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The streak is on with the release of turn-based game in mobile, today we want to share to you a new game that you can play, Guardian Soul next to Land of Daimon and Dynasty Saga. From the top rated mobile developer, Mobirix, in this game you can enjoy a real time battle system where you can control 6 guardians and engages battle. Also what I really like in this game is the unlimited hero growth system that features evolution, mastery, ability, enchantment, and upgrade. The content is also better having an experience with Guardian World through 12 chapters of story mode and over 10 sub-contents. Unlike with other mobile having a linear batte system, here you can do network battle that involves cooperative 5 player boss raid and real-time network battle through 1v1 PvP. This game has lots to offer and if you are looking forward to play it seriously you can check my cheats and guides for playing Guardian Soul effectively.

1. Guardian Soul cheats auto pilot bot. Thanks to auto-battle feature of the game and we don’t need to play the game manually. Actually the combat system is cool but after hours of playing the game, you will find it tiresome as you need to direct your character position and use abilities through tapping. Now with auto-battle it will play the game for you and you just only to confirm the stage you want to engage as well as loots you get from winning the game. With the feature, we will improve it so we can have a fully auto battle bot which we can use in having all the advantage needed for Guardian Soul. This auto grinding and farming cheats can give you loots and experience points from 24/7 full auto. Yes it’s literally you don’t need to do anything and just let the bot play the game for you.

I know that you are excited on dominating the game, so to start it, we need first to download an application that will serve as bot. This application is capable of recording the action or the tap we do so instead of doing same tapping pattern over and over again, we will record it and play it so everything will become automatic. The is the concept of this cheat, so if you are trying to look at it, it is not really illegal as we will only improve the auto battle. Yes we need it as what we are trying to record is the action you need to do in selecting stages and confirming your victory while everything inside the battle, we will let the auto-battle do it.

Now we mentioned about the application, you can download any application that can do recording but most of the time I used the free version of Repetitouch in case that I’m playing in portable device, but if I have a chance to play on PC using emulator, I download Nox emulator. I actually this is far better since I don’t need to worry with my battery and I can ensure that my auto will work overnight or on time that I’m not able to check my PC. If you want to suggest better application to use, the comment box below is open and we accept any info that might improve this cheat.

With the application installed in your gadget or you are already playing in Nox, you can now start the recording by selecting a stage you want to farm. There is a trick on finding a good stage to grind. First you need to know the loots you can get from it as well as experience points and after that you must think if this be completed in few minutes. On the lobby on selecting stage to fight, you can start the record there and complete the stage. Make sure that the x2 and auto battle is already running before you do the record as we don’t need that to be included on our bot. Once finished, stop and save the record. Play it to see if it is get synch with the game. As you can see this saved action can play the grinding part of the game so you don’t need to worry about with it even you don’t have time in playing Guardian Soul.

2. Get tons of diamonds based on your level. This is the reason why we need to grind and level up faster as you will are able to earn diamonds base on your level you reach in game. I know with the help of cheat you will never find this a problem anymore. This will also encourage users to keep on playing actively and reach as high level as possible in returns of diamonds.

3. Getting higher tier guardian easily. If you are looking forward to earn 2-4 Star Guardian easily, you must consider lucky draw. Here you have two options such as spending or drawing for free either using gold coins or premium currency. I really recommend on drawing using gems x10 as it has a higher possibility on getting higher tier guardian. Also you can get a free 3 star guardian with first purchase for gem draw and free soul stone with first purchase with gold coin draw. And if you have in mind of just relying with your free draw, don’t miss your chance for it everyday.

4. Log in to the game daily. Now that you know how you should spend your diamonds, the next question is how can you get diamonds for free. Well the answer is through 7-day challenge. Here you can get free gems and Guardian pieces in good amount. Just make sure to be in game daily and claim your free rewards.

5. Add friends and take the social feature of the game. This is basic in most mobile games. The idea is from social network games where they use their players to promote the game in return of in-game rewards. But compare on the old ways of promoting, now most mobile games have suggested friend feature where you can easily invite friend to random players to add it in your list and let the reward system be traded in.

6. Log in daily. Aside from 7-day log in that is limited once, there is a daily log in check where you can get lots of rewards as you play the game daily. In this reward system, the longer the streak, the more rewards you can get until you complete all 31 days of playing. This is your chance to get cool rewards even you are just free-to-play user.

7. Complete your quest. In Guardian Soul there are different sets of task from daily, weekly, and monthly based on how you can accomplish these tasks. Quest is a good way to keep your passion in game. Using cheat over and over again will lose the essence of playing it. To experience dynamic with the same routine of cheating everyday, you can check your quest tab and see the task you can complete. Also this is a source of premium currency only here you need to exert effort before you can get your rewards.

That’s all for my Guardian Soul cheats and guides. If you have questions especially with auto grinding and farming cheats, you can reach me through comment form below. Enjoy!


Upon DOWNLOADING or using our CHEATS, we are not liable for anything that might happen to your account.

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