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The best burst damager hero in Heroes Arena. I got Shadow Queen on the same tier with Burning Sun when it comes to burst damage. The only difference is that Burning Sun has crowd control in his kit while Shadow Queen has good mobility and utility from her skills and ultimate. I consider this hero not easy to use as each skill requires mind games to become effective. The difficult mechanics of this hero makes her very rewarding. If you are playing League of Legends and you are familiar with Leblanc, I believe you have an idea how powerful this hero is.

+Very good burst damage
+Good mobility
+Good passive

-Difficult to play
-Less crowd control
-Mana reliant

Skill Build

Shadowing – Shadow Queen triggers immunity to any damage which would result in her death every 60 seconds. This will gives you encourage to go all in the midst of enemies without minding if you are going to die or not. All in your mind is how you can kill your target with burst.

Death Mark – Shadow Queen marks the target and deals 300 magic damage. If the target gets hit again by Shadow Queen’s abilities in 5 seconds, the mark will be activated and cause 300 magic damage. This will be your bread-and-butter when it comes to your damage output. This can amplify the damage you can deal to your enemy upon hitting a marked enemy with another ability under 5 seconds.

Dark Domain – Shadow Queen creates an area of darkness which last 5 seconds, continuously dealing 68 magic damage to enemies within it. When enemies leave the domain, they will be damaged by 68 and slowed down by 50% for 1.5 seconds. This is the only skill that gives crowd control to Shadow Queen.

Flashback – Shadow Queen sets a mark on the ground then launches an attack to the intended area, dealing 400 magic damage to enemies. Tap the ability again in 5 seconds to flash Shadow Queen back to the mark. This gives you mobility and utility for setting up your attack.

Shadow Slashes – Shadow Queen unleashes a mimicked version (up to level 3) of the previous ability she cast. This is the most powerful skill of Shadow Slashes that also makes her unique to other hero. This will makes her lethal on every skill she cast that can be proc with your death mark.

Item Build

Eternal Magic – +300 Mana / +78 Magic Attack / Passive : Increases mana regen per second by 12. This is a good starting for a hero that is mana reliant. This will help you spam your abilities.

Scepter of Life – +520 Magic Attack / Passive : Every magic attack adds 2 Health. This will give you a power spike by 520 magic attack. Get this first over boots as you already have a good mobility in game. What you need to improve is your magic attack damage so it will be an instakill.

Piercing Boots – +75 Magic Penetration / +60 Movement speed. This is the time to get boots as you need to do roving for more kills from other lane.

Explosive Scroll – +312 Magic Attack / +7 Speed Bonus / Passive: Triggers blast after hit, dealing 30% magic damage to enemies within range. The effect can be triggered every 5 seconds. Good damage from magic stats plus the 30% additional damage on every hit.

Magic Cluster – +312 Magic Attack / Passive : increases magic attack by 35%. Another magic attack boost item so you can burst down your target with your damaging skill.

Demon Whisper – +208 Magic Attack / Passive : Increases Magic Penetration by 45%. Get this item if you are against with several tanks in enemy team. With your damage threat towards enemy team, they will surely get magic defense. This item is good in penetrating their magic defense.

Strategy Guide

Laning – As a burst damage dealer, you have lane dominance over with your opponent. You are threat to them as anytime you can kill them without giving a chance to fight back using your burst damage. You have also outstanding mobility with your Flashback that you can use on both offense and defense. If you see that there is some enemy hero not present on their lane, save your flashback for escape.

Teamfight – Shadow Queen is consider as assassin and just like the mechanics of most assassin it is difficult in teamfight. The best thing you can do is to find a chance where you can burst down their carry and exit. You should not go in the middle of clash even you have passive you are still prone to crowd control which is your primary downside.

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