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Homescapes is your new home. This is a story driven match- three game and a great time killer. Help Austin the butler to bring back the beauty of  family’s mansion. Jump to this exciting world and try to save your family home. Renovate and decorate rooms, unlock more chapters and walk in the door. Feel at home and enjoy the game!

You’re going to match tiles to finish different task and to recondition the whole house. The game is boring if there’s no any challenges, so our Homescapes Guides and Tips is here to show you the best strategy to pass all levels and get started in the game.

1. Use Your Move Wisely 

The few moves you use to complete a task the better, especially in the easier early levels. Keep in mind that all moves left will transformed into a special power-ups that can clear out entire rows. Think your moves to save more moves. This is the  best way to blast your way through task levels as essential.

2. Get More Power-ups 

Booster is important to clear out levels more quickly. Match four tiles, five and you’ll be rewarded a special power-ups. These will help you to achieve whatever your goal for the level in one move only. If you’re going to move some type of tiles, your power-ups are ready to clear them all. For example: Match 5 pieces and you’ll get Bomb power-up, where you can use to clear levels. Match 4 pieces in square- you’ve got paper plane, this is so much important and helpful too.

3.  Purchase Boosters

I know you want to spend your money buying those decorations and furniture but try to save your money to get helpful boosters. Like I’ve said, these items can help you to clear out huge task and a row or line of grass. This is your only way to win a particular difficult level. It’s a great idea if you have some of these on your hands.

4. Add more Friends

Having a circle of friends in Homescapes is much better. Connect it to your Facebook account to save your game. If you format or change your device, you can still play your current game once you’re connected in Facebook. Connect now and claim your free rewards by doing this.

That’s all for our  Homescapes Guides and Tips. If you have any strategy that would like to share, then feel free to comment below. Enjoy playing!

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