Expect Us on Bleach: Brave Souls

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We first seen this game on their Japan-only release as a 3D action game based on popular anime, Bleach. Well this time, good news to all avid fan of the said anime as developer officially announced the international release of Bleach: Brave Souls for both Android and iOS platforms. For those who missed the initial soft release but still want to play this game, this app is based on hack-and-slash action game which features your favorite Bleach characters. On your journey you will form a team of three characters to take on various quests alone the way while utilizing slash attacks together with special moves and hits using different Zanpakutou. In addition to original character you will also hear voices from original Japanese voice actors.

The game has the same character development system that you will usually experience in playing role playing game. Here you will pick your warriors while you are able to earn EXP points for your progress. Aside from experience points grinding, you can also improve through Soul Tree where warriors can be trained and linked with other warriors which will allow support system which bring twist to the game.

To ensure that you will play this game for hours, developers included two mode bring unique gaming experience for their players. There is a story mode which will let you take the main story of Bleach all the way back when Ichigo and Rukia first met and the interesting mode which is multiplayer mode wherein you are able to challenge players from online league and compete for the best player around the world.

Because of competitive elements of the game, the game included the ability to choose any combination from shinigami you have unlocked which gives the player a limitless possibilities they can do in game. And that is the major factor why we are going to play Bleach: Brave Souls. Expect us!

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