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Like how we educate our players in playing Mobile Legends, here we are again to share our strategy guides to another massively online battle arena mobile-based. To compare it with other MOBA that you can play in Android and iOS device, Heroes Arena is more stable when it comes to latency for most server from North America, Europe and Oceanic. That is the most important factor for us since all games are almost the same and it was taken from either DotA or League of Legends. Lag issue is our most concern and I will give an “A” for this game.

And from the time we spent of playing other mobile games in this genre such as Heroes Evolved and MOBA Legends, we will share below are strategy guides of how we play the game effectively. Also we will include item build and tips for every hero in game so you will know our ideas of how you should play each hero effectively. We will work for it and to be honest we need time as the game is just released recently. But for now we will go for general guide that will help you have a good jumpstart.

1. Speeding up your queue. Next to lag issue, this is also important in game and the reason why it Mobile Legends so popular is fast queue. Match making queue affects by the number of players in game. And from our experience of playing Heroes Arena we’ve discovered something that can speed up our match making. Aside from players availability, queuing also affects that region/country you are playing. This is country vs country and you are lucky enough if you are from region that has lots of players so you will get a teammate faster. The interesting part here is you can change your country any time as it is not based on your IP.  To change it just tap on your profile picture (icon) and then region (specified with flag) and there you will see list of countries you can select with. As for number of players are concern, you can go for China, Philippines, Korea as there lot of players came from that countries. When you designated your region from these countries you will get team up with several players and this can speed up your queue.

2.  Set up your rune page. Thought it looks like a small stat but still stats are stats and this will help you especially in early game as well as you are a jungler. In building up your rune page, you must focus on one role first. I don’t recommend for newbie to shrink it to a single hero. If you are going to based it on your role, you can cover with different heroes in game. Rune page is a good investment, just like lots of players are looking for rune guides for Heroes Arena. For newbie, just unlock as many runes as possible until you cover up all the slots. With best rune for your hero, you can easily notice your advantage over your opponent especially on early duel.

3. Set up your item for specific hero. After playing for hours and you already decided for your favorite hero you are going for serious match. Though there a default or recommend item for each hero, it will be better if you are going to base your item with your mechanics and team composition. We will post later hero build guide which you can use in creating your item set. Item set up will help you buy item faster instead of going to shop search for your item.

4. Change your option based on your preferences. Common mistake for newbie is diving to the game right away without checking the option. In this menu you can select with attack mode, spell cast, target priority, casting cancellation and etc. Just try everything until you get the right settings for your comfortability.

5. Start practicing with your Creep Score. If you are serious in this game and want to take time practicing, you must start with your CS. This will gives you a better understanding in game that end up a good itemization. CS is very important in game and most advanced players are working on it based on different circumstances such as hero match up, level advantage, items and laning. For practicing with your CS you must not extend too much from your tower by just last hitting the creep. Extending your lane will only lure the opposing jungler and other laner to gank you. For perfect CS you must use your skills to kill creeps in case that you can’t last hit with your basic attack.

6. Focus on your role. This works especially if you are in rank where you need to have a higher win rate to get in higher division. The fact is, you don’t need to jump from role to role to rank up. You need only to focus on a single role and master most hero under this role. This also works on building your rune page just like what I mentioned above. If you have a focus with a single role, you know the in and out of it and you can perform your very best based on your task in game. You must stick with your role for your team objective. You will notice that the team who has an objective based on their role wins most team fights and clash. If you are a support, be a support by peeling your carry. Your item must be focused with utility and survival so you can stay longer in fight.

7. Play on PC using emulator. Have you notice why there are some players who can play the game so smoothly? They can dodge, initiate and execute skills without having a problem. Tapping with your finger can’t let you do this at all. If you see players having this kind of interaction it is obviously that they are using cheat. We can’t deny the fact that playing Heroes Arena on PC using keyboard will gives you an ultimate advantage. MOBA is actually designed to be played on PC and mobile version is just an extension for those who want this kind of entertainment to be portable. For serious players, we will do anything that can give us advantage. It is cheat because the game is not designed while it is obviously a big advantage if you are going to use keyboard. For the tutorial of playing Android games with keyboard, you can check this link.

Upon DOWNLOADING or using our CHEATS, we are not liable for anything that might happen to your account.

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