Dungeon Guardians Guides and Tips

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Dungeon Guardians is the hottest MMORPG! When darkness fall the heroes rise. Many years ago,  evil threatens the innocent and Anguished need help to bring back the realm. Be the brave that can overcome the fear and protector of every peace. Challenge yourself and jump into this adventurous game.

At the beginning of the game, you’ll select what heroes you’ll bring. Each of them has their own unique abilities.. I’ll give a quick review how they play in the game so that you can choose what’s the best for you.

  • Avenger – He is an avenger that said to be a reformed demon who only want justice for Avzar. He is a Melee Soldier. Brave and swift, with defense and offense skills.
  • Fox Mage– Her enemies underestimating her because of her compact figure, a foolish tendency that the Fox mage uses to her advantage, This Fox mage is good in casting her skills that pack a punch. She’s good using ranged attacks.
  • Panda Priest– Other call her a sage; some call her a prophet; and some call her a priest. Don’t underestimate s her power. She’s ranged class with great recovery and control abilities.
  • Glorious Warrior– This handsome warrior fights not for fortune, but for glory. Undaunted by the legions of enemies before him. the size of his sword is matched only by the size of his courage.
  • Taichi Panda– Black and white. Yin and Yang. Virtuous and wicked. He’s a righteous warrior who uses his fist in hid quest to bring balance back to Avzar.
  • Treasure Hunter– A treasure hunter and trained assassin. She has a wielding a blade in each hand, she’ll take on any foe to get to their treasure.
  • Gunslinger– Charming but deadly, this mystery man’s firepower is unparalleled in Avzar. He is also skilled in the art of stealth, and is capable of imbuing his ranged attacks with elemental power.

2. Join In Every Mission

Missions is the most important part of the game. These are the reasons why you still entertained, why you keep playing and constantly feel the satisfaction. Complete all of these to understand the deep meaning of the game. In every mission you accept the more knowledge you’ll earn. Complete them all with all your strength- by doing this your strategy thinking will be enhanced too and  you’ll get bunch of rewards in every task.

3. Learn and Upgrade Your Skills

You can learn new normal skills and rare skills from the skills menu. Each of this has their unique asset. Learning new skills is so much necessary in Dungeon Guardians, it helps you to access more level and bosses in the game.  Try to unlock those skills, let your true strategy shines and tel the world what you’ve got.

4. Check-in Everyday

Check-in everyday to join in this adventurous and exciting game. Check in and get your free rewards. If  you constantly do this that better rewards you may claim.You can also claim your free gifts from Level Pack, Server Pack and Online Pack. These are important source of free items so take an advantage with these. Claim your rewards and use this to make your character stronger.

That’s all for our Dungeon Guardians Guides and Tips. If you have your own strategy then feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below! Enjoy playing!

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