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This brings a new schemes on playing real time strategy wherein you will experience a real-time hack-n-slash into strategy game. So instead of just deploying a unit to attack a certain structure, here you will control a character to kill enemy units, destruct defense towers and destruct buildings which you commonly see in MMORTS-based game. Due to massive success of notable mobile games under this genre, this made Bandai Namco to release their version but this time they included a twist on it. And luckily for those who are already playing Fortress Legends, below are some strategy guides and tips we found out from playing this game. In case that you are looking forward to win this game even without spending money which is common in iOS and Android games, you can check out our tips:

1. Complete your quest. Though this can be consider as sandbox MMO, but the best way to play this game is by means of completing your quests one by one. Here you will see upgrading task wherein you need to upgrade a certain structure. There is also a participation quest for a certain mode. This is to encourage players to explore different mode in game and so on. Also what is the best with quest is that you are able to know if you are playing the game right based on how devs designed it. If you can complete the level those task easier, we can say that you are playing Fortress Legends right otherwise you need to play harder and consider other strategy to make it more effective.

2. Communicate with your team. Since this is real-time and you are able to play with other players, the best way is to communicate with them. I recommend using chat app and service such as teamspeak, discord, skype since you can use the voice messaging from it. Or  if you are lazy enough to use such services, you can use the built-in communication feature in Fortress Legends wherein you can say hello, praise him (you were great), thank him, and so on. Make sure to communicate with the team as this will bring you to victory most of the time. A good team always praise one another instead of harassing in terms that bad things happen.

3. Check your mailbox. In your mailbox you are able to read announcements, claim your rewards, and check your messages from other players. As you can see rewards will not directly go to your inventory so you should check your mailbox from time to time to claim your rewards. Also it is good to check the announcements that include events, freebies and new in game.

4. Take advantage your free spin. This is actually the best way to spend your premium currency and if you are not interested on spending cash for this game, you shouldn’t worry because you still have free spin to the wheel upon meeting the required cooldown. Make sure to use your free spin every time it is ready. Our trick here is to write down the number of minutes we need to wait for the next spin so we will not miss it. In case that you are not around in game or not playing it actively, still you will be notified when your next spin will become available.

5. Login in game daily. There is no reason why not to claim this reward. Even you are busy and not able to play the game, just log in and then claim you reward and you can log out. Here the more days you log in to the game, the better rewards you can get. They included this in Fortress Legends so you will login daily. Here you can get high tier gears as well as gems which is very important especially if you are not planning to buy using your real cash.

6. Add friends. It’s weird that this game use different way to add friends. Though you still don’t need to spam it with “add me” but then adding friends is not just a one click which is what most mobile games have today. So in Fortress Legneds, you need to input a player’s ID to search and add them to your list. Now if you don’t know a digit to add or you want your digit to be added by other players, you can use the comment form below and write down your ID there. Hope that other players will see it and add you in your list so both of you will be compensated with this social feature of the game.

That’s all for my guide and if you want your guide to included in my list, you can share it using comment form below. Everyone is welcome to share their secrets and tips for playing Fortress Legends effectively.

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