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This is a combination of city-building game into role playing wherein you can craft your team and strategy from  over 40 different heroes with unique skills to choose from. From the strategy you have, you need to fight and defend your empire from intruders. I like the part of role playing wherein each class has their own advantage in battle. Here you need to ensure that you always have the upperhand base on the hero you have in game and the situation you are going to engage. The more heroes you have, the easier for you to make a strategy on every level.

As for city building, this will be the foundation of your progress. For you to empower your hero, you need to have a better supply of required materials from your empire. You can upgrade your buildings and create your own army that will fight for your side.

And for your ultimate goal, there is a global PvP arena wherein you can fight players from all over the world and reach the top of the leaderboard. To help you accomplish that, we shared some strategy guide and tricks in playing Final Heroes, hope you might find this helpful to your journey.

1. Acquiring Legendary hero easily. There is a trick here where you can get a guarantee of high tier hero which will gives you a power spike in game. This is by spending diamonds for a draw. But the key here is saving 2550 premium currency and avail the x10 draw. Don’t waste your few diamonds with a single draw. If you are looking for rare hero, your best bet here is to take patience until you have enough for x10 draw.

We mentioned about spending diamonds but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to spend money in this game. There are several ways to get free diamonds in game which we are going to share later on. What you don’t need to do is to spend aside from x10 draw.

2. Check the treasure shop from time to time. Here you can spend gem and hero spirit for some premium item. But unlike with shop, it has a random display. Sometimes good sometimes not worthy to but. So what you need to do here is to check it from time to time and see if there are items that are worth to buy.

3. Focus on your resource building. For your city-building adventure, you must start upgrading with your resource building such as mine and other building that gives resources. Resources will grant you access in other upgrade in game. Don’t rush on upgrading your arsenal. What you need is stable income of resources for better improvement later on. You should upgrade as more resource building as possible. The fact is, you can’t complete the game by just fighting alone. You really need to play the city-building part which is more important than collecting all heroes or getting higher tier of items.

4. Claim rewards from completing level. It is not easy to notice but upon completing a chapter you are entitled to claim rewards that come in gold and materials. This be a good preparation for the next chapter. In my experience I have a habit of upgrading my arsenal every time I completed a chapter. So I can ensure that I have enough materials and gold for upgrade.

5. Complete your mission. In this game there are three sets of mission that you can complete for rewards such as main, daily, and feats mission. Each set has difficulty based on how much time you need to complete the quest. For main quest here you can find task such as clearing normal campaign chapters, binding an account, hero growth and etc that came non-repeatable. For daily task, it has easier challenge but also regular rewards upon completion. Compare to main mission, it refresh daily so you better not to make a miss in completing the challenge everyday so you will get several rewards from the time on.

6. Log in daily. Unlike with mission, here you don’t need to complete any challenge. All you need to do is to play the game and claim your rewards. This system is better if you are VIP since you can get x2 item on a certain day of logging in. We know that this is not totally good news especially for non-spender players and only makes the game pay-to-win.

7. Participate in events. This is your chance on getting premium currency as well as rare items. In game you will find events aside from daily -login reward there are 7 days login reward, level reward, hero mission and lot more. Some events are time-based and exclusive only on new server. Just in case there is no event in your server, it would be better if you are going to wait for a new server so you can enjoy such events exclusive for new server.

That’s all for  my list. If you want to add something that I forgot to mentioned, you can write it through comment form below.

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