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Recently we shared to you a guide for a perfect Winter Witch build and as what we found with Lil Witch they have almost the same mechanics. Spamming, crowd control and burst. But what makes this hero more interesting to play is her escape from her 2nd skill. That is very essential especially if you are fighting with good disable such as Tyrant or even Winter Witch herself. Her dodge can makes WW’s ultimate useless. To compare both heroes, Lil’ Witch has better mechanics and that makes her with lot of potential especially in teamfight. We enjoy playing this hero and out of good outcome of playing Lil Witch, we are going to share to you the best build and strategy guide for her.

+Good Crowd control
+Good escape
+AoE Damage

-Ultimate requires team follow up
-No Sustain
-Mana Reliant
-Difficult to come back when tilted

Skill Build

Electric – Every attack brings an electric effect, increasing ally attack damage by 5%, lasting 5 seconds, stacking up to 3 times. This what makes Lil Witch a good support or laning with other carry in case that there is no jungle. This will improve your ally damage up to 25%.

Thunder – Lil’ Witch calls forth a prismatic light towards the intended location, dealing 320 magic damage to enemy units after 0.8 second and stunning them for 1.5 seconds. This is your spamming abilities. Prioritize leveling up this skill next to your ultimate. It has a decent damage as well as a stun on it that will help you do more damage from your basic and 2nd skill combination.

Beam Pillar – Lil’ Witch sends out a magic bomb, dealing 148 magic damage to enemy unit. The bomb explodes after 2 seconds, dealing 296 magic damage to enemy units within range. This is your escaping ability which is very helpful since you can do damage at the same time having a good safe location. You can either spam it too together with your Thunder but in case that you are fighting a hero with good gap-close ability, save it for you to escape his attack. Anyway when he go close to you and you successfully dodge his attack, this will buy you more time to kite him hardly.

Wind Guard – Lil’ Witch grants a shield and a 40% speed boost that lasts 2 seconds for herself and ally heroes nearby. The shield soaks 180 damage and lasts 5 seconds. This will gives you a decent movement speed as well as shield. That is why we shouldn’t invest for movement speed right away because we have this skill and instead we do damage to break the chain of most players who buy their movement-speed item at this moment. Give a least priority in this skill. Just learn it and upgrade later on.

Thunder Tempest – Lil’ Witch lets loose wild magic toward the intended location. When it hits an enemy or reaches maximum range, it transforms into a thunder zone which lasts for 5 seconds. The zone silences the enemy units within it for 1 second, deals 110 magic damage per 0.5 second when they leave the zone, it deals 220 magic damage and slows them by 40% for 2 seconds. This is your ultimate that you need to prioritize leveling up. This come difficult to timing at first few times you use it. To make this skill effective, you must understand the mechanics first. So using this skill you need to cage your target. The more hero inside of it, the better. Once they run away and go outside the range, it will attack them through thunder and slow them for 2 seconds. So if the enemy has the advantage over you he will just stand there and fight you with his skill. That is why if you get tilted from the early game, it will be difficult to come back on late game because your ultimate will not effect the way it should be.

Item Build

Eternal Magic – +300 Mana / +78 Magic Attack / Passive : Increases mana regen per second by 12. This is the best item for all spammers so you have a freedom on using your skill excessively. This item is cheap and you can complete in just few minutes in game. Aside from man it will also boost your magic attack for spell damage.

Scepter of Life – +520 Magic Attack / Passive : Every magic attack adds 2 Health. This will give you a power spike by 520 magic attack. Damage is better than movement. In Lil Witch case she has ability for escaping. So instead of buying an item for movement speed will enjoy the powerspike from Scepter of Life.

Piercing Boots – +75 Magic Penetration / +60 Movement speed. With two damaging sets above, we can now buy our boots easily. I believe with the powerspike you had dominated the game at this moment. So we need now a movement speed so we can do roving on the entire map for more kills and takedown from other lanes.

Magic Cluster – +312 Magic Attack / Passive : increases magic attack by 35%. Another magic attack boost item so you can burst down your target with your damaging skill. So they will get much damage from your simple poke.

Eye of Curse – +480 Hp / +182 Magic Attack / Passive 1 : Adds 75 Magic Penetration. Passive 2 : Ability triggers burning, dealing magic damage (equal to 1% of targets, Max Hp) for 3 seconds. Since you already dominated the game, your opponents are looking forward to shut you down. So we need to buy items that improves survival. In my list I included Eye of Curse that give magic attack and Hp. This item will gives you good damage while not leaving your Hp behind.

Demon Whisper – +208 Magic Attack / Passive : Increases Magic Penetration by 45%. Get this item if you are against with several tanks in enemy team. This is your final damaging item that will surely tear down even tanks’ magic resist.

Strategy Guide

Laning – Just use your skills all the way. Both first skill and second skill. When you found an opportunity to get all in or to get closer so you have more time to hit your enemy with both skill and basic attack, use the third skill and do advance in positioning. Use ultimate if he is trying to go away from you so it will cage him and gives additional slow if he insist to break away. That is your main combo on how you are going to harass your target. Don’t go all-in unless you can kill him with his current Hp. You have advantage in just poking and don’t put your hero in risk.

Teamfight – Your ultimate can be used to initiate a clash. Just look for the opportunity to cast your ultimate in group of enemies so you can damage and suspend several target. From your ultimate they will get slowed so your allies can get time to get near and attack them. . Once they get caged with your ultimate, your next ability is first skill for stun and additional damage. Don’t use your escape in clash unless there is someone going to your direction. It will be better to use it as defense than offense as in clash damage will never be run out. You need more utility to survive and then wait for your skill to cooldown to do damaging skill again.

How to counter Lil Witch

Just like how we counter Winter Witch in this guide, you can also use that mechanics to beat Lil’ Witch. But all-in trade will be difficult to a hero with escape. This will be a mind games wherein you need to let her use her escape first before doing your all-in. Another problem with Lil’ Witch is snowballing. If you are ahead of her, you can just simply ignore her abilities including her ultimate and do basic attacks for AD hero.

What I’m doing when fighting against Lil’ Witch is to outfarm her. I will make sure that I have better item than her. So I can do trades on her without minding her skill. As possible I will encourage her into 1v1 fight because she is very effective in clash with crowd control, passive and buffs.

As a good counter, you can use hero that have a good gap close and CC such as Iceblade. The good thing with Iceblade is the reactivation with his first skill. So even Lil’ Witch successfully dodge his first attempt, he can still recast it to get near and CC her with 2nd skill and ultimate.

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