide what skills you are going to focus based on your playstyle. Consider not only active but also passive and talent to make your character stronger and effective the way you play it.

5. Add friends. In case that it is not possible for you to do the cheat we shared above, you can still take advantage the party system by adding friends and knowing a player that is playing the game as yours. You need to consider their reliability in game so no time will be wasted when you are grinding alone. You also enjoy the social feature of the game by adding friends.

6. Claim all your rewards from achievement. This is like on welfare but in achievement system, you will get more rewards from different area on how you made progress in game. There are overview, grow, companion, gear, daily, social and experience. This will also tells you how much progress you made in game. So for you to encourage play actively, they prepare a rewards on every accomplishment you did in game.

7. Participate in event. This is for more rewards to claim. Event has several task you can do to earn rewards. Unlike with achievement this come timely so you shouldn’t waste time on participating in event especially you know those task that you can complete easily.

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