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Geostorm is the official game of the movie now! Help the people from the disaster and prevent extremely unfortunate damage of climate breakdown. The earth needs your helping hands! Stay alive with this deadly game that turn-base puzzle game.

The puzzled game can gives you a tricky feeling right off the bat so our Geostorm Guides and Tips is here to help you get started and stands as your strategy source to deal with the stages of the game.

Move Wisely

It’s better to study your surroundings first. It’s a huge help for you to recognize the potential pitfalls and other traps before you get around to run and head on.  It also help you to point out puzzles and gives you more time to plan and have a solutions from a distance.

Recognize Everything

You have a preliminary check, grab this opportunity to recognize and explore everything in the game. Know every corner of a room. Keep in mind that every stage has a different objectives that will give a various rewards. Exploring the game means knowing and having a big chances to deal with those optional objectives.

Focus To Your Game

It’s important to stay alert every time. Focus in environment hazards. Remember, electrified water can beat you immediately so keep an eye before you go and jump into flooded areas. Find those breaker to turn off the those dangerous electricity. Aside from this, you can also find some objects that can push into water and hop your way to safety.

That’s all for our Geostorm Guides and Tips Guides and Tips. Don’t forget to share this to your friends and if you have any strategy that would like to share, feel free to comment below! Enjoy Playing

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