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The peaceful in world of Skarner has been ended upon the coming of Sattur, the queen of darkness with a mission of finding the host of darkness and reviving its power. And you, who are born from light will change Skarner’s destiny. So it is up to you if you would been caught in endless darkness or the holy light will shine upon you.

As a basic of playing role playing game, you will manage your team into epic adventures using their skills and gearing them with powerful equipment. Now for you to win this game, you can check out our Hero of Prophecy cheats and guides.

1. Auto farming cheats. If you are looking for the best advantage in this game, you can get it from grinding and farming. From that concept, we are going to cheat it so we will find it very easy or should I say a full auto method. If you have a great appetite for playing RPG, I guess you understand how this stuff will help you and you are agree with us that this will help you a lot in playing Hero of Prophecy. Grinding is very important and effective in any RPG. If you already reached the part that you can’t proceed anymore, all you have to do is to spend time in playing in previous stages so you can get loots and experience points which will help you improve your arsenal.

Now for the term grinding and farming this is doing the same thing for hours. The more time you play on the same stage the easier for you to complete it. This is more effective than going to difficult stage, get failed and repeat again. What you need to have in grinding is patience since you will do it for hours. That is the reason why there are games having auto-battle so you can use it instead of playing manually. But that we found it not enough as we discover improvement so you can have a full auto grinding for hours. Here you can just leave your game and do what you want like going to work or sleeping. This is the efficient way of playing Hero of Prophecy as you will get the progress of playing for hours or even days.

For us to have this cheat, first we need to download an app that can record taps. Visit Google Play and you will see several free apps that works as recorder. You will find in different range from paid to free. You can also play Hero of Prophecy using Nox emulator on PC. This emulator has a built in macro and script recorder that we need for this cheat.

Now that you have the app needed, you can start playing the game and record the part you are completing a one run. You need only one run to record and once it is completed, you can play the recorded action in unlimited run to have a full auto grinding and farming. Using the recorded action, you don’t need to interact on changing level as well as confirming the loots you earned from battle. That is what the auto-battle can’t do because it still needs players presence to confirm that part. With the help of using this cheat, we can just leave the game and get 50 – 100 runs in auto.

2. Add as many friends as possible. RPG will be lamed if you are going to play it alone. Thanks to friend system, here you will get compensation from adding friends in your list. Take it as advantage by adding as many friends as possible. To add friends you need to be near with other players or you can manually add them in game or you can check the friend tab and see the recommended players to add. Send them an application and wait for the confirmation. Because this is give-and-take system, they will surely add you so they can get gifts from you. If you are in circle of friends, don’t forget to interact with them by sending gifts as well as accepting their gifts for your sake.

3. Check your mail for rewards. All rewards will not be directed to your inventory but through your mailbox. So you must check it from time to time to rewards that you get from events, login, friends and etc. Keep in mind that items here expired if stayed more than 28 days. You must also be careful in deleting mail as you can also deleted unclaimed rewards from it.

4. Complete your mission. The common mistake of players we used to share the cheat is abusing it so much. They already forgotten the concept of the game as well as the reason why they are playing it. They do nothing but to cheat without minding other content such as events, promo, achievements, quest, missions and lot more. The game is not about cheat, we are only doing that so we can adapt with the competition ruled by cash spenders. But the game is still about completing your quest, the storyline, unlocking all characters, and completing mission. Don’t forget to check your mission from time to time to see your task that you can complete. Give time in complying on it so it will bring you to a new views of doing something different in game aside from grinding and farming. Also what is good in completing mission is the reward that you can get from it. This is your chance to earn premium reward especially you are dedicated non-cash spender. You must do everything to get premium rewards that cashers abundantly enjoying.

5. Unlock all characters. Now that you have gems from completing achievements and joining events, you can start unlocking all characters in game. This is your primary arsenal in game and the more characters you unlock the more battle potential you will get. Actually this is your long run objectives in game. This requires gems to unlock but it doesn’t mean that you are going to spend money because there ways in game for you to get gem for free.

This is the end for my Hero of Prophecy cheats and guides. If you have further question regarding with this trick, you can send your inquiry using the comment section below.

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