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I’m very sure with this, Jubilee is taken from Mobile Legends’ Layla. But it doesn’t matter as they also got that hero from other MOBA. This hero has cool mechanics in game. Using her range, she can poke her opponent really hard. She has also minor crowd control to kite her laner. Compare to other marksman that basically deals with auto-attack, Jubilee is more on casting skills. But it doesn’t mean that she is useless in basic attack trades since she has still passive that works with her basic attack and this is very useful in maximizing your damage. Below is my guide on how you can play Jubilee and become MVP. I believe this hero has lots of potential in game that we are going to emphasize below:

+Good Range
+With Escape ability
+Good in spamming abilities
+With CC

-Not hard-hitter compare to other marksman
-Mana reliant
-Ambush is difficult to use especially when escaping.

Skill Build

Energy Charge – Every basic attack charges Jubilee’s weapon. When it reaches level 5, the next basic attack turns into a laser attack. The laser attacks all enemies along the path and its power increases as Ambush levels up. with this passive, you should maximize Jubilee’s attack speed so it will activate faster.

Ambush – Jubilee leaps and rolls towards the intended direction, turning the next basic attack within 3.5 seconds into a laser attack which deals additional 220 damage. Max it first as this will improve your passive. This can be used either offensive or defense. Only it is tricky to use especially with auto-aim setting. Make sure that you know where you are going before using this skill. You can also use this as an offensive after you had kite your opponent and then you are ready for all in, use this first skill to get near to him and kill him with all your available skills and basic attack.

Electric Plasma – Jubilee discharges electric plasma cannon to the intended direction, dealing 150 physical damage tot he first enemy hit, and slowing them by 20% for 2 seconds and cutting healing effects by 50%. This is your crowd control in game. Use this wisely on both offense and defense. If you see that you have the advantage and the enemy is retreating, use the slowing effect to buy you time hitting him for more. You can also use this when you think that your opponent will get close to you for all in. Keep in mind that Jubilee is good in range so use that as your advantage.

Shock Bombs – Jubilee tosses a shock bomb (last 4 seconds) to the intended location. The bomb searches for nearby enemies and explodes, dealing 120 physical damage and slowing them down by 80%.Use this to suspend your opponent. Compare to your other CC, here you can position it and prepare for executing attack. It has also a good percentage of slow that will surely cripple your target.

Photon Lance – Jubilee fires her Super Photon at the intended location, dealing 580 physical damage to enemies along the path. Your ultimate and it should be prioritized. This deals massive damage in good range. you can use it when you see that the enemy team is in group or they are retreating after getting lethal damage from trades.

Item Build

Force of Gods – +240 Hp/ +400 Mana / +67 Physical Attack / +78 Magic Attack / +15 Critical Rate / +20 Attack Speed Bonus / +8 Speed Bonus / Effect : Basic Attack increases Movement Speed by 8% for 3 seconds / Adds 100% physical damage to basic attack within 2 seconds after casting an ability. The effect can be triggered after 2.5 seconds. This item is OP just look on the stats and effects. What I really like in Force of Gods is the effect that works greatly with Jubilee. This is good for poking and skill spamming. As you can see, Jubilee is mana reliant, Force of Gods has +400 mana that will let you spam your ability. It has also additional attack speed bonus that you need to activate your passive often.

Hunter Boots – +15 Attack Speed / +60 movement speed. The same with most marksman, Jubilee is poor in mobility. This is why we will get this item as early as your second set.

Raged Thunder – +20 Crit-rate / +30 Attack speed / +8 Speed Bonus / Effect : Basic attack deals 150 magic damage to targets nearby and reduces the cooldown of the effect by 1 second. The effect can be triggered every 4 seconds. This item is very good in poke mechanics. In addition of Jubilee’s range, the lightning effect will improve your spamming damage every 4 seconds. Also the crit-rate is good for increasing the chance of your critical to land.

Berserker Edge – +112 Physical Attack / +20 Crit Rate / Effect: Increases crit-hit damage by 50%. This will improve your critical damage a lot plus a 20% crit rate. By the time you have this item, you already have 55% critical chance for every attack.

Fanatic – +10 Critical Rate / +40 Attack Speed Bonus / +5 Speed Bonus / Effect : Attack speed increases by 5% after Crit-hit, lasting 4 seconds and stacking up to 5 times. Now that you have good number with your critical chance, you should buy Fanatic that improves attack speed with every successful critical.

Edged Stone – +179 Physical Attack / +15 Crit Damage / +10 CD Reduce / Effect 1: Increases physical penetration by 120. Effect 2 : Increase physical penetration by 40%. Good damage addition from your perfect build. This will boost your critical damage and penetrate defense to inflict more damage. This item is best against tank.

Strategy Guide

Laning – Just poke all day. Spam your skills until you get enough item for trade. You have better range from any other marksman in game. Use this for your advantage. Do not do trades with Wild Card as he is better than you in that kind of mechanics. Unless you already have the perfect build we shared above, you should not engage. The only way you that engaging is a good option is if you already hit him hardly and he has less than 50% Hp. You can aggressively go near using ambush and use all your skills and basic attack to kill him.

Teamfight – As for skill spammer typed of hero, it is not really difficult to handle teamfight as for sure you will hit them hard with your skills. Again spam and wait for a good timing for all in. Of course you will not to that with your ambush. Wait for your tank to initiate. If you can spam and hit your target well, they will retreat for sure. Use your crowd control to slow them down and kill them with basic attacks. Distance is your weapon especially against assassin, use it and don’t give any chance for them to get close to you. You can use your CC to interrupt their attacks.

How To Counter Jubilee

Jubilee is there to poke you all day. Do not let her become effective in this way. Go for all-in trades. Pick hero with a good all-in such Wild Card, Shadow Strike, Shadow Queen, Grim Fate, and Burning Sun. Even with escape skill, she can’t use it easily if you get near to her as this will auto-aim at you. Burst her down and she will be dead meat.

You can also pick a hero with good sustain as this will be a good counter in poke and hit-and-run mechanics. Play Angelyne as support and she is nothing against in your duo composition. No matter how much spam she will do against you, you can still sustain yourself and your carry with heal. Just follow the perfect build we shared for Angelyne so we will not run out of mana in this mechanics.

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