Heroes Evolved, The Best Mobile Legends Alternative


Are you tired of all lag experience in Mobile Legends? Or do you want to experience an advanced MOBA in mobile platform? You should play Heroes Evolved (Mobile). First I want to say thank you in this review for giving me idea on what HE mobile all about. Actually I confused this game on the PC version that is available to play on Steam. Actually we shared a complete hero build for that game. But the VIP system spoiled all the hype in our veins knowing that the game is another pay-to-win. I was so disappointed seeing this as the first pay-to-win MOBA. So when they released it in mobile platform, I’d never gave a chance to check the game.

But after reading the review, I learned that it is totally a different game in PC which is actually a better resemblance with Mobile Legends regarding with controls, graphics, features and content. I like Heroes Evolved since it has bigger champion list to play with. I also like the items more than Mobile Legends which reminds me of playing DotA. It has item that works like Butterfly, Manta, and etc that are not present in Bang Bang.

The game is really worth a try. So if you are looking for a game like Mobile Legends, Heroes Evolved is a good alternative to play with. Just consider that this has been released recently and still under early access so expect that there will be bugs and imbalanced in both items and heroes. From the top of that, the latency goes smoothly as most players prefer.

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