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Mobile games already reached advanced milestone as almost all video game genres for major gaming platform are also available in mobile device including MOBA, ARPG, and now MMORPG. Hidden Dragon is another title for those who are looking for massively multiplayer online role playing game for mobile. In this game you will start by selecting a role to play from warrior, mage, assassin and archer. Each has their own role in game that offers unique gameplay for players.  So if you are going to ask me what is the best class in Hidden Dragon, the answer lies in your fingertips.

The main course of this game is competition. You can see how competitive the ranking that deals with power, PvP arena, Guild fight, and equipment. Players want to be in the top of the food chain that encourage them to spend money for this game. And for those who don’t want to burn cash for this game, you can check our cheats and guides for Hidden Dragon so you can still dominate the game regardless of spending money. So let’s go and be on the top of leaderboard.

1. Grinding and Farming cheat. This cheat will makes everything easy when it comes on grinding. We can’t share the auto-pilot trick here anymore because the game already had this function. What we are going to share to you in this guide is how can you x2 or even x3 your progress from grinding. It simple, just create a team and play with 2 players. In this game the experience points as well as gold that everyone in the team will be inherited with their teammate. Meaning to you say, if your team has 3 members, you can speed up the grinding times 3 faster as well as with gold.

Everyone can do this as they can add players on the team. The only problem is if your team will play the same as yours. That is how our cheat will come in handy. In our part instead of inviting other players we will create a 2 dummy accounts to play with us. This is to make sure that the two members will play actively as how you play the game. It will be easy for the team to cooperate if these are own by one player. You will notice that if you are going to play with other players, the major problem comes with team availability. You will experience disconnection which will waste your time especially if you are AFK. You are going to grinding unattended and you will just relying in auto while encountering such problem like this will slow down everything from your progress.

For us to play 3 characters for grinding. We are going to use Nox Emulator and play Hidden Dragon on PC. You can also do it in mobile but you really need three gadgets for 3 accounts. As for Nox emulator, it has a multi-drive function which you can do to have multiple instances using one PC. Just create 3 accounts and then play it all using Nox multi drive. Put it in one team and you will get 3x faster in grinding and farming.

2. Redeem gifts using Promo Codes. If you are one of those who had promo codes from pre-register and other in-game events, you can redeem your gift through option menu. This will require you to enter promo codes for Hidden Dragon in return of cool rewards. They put it up in game to know how many players they will have once the game released. They usually put it up in pre-register to get the information as well as hype for players who wants to play MMORPG.

3. Participate in events. Even we have cheats for grinding and farming we still need premium items which you can get from in-game events in case you don’t want to spend cash. In Hidden Dragon there are 3 major events you can join just as login gift, mysterious coin and clan warrior. Try to participate in these events and claim rewards.

4. Follow in-game guide. It has everything you want to know of how can you improve your arsenal in game. Here you can check anything you can do to get stronger such as powering up, through gameplay, experience, gold, equipment occult fire, and zen. By visiting this tab, you will get an idea on things you can do from different category. Check it and see what is available for you to do. I check it every time I realize that I need to improve as this is all about improvement that involves different stuff aside from grinding and farming.

5. Adjust your AFK settings based on your capability in auto fight. In this menu you can set potion for both HP and MP. This is a setting for auto play and how you are going to use pots. If you set it in 75%, you will use auto-pots once your HP reach lower than 75% as well as with your MP. The trick here is to based auto-pots with current recovery you get from using potion. It is not good to set it on higher as this will consume lot of potions but not also lower as you will die and that is the worst thing that might happen in AFK grinding. As for your basis, if the potion you are using can heal 40% of your life, it is better to set it on 60%.

6. Add friends. In case that you don’t want to do the cheat above, you can still get advantage from playing with the team and this is by adding friends. Just make sure that the friends that you are going to add in your team understand how active you are going to play the game. It is also good to communicate with your friends and generous in sharing information about the game so they will do the same once they know something we don’t.

7. Log in daily. I don’t find anything difficult in this event wherein you will get rewards based on how many days you are logging in to the game. In this compensation system, you will get better items in longer streak of days you are playing. So make sure not to break the chain so you can have as many rewards as possible until you reach 28 days.

8. Complete your daily mission. If you are going to rely too much with cheat or auto farming/grinding, everything will become repetitive and you will get bored in game. To diversify your daily experience of playing Hidden Dragon you can check your daily mission and complete everything written on it for rewards. This will be your challenge to keep on playing actively and to do different things aside from grinding.

That’s all for my Hidden Dragon cheats and guides. If you have concern in tricks I shared above, you can contact me by writing your comment in a given form below. I’m really fond of conversing with other players as I learn a lot from them and also to share the ideas I gathered from other players.

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