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Just another role playing game in mobile that deals with fantasy and heroic adventures for the bravest warrior in the Kingdom of Berman. So assemble your army by summoning strongest heroes through different dungeon to beat bosses and bring back the peaceful days in the land. You will never get tired of playing this game that includes more than 60 different dungeons. Start your journey of awakening 100+ heroes to help you win your battle. And to help you further in your game, you can check our Dungeon Warriors cheats and guides below:

1. Acquiring legendary hero easily. This is a guaranteed way to get 5-star hero in game. Though this requires diamonds, it doesn’t mean that we are going to spend money for it. There are lot of ways to earn free diamonds in Dungeon Warriors. What is the big deal is how you will spend it for your biggest advantage. Now the trick to get a legendary hero easily is through luxury summon. But instead of spending for a single draw, we will save all our diamonds until we avail the x10 summon which will give us a guaranteed 5-star hero. It is very easy to get tempted at first place especially when we earn 300 diamonds. Don’t get fooled, instead save them for the good cause. This will slow you down in the beginning as you are playing on the stage that is getting tougher without spending. Don’t worry because once you get 5-star everything will become easy. Just go with a free draw from time to time to summon hero and if you are lucky enough there is a chance for you to get an epic hero in this normal summon.

2. Auto grinding cheats. This is what you need to beat all cashers in game. This trick can let you get hours of progres without playing manually. Yes there is an auto battle feature in Dungeon Warriors but you still need to interact in game every time you completed the level or deciding on the stage you want to fight. What I’m telling you is a full auto grinding where you can just leave your game to play in auto and you can just relax or sleep and once you check the game after 8 hours of grinding you have all the progress from it.

Yes that is possible with the help of application that is capable of recording your tap. We will record all the action we use in grinding so instead of playing it manually we can use the recorded tap to play the grinding part. For the application that you can use in this activity, I prefer using Repetitouch which you can download from Google Play for free. This is reliable as it doesn’t consume too much from your CPU. This works overnight without having a crash problem from both gadget and game.

You can use anything you want as long as it is free. And if you have a chance to play the game on PC, you can download Nox emulator as it has the feature the same with Repetitouch. This emulator is capable of recording all the tap you did in game and then save it so it will be ready anytime you want to play those taps.

Let’s begin in recording a tap. First we need to find a good stage to farm. Keep in mind that the auto pilot will play on it for hours so make sure you are playing in a good level that gives better experience points and loots. Once you have the stage, start the record and then play the game. Complete everything, confirm your victory and then tap on play again as this will direct you on the stage confirmation where you started your record. This is where you started and also this is where you are going to end your record.

Once everything is set up, play the record set it into unlimited cycle and you will have an auto grinding cheat. It will farm endlessly until you stop it. This will help you a lot if you don’t have time in playing Dungeon Warriors.

3. Play daily and claim rewards. All developers want they users to get addicted on their game. And to make sure that you are going to play actively, they included different promotion and events that benefits players from actively logging in. Just like in Dungeon Warriors they put up two options for signing in, normal sign-in and luxury sign in. In this reward system, you will get compensation based on how many days you are playing. The longer the streak the better rewards you will get including diamonds, gold, chest, equipment, hero and lot more. This works best if you are VIP as you are entitled to get double amount on specific days. Of course spending money is not our game so we should just ignore it. Life is unfair but don’t worry we still have cheats that most cashers don’t know.

4. Build houses. This makes the game interesting to play unlike with most RPG that you can play in Android and iOS. Aside from combat system you will also find this game as city management game where you have in your fingertips to build structures that will help you progress in game. In this game you can build cottage, old ship, millhouse, sea den and lot more. Every house has their own unique stats to give for player so make sure to have the house you need for your game. Constructing houses requires you gold to pay. Because you are using Dungeon Warriors cheats, we strongly believe that earning 5000 gold is not a big issue for you to earn.

5. Take advantage the social feature of the game. In Dungeon Warriors you can add friends and these friends can be your advantage in terms of acquiring gifts. You will notice that the more friends you have, the more gifts you can get from them. Just make sure to be active in sending gifts too so you will get the favor in return. It is also good to converse with other players and ask them on how they play the game. I believe that they know something we don’t know. You can earn their trust by sharing this guide and let that trust help you in the future. We don’t know maybe they are using cheat for unlimited diamonds or gold.

6. Comply on your achievements. Don’t rely too much on using cheat or it will spoil everything in game. Try to venture on different challenges. As for the sake of challenge, you can check the achievement tab and there you will see different task that you can do in return of rewards. We mentioned above that you can get free diamonds in game and this is one of your sources for free gems. It requires patience from you as most task is not easy to complete but that’s OK because it will divert your attention from doing repetitive grinding into a real exciting part of Dungeon Warriors.

7. Do progress as possible. There is always a reason for you to keep progressing and one of them is the unlock event. Once you reach a specific milestone you will get rewards including diamonds, gold and items. For instance, upon reaching level 4 you will get 50 gems and 20,000 gold. For reaching level 17, you are able to unlock Arena and rewards including gold and lot more. Some in-game features can only be unlocked once you reach a certain milestone so always do progress as possible and never stop playing.

Upon following the guides below, we believe that you can easily win in this game regardless of spending money or not. Just still put some patience as this requires in everything. Don’t worry everything will become easy as you spend time in game. Enjoy!


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