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Heir of Light journey starts when Darkness has overtaken the realm and the world is in chaos. And the only hope to restore light and order lies with you which to be called as Heir of Light. Prepare your weapon and journey to restore the light of the world. Just like on the typical action role playing game, you can unleash combo skills from master and servant team up. You can also equip runes for character growth and get an overall advantage. And for your ultimate strategy you can all upon the skill and elements that you can use in battle.

There is also a PVP system to prove your worth. Actually the main focus of this game is the competition between players. They believe that when competition rise up, players will do their best to get their edge which result for hardcore gaming and spending cash as part of donation. While some spend money for the game, we are doing our best to discover tricks and cheats that players can use to dominate the game. And that is what we are going to share to you so you can have yours. Let’s go!

1. Auto farming cheat. This is very useful especially on early levels where you have lots of energy to consume. To maximize your grinding, you can do this cheat is capable of automating they way you are grinding. So the first thing you need to do is to understand the concept of this cheat so you can do your part or maybe a different way than me which is more profiting. But as for me, we are recording the part we are grinding using macro application and then play the recorded action in repetition or the case we are grinding. When it comes to macro, you can check Google Play and look for free app that is capable of recording tap/action. Or you can also download Nox Emulator which is what we are doing and enjoy their built-in feature of macro.

Now that you have the tool needed, you can start recording in one of the most profitable dungeon based on your progress. There is no best and worst dungeon actually. Just find what suits you. A dungeon that is not too easy or with the same level as yours but not too difficult considering that you are going to complete it with auto battle. The safe things to do here is to check the record if this can complete the stage. You can watch the first 2 runs before going to AFK. If things go wrong, you can try to record another run until you perfect your grinding pattern.

2. Check and claim your rewards in mailbox. This is where all rewards will go upon participating in event, mission and quest. Upon checking the mailbox you will see sort of items as well as the number of days for expiration and the collect button. Yes there is a corresponding expiration for every item so you better check it from time to time and claim your rewards before it will be gone forever.

3. Acquiring legendary (5-star) character easily. There is a trick where you can get a powerspike on early level by getting a 5-star character through summoning. And for you to make a guaranteed rare draw, you should go for 10x summon. Yes you need to spend a premium currency but actually you don’t need to spend cash for it because the game offers several ways to obtain free premium currency which we are going to share to you below.

4. Complete your quest. Here you have task to complete such as clearing neutral region cult estate 1-1 and so on. On every task you complete there is a mileage for that and filling it up will gives you premium currency. Quest is a good method for you to know if you are playing the game right or not. Since this is an open-end game, you can do what you want on how you are going to complete every level. It will be better if you are going to play it the way how developer designed it so in later stage you will not find it really difficult to play. Quest will also tell you more about the game including tutorial how can you improve your character.

5. Log in daily. Now for tremendous amount of gem, you can go for special 2nd CBT attendance where you are able to claim gems for just playing the game daily. This is your chance to try premium content of the game. So even you are not planning to play the game, just be there to claim rewards and then log out for your daily supply of gems.

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