Elsword: Evolution Treasure Map Codes (Post It Here)

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Maybe some of you had noticed that there are players keep posting a promo code-like digit in world chat. These 8-alphanumeric characters are Treasure Map codes which you can use once you reach level 30 to get rare items. And for those who don’t know where to get these treasure map codes, you can get it here and also you can post your codes here if you want other players to use it for you. Just don’t forget to post your server/region and IGN if you want so player will acknowledge your kindness helping them to get free rare items. This is a big help especially for non-vip players to get compensated even without spending cash for Elsword: Evolution. Actually aside from Treasure Map codes, you can also get free stuffs through redemption codes. You can also check guides for this game that will give you free advice for your advantage.

Where can I enter the Treasure Map Codes?

Now you got the code, so you need to enter to claim the rewards. Go to activities. (refer on image below)

Then, go to treasure map tab. (refer on image below)

Please be reminded that you can only claim treasure once.

 Finally, please don’t confuse it with Elsword: Evolution promo codes wherein you can get free diamonds, golds and auras.

Upon DOWNLOADING or using our CHEATS, we are not liable for anything that might happen to your account.

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