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Yes it is from Netmarble so expect high-end graphics for this app. And upon seeing the content it is more likely a Gamevil’s Kingdom of War only with hot girl characters. And because we consider this devs as one of the top companies for mobile games, we download and play Guild of Honor Guardians.  From the basic gameplay we apply same strategy and techniques to dominate this game and got higher rank on the early phase leaderboard. We also tried cheats and yes it is working fine too in this game. And that is what we want to share to you if you still don’t have the idea from past games. You are lucky now as you can win this game even without spending lots of cash. Sound ironic right? Yes especially most Android and iOS games now are based on pay-to-win system. But not this time, because using Guild of Honor: Guardians cheats, you can expect nonstop progress as well as infinite loot that we can get from farming. Are you excited? So let’s go!

1. Guild of Honor: Guardians cheats auto-pilot bot. We used in other games such as Chaos Legends and Heroes of Incredible Tales both from well-known developers and yes it is working and so with the concept we will do it here so we can expect same result from other games. We are very sure that this is legal as there is no modification needed as well as you can see from the concept of how we are going to automate stuff. Actually the game has built-in function for auto-battle only you need to improve it so you can expect a a fully automated game wherein you can expect progress even you are sleeping or not around in game. It’s clearly that they are not against auto-gaming as they introduce it on game.

So to make it even more efficient feature of the game, we will use a tool that will give us a fully automated game. Here you can download Repetitouch (free app) or you can play using emulator in your PC. In my personal preferences, I’m using Nox Emulator because it has a built-in feature that we need to cheat the game. Now that you have Repetitouch or Nox, you can start recording and play the action you did in game. This recorded action can be repeated in infinite cycle which will give us a unlimited run for grinding and farming. Of course we still need the auto-fighting feature especially this cheat will work smoothly if you have x2 function.

Now that you have the tool needed in game, you can start recording and complete the stage you want to grind. Make sure that your auto is on as well as x2 mode if there is. Play the game normally like selecting the action you want to do and confirming the victory and loots you earn in game. After you completed the first cycle or the first run that will serve as your pattern in game, you can now stop the record and then play the saved action. As you can see the game, will be played based on the action you recorded. Just make sure to set it on infinite loop so it will run until you consumed all your stamina/energy points.

Just make sure that the game will get synchronized with the pattern or bot. This is by giving a time allowance with your action. Always keep in your mind that while you are still recording the action, you are there to create a pattern and not all game will have the same completion time so make sure that your pattern can handle most runs. This is by giving an allowance, the longer the allowance the better but don’t make it too long that the will game wait for the bot but not too fast that the bot will miss the game and it needs to complete the entire cycle so they will get sync again. Also it is good to try your bot 2-3 times before leaving your computer if they are running smoothly. Do not worry you will only do this once and once the bot is working properly you can use the same pattern over and over again.

2. Get 6-star unit easily. The best way to earn your first 6-star unit is to save all your rubies until you reach 250 pieces and spend it on Rare Unit x10 + 1 bonus package in shop. We know that it is easily for us to get tempted to spend our rubies on different stuffs but if you are looking for the best way to spend it, you can save it until you have enough for the said package. Also it is good to take advantage the free draw in shop upon meeting the required cooldown. Make sure to always claim your freebies here. The trick here is to take a note on how exact minutes/hours you can get your free draw so it will notify you every time it is ready. So even you are using Guild of Honor : Guardians you will not let the opportunity to just past by.

3. Check your mailbox for rewards. This is where you can claim different rewards and points like dagger, friendship points, tickets, gifts, and packages. And the best thing here is the collect-ll button wherein you don’t need to manually collect the items one by one but to simply collect them all instantly. Be sure to check your mail from time to time so you would know if there is something to collect. Keep in mind that the item you get from compensation system will not directly go to your inventory instead it will go to mailbox.

4. Invite more friends. In Guild of Honor : Guardians you will get compensation from adding friends. Make sure to add more friends as possible. Here you don’t need to spam it with “add me” anymore just like the old days. You can simply visit the friends tab and you will see recommended players that you can add as a friend. I like having the maximum number of friends available in game because this the only thing I can do as a beginner where I can get compensation without requiring too much from your progress. So meaning even you just started playing the game, you can earn advantage through friends system. Also the best thing here is that you can talk to them about the game which will give you a better perspective for it. Just like what you are doing here where you get ideas from us, you can also learn something new from other players. The more players and ideas, the better. Just do not entrust your password or anything that is important to you on players you just met in game.

5. Complete your achievement. Here you will see task that you can complete and you will get a corresponding rewards on it. This is a good challenge for everyone to comply on how devs design of how you should play their games. This is also a good basis to know if you are playing the game right or not. If you can complete your achievement easier it means that you are doing well in game otherwise you need an improvement from it. Here you can spend cash for rubies or you can download cheats for unlimited rubies.

That’s it and above all, just enjoy the way whatever rank you are. Don’t forget that we are here to give you the desired output you want in game even without spending cash. But in the end of it, everything will be based on how you play the game as well as your competitors did.

Upon DOWNLOADING or using our CHEATS, we are not liable for anything that might happen to your account.

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