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Join the legendary World of Gods and Heroes into outstanding visual experience and battle-riddled adventure to change the fate of the Gardius Empire. In this game you are going to summon and collect powerful mythical heroes which you can use to create your ultimate army. These heroes can upgrade and evolve to increase the combat power. You can also hunt monsters and mine natural resources with and against other players in the world. So you are not only playing MMO but also a city-building game.

And to help you dominate the game in both field of RPG and city-building, we would like to share to you Gardius Empire cheats and guides.

1. Auto grinding and farming cheats. I don’t know why this game doesn’t have auto raid or instant complete. But there is no worry here because with the help of auto battle and a simple trick we can cheat the farming and make it in full auto. In any game like this, it is the fact that grinding will give you advantage over other players.

Ironically, not many players like the idea of spending hours doing the same thing. That is why most games have auto battle. Now for some improvement we can grind and farm in full auto. Meaning we can just leave the game for 24/7 auto grinding. Auto battle will automate your run but after completing the stage you still need to initiate action.

So we add up some twist with the help macro we can automate everything. Macro is a tool that capable of recording your action. You can get macro or any app that can do record from Google Play. There are huge lists there from free to paid. In our case, we use the macro from Nox Emulator. You can also consider macro from your keyboard and so on.

We done this with Nox Emulator since we are expecting a 24/7 grinding and it would be a big issue from your battery in case that you are going to play it on mobile device.

Now with macro read, we can start it by recording our first run. This attempt will be our pattern, so I advice to pick a profitable stage base on your progress. You can consider the level you recently completed. You must think of it as not so difficult or but not easy so you can still benefits from loots you can get from this level.

Once the record had completed you can play it on repetition so it will not stop grinding in a single run. Also you should check the first 3 run while playing the recorded action to see if this is sync before leaving the game for your ultimate AFK grinding.

2. Play daily. Regardless of how many minutes you are going to spend in game but you should play the game so you can collect resources such as premium currency, log, hero materials and so on. In this attendance event you will get better rewards as you make streak. So don’t make a miss so you will get a 5-star materials for unlocking character. This is your chance as free-to-play players to get premium currency which you can get from 3 times, 5 times, and 7 times consecutive log in.

3. Complete achievements. Now if you want challenge, you should check achievements tab and there you will see daily, weekly missions and achievement. Daily mission has easiest set of task including clearing expedition 10 times, enhancing hero 3 times, enhancing gem 5 times and so on. These tasks that can be completed in less than 24 hours and refresh within a day. Make sure to exert an effort on completing it as you have only 24 hours as chance to complete it. This is also your chance on getting diamonds as premium currency. There is also weekly mission which comes more challenging than daily mission.

4. Check your mail. This is where you can claim all rewards you get in game. So every time you completed an event, achievements, or mission, all rewards will go to your mail. So you should check your mail from time to time to claim these rewards or it will expires in a given amount of time. There is no reason why not to check email since you can use items here for your progress.

5. Take advantage the summoning portal. This will be your ticket on getting higher tier characters. With all those diamonds you had acquired on event, the best way to spend it is through summoning portal. Or in case that your diamonds are not enough, you can still have a chance for free draw.


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