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This is one of the best burst based heroes in game wherein you easily kill minions in just one skill. Though I found it difficult to play compare to other characters from Heroes Arena, this is very rewarding if you want to have a hero that excels in damage, crowd control and teamfight. He is not only burst damage for one target but an AoE for the entire team. You can never go wrong in picking this hero if you want to be the MVP. And to help you how can you use Burning Sun on his full potential, you can check out my guide below.

+Very good burst damage
+Good Crowd Control
+Good Teamfight presence

-Considerably difficult to use compare to other heroes
-Low mobility
-Low sustain
-Needs combo with every skill to excel

Skill Build

Ignite – Every ability hit adds ignite to the target, dealing damage (equal to 2% target’s Max Hp) last 5 seconds. This will makes Burning Sun a very powerful hero. With ignite it doesn’t only add damage but also effects with each skill.

Flamespout – Burning Sun casts the ability to the intended area. After a delay of 0.8 seconds it deals 366 magic damage to the enemies within range. Damage increases by 366 if the enemy has been ignited. This is very powerful skill that can deals times two damage when it hits a target under ignite status. Prioritize this skill first next to your ultimate so you have the best damage output from it. The only downside on this skill is the precision required from 0.8 second delay casting. You can either use it in advance by predicting the moves of your target or doing a set-up first for this skill.

Flame – Burning Sun sprays flame to the target and deals 266 magic damage. If the target has been ignited, this ability will cause additional 133 magic damage and slow the target by 15% for 5 seconds. Compare to Flamespout, this skill is far better easy to use. This is good for apply ignite to your target. This will also gives crowd control of slowing the target movement speed.

Eruption – Burning Sun deals 220 magic damage to the enemy by creating a mini volcano. Lava erupts and deals 110 magic damage. If the target has been ignited, it is thrown in the air for 1.2 seconds. Together with Flame this also a good and easy skill. You can also use this to apply ignite or take advantage the crowd control from it which is better than movement speed reduction. Eruption will throw the enemy in the air for 1.2 seconds. In the contrary it has lower damage than Flame.

Flare – Burning Sun calls forth a small sun which moves slow after 1.5 seconds of chanting. It deals 600 magic damage after hitting the target, and splashes 300 damage to the nearby enemy units. This is your ultimate and you need to max it first. This will gives a incredible 600 magic damage and a half of it to to nearby enemy units as splash effect. Among from Burning Sun’s kit, it has additional effect on ignited heroes. That is why I use it to apply ignite and let my 3 basic kills do the additional effect. You should use it on enemies in group.

Item build

Eternal Magic – +300 Mana / +78 Magic Attack / Passive : Increases mana regen per second by 12. This will let you spam your first skill. This will gives you a decent mana and mana regeneration so you can spam your skill. I found it very effective for all magic user so they can use their skills without getting limit by mana. In addition to mana improvement, there is also a magic attack for early game advantage. This is cheap item and an easy way to get your set first over your opponent.

Piercing Boots – +75 Magic Penetration / +60 Movement speed. Like most spell caster, Burning Sun has low in mobility. Getting boots will gives on early game will gives you an advantage for both offense and defense especially when playing a low mobility hero. Upgrade it to piercing boots so you can enjoy the +75 Magic Penetration.

Scepter of Life – +520 Magic Attack / Passive : Every magic attack adds 2 Health. This will give you a power spike by 520 magic attack. It has also a good conversion of magic attack to Hp. You have a good crowd control and mana. At this point all you have to do is to make more damage from your equipment.

Magic Cluster – +312 Magic Attack / Passive : increases magic attack by 35%. Another magic attack boost item so you can burst down your target with your damaging skill. With this item, you can do a 1-hit instakill with your first skill if the target is ignited.

Demon Whisper – +208 Magic Attack / Passive : Increases Magic Penetration by 45%. Get this item if you are against with several tanks in enemy team. With your damage threat towards enemy team, they will surely get magic defense. This item is good in penetrating their magic defense.

Nirvana – +142 physical defense / +140 magic defense / Effect : Revives the hero on the spot 3 seconds after death with 30% of max health and max mana. The effect can be triggered every 180 seconds. This is good late-game item.

Strategy Guide

Laning – Spam your skills but do it with precision. You need to follow the combo of 2nd skill – 3rd skill – 1st skill. If you have ultimate, you can insert it on the middle of your combo to make it not too predictable. But in clash it should be cast as initiator so you can ignite several heroes. Once you get the Eternal Magic, this will let you spam most of your skills even just using it on minions. With your 3rd and 1st skill combo, you can do perfect CS. One of a good laner is hero that can clear minion waves effectively. Burning Sun excel in that way.

Teamfight – Because most of Burning Sun are AoE and it has an effect with ignite, it is not really difficult to make effective in teamfight. With enough damage and good crowd control, your specialty is actually on teamfight. Unlike with other hero that has good control and poor damage, Burning Fire excels in both so don’t hesitate to engage a teamfight especially if you do well in laning.

How to counter Burning Sun

Keep moving! This hero requires precision especially with his lethal damage from first skill. If you keep moving you can have time to dodge from 0.8 second casting delay from his first skill. When it comes to his ultimate, the casting delay also makes him predictable. When you see him chanting, you must spread out so the splash damage will not affect your teammate. If he cast it towards your ally, draw distance away from him so you will not get the splash damage and worst if he can do his combo against you.

As for hero counter, use those with good escape or has good mobility. You can use Jubilee, Lil Witch, Admiral, Abaddon as heroes with good dodge. Anticipate his moves and dodge as many skills as possible. Even going for trade, you need to be keep moving. Don’t just stand there and tank all his damage. He has incredible burst and crowd control and that will make you lose a trade against him.

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