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The game reminds me of playing Heroes of Incredible Tales regarding with graphics, classes, features, and gameplay. And just like with HIT, I believe this game has lots of potential and it should be added in our list here so we can guide players who are asking for Guardians of Darkness cheats.

We dominated HIT from the first week of release and this cheat help us to enjoy more content including gearing of immortal equipment (highest tier), keeping a good arena ranking, unleash the full potential of every classes and ultimately beat the competition over other players despite of not spending money for the game.

Today I will just focus on auto grinding and farming cheat as this is what helped us a lot in most ARPG. So for those who missed this cheat before, this is how can you apply it in GoD.

First you need to download a tap recorder. Check Google Play for it and you will get several free apps that can record and play taps in infinite cycle. In our case, we used Repetitouch (free) as we found no problem from overnight of using it. This is very important as we will just leave our gadget unattended and crashing problem is a major disappointment from supposed overnight grinding.

Aside from Repetitouch you can also use Nox Emulator. This powerful emulator will not only let you play Guardians of Darkness on PC but also you can enjoy their built-in script / macro recorder that works like Repetitouch. So if you have a chance to use emulator just go with it. Also this is meant for overnight auto grinding and farming so you need an unlimited source of power which happen the major problem in playing in portable device.

Suppose that you have the tool needed to start a cheat, find a good stage to grind. Consider those stages that you can get good amount of experience points and loots. These are stages that you recently completed. But you must also think of the difficulty or time you need to spend to complete the level. The faster the better as you will get more loots and EXP from it.

Now that you have the desired stage to grind, run the record and complete the stage, confirm your victory and then tap on play again. This will direct you to the part you started the record wherein you are going to end so you are able to complete the cycle. Once you have the recorded taps/action, play it and you will see that you have a fully automated pilot for grinding and farming.

Just update your record from time to time since you are getting stronger from making progress. As time goes by the loots and experience points is getting lowered based from your current progress. You can use the recorded tap for overnight and then try to record again for a new stage. Yes you need new record for every stage so it will not get desync within the game.

Now we mentioned about desync. This is a common problem in this cheat wherein the recorded tap desync in the game. The common cause of it is when the auto-tap is faster than the game. You must understand the concept of  this cheat. The auto pilot is based from your recorded tap while not every instance has the same time completion even you are playing on the same level and fighting the same mobs.

To minimize this problem, you must anticipate it by slowing down the tap while you are still recording. It is ok if the game is faster as this will always wait for the recorded tap to play. The key here is when you are stil recording instead of just tapping or doing an action right away, you must wait for a matter of seconds. You will see when you play the record it will always wait for the game in case it is faster than the game.

Aside from that, you will find this cheat very come in handy for you to reach the highest level as possible while getting enough loots for higher tier equipment.

For question and your thoughts, the comment section is wide opened for it. If you need further explanation, I’m always ready to listen and get back to you once I received it.

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