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If you enjoy playing Dynamons, this is the result of their massive success on mobile gaming industry. Now we can enjoy Dynamons 2 with additional content to enjoy. The game reminds me of playing both Digimon and Pokemon in Gameboy and Playstation. So from the first time I played this game, I know I’m going to love it. It is pretty basic compare with other mobile games with less content and features. Here you will fight monsters, using your own monsters’ skills, capture them to tame and also to use them to fight for your side. Aside from wild monsters you can catch along your journey, you will also encounter captain or trainer alike and compete with them. Your ultimate journey is to win the arena. And for you to do that, I shared guides below which I learned from playing Dynamons 2, I hope you will find it useful for your journey.

1. Use all 3 monsters are possible in fight. In this game, only the monster you used in battle will receive exp. And I know that you don’t want any monster from your team to be left behind, so the best thing you can do here is to use them all in fight. You really need to level them up as this is the only way for them to learn new skills. Also you need trainer coin to level up your monster, so if you focus only in one another, you will find problem with trainer coin. So the best thing here is to level up different monsters meaning you are going to use them all in battle.

2. You must have all three elements in your team. Elemental property influences your battle output. Each element has their own advantage and disadvantage over the other. The best thing you can do here is to ensure that you have all three elements in your team so you can use what you need to have the advantage in battle. The flow goes like this, water is strong against fire, fire is strong against, nature and nature is strong against water. Just make sure you always have the advantage over your opponent so you can maximize your damage as well as minimize the damage of your opponent. In case that you don’t have the right element to use, just do normal attack and never their elemental attack or the damage of it will decrease greatly.

3. Don’t forget to claim your free 20 coins bunch. This is a big help especially if you haven’t downloaded Dynamons 2 cheats for unlimited coins yet. So even with small amount you can save it on the way and use it in the future for better sake. Also there is no cooldown to wait for you to get another 20 coins. All you have to do is click and watch the advertisement video to get free coins as long as this is available.

4. Gotta catch em all. In most monster-based games, the enjoyment for players are to collect all available monsters in game. Actually here in Dynamons 2, there are very few monsters to collect. Just catch them all not only for their elemental advantage but also a good practice that every time you encounter a new monster in your list, try to catch it. But also keep in mind that you have a limited attempt to catch monsters so you need to use it in monster that you haven’t yet in your collection. If you already have the that type of monster, don’t catch it anymore and save your disk for a new monsters.

5. Do not let your monster die in battle. Despite of using them in fight, once they die, they are not able to receive experience points. So make sure to save their life and not to get faint in battle. If you think that the next attack from your opponent can kill your monster, just make swap with your other monsters or you can use item to regenerate its life.

6. Farm cash and trainer coins from captains. If you see that there is captain available to fight, just go for it. Just do extra caution since their monsters are above level from yours. Also they come in team, meaning you need to beat 2-3 monsters to beat the captain. With a good challenge, comes good rewards as this can be the source of your premium coins and trainer coins for you to level yup your monsters. One thing you can’t do in battling with captain, you are not able to catch their monsters.

7. Getting higher success rate in catching monsters. Catching monsters doesn’t come in luck. There is a way to ensure better success rate in catching monsters. For you to have higher success rate, you should fight them until they have small amount of life remaining. You must control your damage here, not too high that might kill them but not to low which will give risk to your monsters’ life too. Make sure to make it faster as your monsters take damage, this damage will be carry on to the next battle unless you will use med kit or you are going to level them up.

8. Dynamons 2 Cheats: Auto pilot bot. If you are not fan of watching advertisement video like us, especially if you are not interested on the ads they are flashing. We can use bot to do it for us. So here the time you click the free 20 coins, watch video and exit it when it finished will become automated. If you are using Nox (emulator) you don’t need to download additional tool for it since there is a macro mouse recording built in feature in the emulator. In case you are playing it in tablet/phone android based, you need to download apps that will automate your action.

First you need to download Repitouch in Google Play. This will record your action. So here you really need to watch ads first. Once you have the app, just run it and record your next action. While recording, go for free 20 coins and watch ads there, once completed, exit on it and then stop the recording. Play the record if you want to get 20 coins and it will become automatic based on record. If ever the game hasn’t available ads to show, just wait for moment to get new sets of ads. But here in Dynamons 2, you can watch series of attempt before it will be removed in your option.

If you have a problem especially on using bot, just let us know. We want to give you more specific instruction for it. The comment form below is wide open for your thoughts. You can also share your own guide of playing Dynamons 2. Enjoy!

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