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Before the release of Turn-based RPG DC Legend on November, we can entertain ourselves with another  and new turn based game that you can play today, Dynasty Saga 3D-Three Kingdoms. This game is based from three factions in China between states of Wei, Shu and Wu preceding the Jin dynasty and following the Han dynasty. With such storyline I thought the game will be the same as Loong Craft. But I was wrong because this is not an open world MMORPG instead a new kind of turn-based game.

In addition to in-game feature, you can also enjoy a one touch to rule them all system which allows players to perform a unique action using just one click. This includes casting abilities, and doing some normal attack. With the intense feature, you can make a powerful skill set, exclusive combo system from 100 unique main heroes with exciting abilities and different crowd control effects including stun, freeze, slow, burning, knock down, knock back and lot more. You can also build a community and relationship with other players.

Well if you want to try this game or you are already playing Dynasty Saga we shared cheats and guides below which you can use to win the game even without spending money. So let’s go

1. Auto farming cheats. This is what we did to win most mobile games we play and as we used it here in Dynasty Saga, we found it very effective that gives us most EXP  that we need to level us up as well as loots that is enough for us to have a better gear. If you are worrying about using this cheat, well auto is not really illegal in this game as the game has auto farming but what we are going to do here is to improve it that will give us the best out of auto farming and grinding. We called it a cheat because not all players know this trick and we will use this for our advantage to win Dynasty Saga 3D-Three Kingdoms.

Now to do it, the concept is pretty straightforward wherein you need to download an application that can copy or record the action you do which is on farming and then play it so it will automate the part of grinding and get better loots and experience points. This is in auto, meaning you can let the game up overnight and check all progress in the morning. Also if you are not able to play the game such as you need to do something important, this cheat will help you a lot.

For the app that can do record, I suggest to download the free version of Repetitouch or you can play Dynasty Saga using Nox Emulator. It has a function that is the same with Repetitouch and the best with emulator, battery is not a problem. It is normal to see battery problems for hardcore gamers and to solve this, playing using emulator will help you a lot on 24/7 grinding and farming.

Now with Repetitouch or Nox installed, you can start your cheat by completing a stage you want to grind. Find a good stage to grind and this is where you can get better loots and experience and still you can complete in few minutes. With the selected stage you wish to farm, start the record and then play the game. Make sure you are already in auto battle before doing the record  as well as the x2 speed as this speed up everything in game. Once completed stop the record on the part you started it so it will complete the cycle. Now the record is ready, play it to see that the game is in full auto without requiring you to do action.

2. Complete your quest. Even cheats will help you a lot, don’t forget the reason you are playing this game and this game is not only about playing in auto all the way. Also if you rely too much in AFK gaming, you will get tired in this game and you will stop probably. The best way to keep the fire burning is to complete your quest and do different things everyday. Here there are sets of quest you can complete such lunch, pillar, clear stages upgrade skill and lot more. Don’t forget to visit the task you need to complete to get rewards from it.

3. Check your mail. After completing your quest you will get rewards from which you can claim from rewards. Instead of directly going to your inventory, rewards you had won from doing quest will go to your mail. Just check it from time to time to claim rewards not only from quest but also from events, and other in game challenge.

4. Don’t forget to claim your free draw. This is your chance to get higher tier rewards in game even without spending cash. Although the main purpose of this feature is to encourage players to spend money, but still you can get your free draw for a certain time. Always check this feature to know where you can get your free draw.

5. The easy way on getting higher tier heroes and items. This is through spin. I know that it requires you to spend ingots or premium currency but it doesn’t mean that you really need to spend money because you can participate on different event to earn ingots. Now here’s the trick, save 3000 ingots and then spin on 10 times to get a guaranteed higher tier items. I understand how it is easy for us to get tempted on spending cash

6. Claim your rewards from 7-day login event. Maybe you are asking where you can get ingots in game based on what we said above. Well you can get lots of ingots (gold) from 7-day log in rewards. Just make sure you are in game daily to claim your rewards. They included this to the game so players will be in game actively. Make sure to complete all these 7 days as this is one time event per account and once missed you can’t go back and claim your rewards.

7. Participate on events. Aside from 7-day login rewards, you can participate on different events in game like monthly card, investment, VIP bonus gifts and TOP race level events which will gives you better rewards in game.

That’s it for my Dynasty Saga cheats. If you have  question especially with the auto-pilot bot, you can send us your inquiry using the comment box below. Above all, just enjoy!


Upon DOWNLOADING or using our CHEATS, we are not liable for anything that might happen to your account.

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