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This hero is taken from League of Legends’ Lucian from slow, dash and ultimate. So if you played that champion before, this mobile version will be easy for you . But if you are newbie to MOBA, Trigger is not as easy as Lucent and you need an advanced experience of playing this hero so you can use his full potential. His kit requires a good precision and timing. Overall this hero is very rewarding as he can counter other marksman, dodge most of their skills, and get high amount of damage for his ultimate.

+Good passive
+With good escape/dodging skill
+Good crowd control

-Difficult to use
-Not so hard hitter compare to other marksman
-Mana reliant

Skill Build

Rune Bolt – Every basic attack brings additional 1 magic damage. This will empower you wherein you will have a hybrid damage from both physical and magical.

Arcane Bolt – Trigger fires an arcane bolt to the intended direction, hitting the last first enemy unit along the path, dealing 335 physical damage to him and enemies nearby. Movement speed increases by 5% for 3 seconds each time an enemy unit gets hit. This skill is what you are going to use to poke enemies in distance. It one of most high ranged skill in game. Prioritize leveling up this skill as this will be your bread and butter.

Diamond Bolt – Trigger fires a diamond bolt to the target, dealing 300 physical damage and slowing the target by 40% for 2.5 seconds. After hit, the bolt ricochets up to 4 different units, each time the damage decreases by 20%. Your crowd control and a good skill for you to harass your opponent. This is also can be used as initiator for your ultimate.

Combat Roll – Trigger dashes toward the intended direction. The ability CD reduces by 1 sec with every hit of basic attack. A very good dodging skills and escape. Most marksman doesn’t have mobility to dodge attack and that is how Trigger get advantage from them.

Bolt Shower – Trigger rapidly releases basic attack to start bolt shower which lasts 10 seconds, enables movement while shooting. Level 1 – fires a single bolt, level 2 – fires double bolts, level 3 fires triple bolts. A very powerful ultimate in game but also very difficult to get hit until you reach level 3 for triple bolts.

Item Build

Force of Gods – +240 Hp/ +400 Mana / +67 Physical Attack / +78 Magic Attack / +15 Critical Rate / +20 Attack Speed Bonus / +8 Speed Bonus / Effect : Basic Attack increases Movement Speed by 8% for 3 seconds / Adds 100% physical damage to the basic attack within 2 seconds after casting an ability. The effect can be triggered after 2.5 seconds. This will help you spam your skill from having a bunch of mana. This item is perfect for caster marksman who needs to have mana to become effective in game. Trigger is mana hunger hero wherein he use skill to harass his opponent. He is not a good hitter or basic attack based hero but it doesn’t mean that he can’t win against those who are good in doing just basic attack. Just use his utility to win trades.

Red Moon – +67 Physical Attack / +10 Lifesteal / +30 Attack Speed / Effect : Adds physical damage (equal to 4% of target’s current health) less than 150 to basic attack. Good damaging from physical attack and attack speed. Also it has lifesteal for more sustain in laning. In this build we will make damage out of basic attack. In harassing an opposing laner, you need lifesteal for sustain. I get it over Bloody Mary because it has +30% attack speed which is good most AD carry.

Hunter Boots – +15 Attack Speed / +60 movement speed. Just a basic item for you to improve your movement speed. It has also an additional attack speed for more damage from basic attacks. This will gives you additional movement so you can work with your ultimate’s projectile. This will also helps you harass the opposing laner with your first skill.

Gabriel – +224 Physical Attack / Effect: Increases damage by 30% when targets’ health is lower than 50%. The damage from this item is incredible. Also this item will help you win most trades as you will get additional 30% damage when your target’s Hp is lower than half. From this kind of buffs, you can ensure that when you see that your opponent reach 50% from your cheap shot, you can now go for all-in trade.

Sharp Spear – +134 Physical Attack / +30 Attack Speed Bonus / Effect : Immune to damage every 8 seconds. This is a good damage for trades. As you can see once you go for your ultimate, you need to remain in trades for 10 seconds. Unlike with other skill in game where you just need to throw it towards your target. Sharp Spear is a good way to enhance your damage as well as giving a defense from having immunity to damage every 8 seconds.

Edged Stone – +179 Physical Attack / +15 Crit Damage / +10 CD Reduce / Effect 1: Increases physical penetration by 120. Effect 2 : Increase physical penetration by 40%. This is perfect against tank.

Nirvana – +142 physical defense / +140 magic defense / Effect : Revives the hero on the spot 3 seconds after death with 30% of max health and max mana. The effect can be triggered every 180 seconds. Good late game item that will improve your survivalability in teamfight. This is a common late game item where hero has a very long cooldown to resurrect.

Strategy Guide

Laning – Make sure you have lane dominance by spamming your skill. One thing that you can beat basic-attack reliant hero with your skill, you can do most damage against them without requiring time to stand in trades. Use that as your advantage. Also Trigger’s first skill has a good range which you can use to harass your opponent. Use dodge if you think that he is going to go for all in. That is your weaknesses. Must avoid going in for trades unless you have a good item advantage. Just for cheap shop until you are sure that you can kill the enemy with your ultimate.

Even without a kill if you can make him retreat in his base to regen often, you will get advantage from him. You will outfarm him this way and in less than 5 minutes you can kill him with your all-in trades. The same with other marksman, you need to farm hardly. You have advantage because of lane dominance.

Teamfight –  Because of your ultimate especially when it reached level 3, you can do massive damage in AoE against enemy team. Just spam your abilities and hit as many enemy heroes as possible. If you have initiator in team such as Titan Warlord or Tyrant, wait for them to initiate a clash before you will go for trades. Otherwise, all you have to is to spam your ability see them getting him with your first skill and second skill. With your escape, this will give you a good positioning skill where you can do free hit. This is very important as marksman. You need to have a good position to penetrate the enemy team. As a carry, your objective is to kill any hero that gives threat to you. Keep in mind that they are all looking to kill you. Protect yourself using your dash or hopefully someone from your team will support you so you can focus on your attacks.

How to counter Trigger

He is not really difficult to counter. Although yes he has advantage in laning. But as long as he can’t kill you in your laning and you still have a good farm throughout the game. You still have the advantage in late game. Like what I’ve said he is not good as other marksman when it comes to basic attack. That is marksman all about. Most damaging items relies on physical damage. Basic attack consider as physical damage and this can be improve using 3 stats in game such as critical, attack speed and damage. This three stats will help you do massive damage using your basic attack.

As for hero, you can use Iceblade as he can cancel Trigger’s ultimate upon freezing him. Trigger ultimate needs good precision and that is his biggest downside. Even it has cast towards his opponent, anyone from the team can cancel this attack and that makes it not effective in teamfight if there is someone to peel him. He is vulnerable in crowd control.

When fighting against Trigger, always look at the late game as your victory. Just survive the laning phase and you are going to win against him. Never feed this guy or on early game or your late game will be difficult to handle.

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