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Dungeon Chef is a simulation game with RPG concept.You should be the best Chef here! Fight and cook monster and serve it to your customers. Do your best to have the best restaurant in the world of Dungeon Chef and make a way to become the famous chef!

Game Story

The famous chef wants to cook a dish with legendary phoenix meat but something bad happened to him and decided to closed his tavern in Tarean Kingdom. As the time had passed, a boy arrived at the tavern with the letter of his grandpa telling it belongs to him directly.

The boy looked inexperience in running a tavern so the Faery was feeling somewhat discouraged but in the end because of the Faery’s loyalty, they promised that they will rebuild and help each other no matter what.

1. Attack The Monster Whenever Possible

Each weapon will be used to hunt various monsters. You should go in the dungeon to defeat monsters and make them the best food ever! Tap on the dungeon button at the bottom bar of your screen device.  They are some dungeons available for you and you need to unlocked to experience them all.

3. Complete Missions

Enjoy playing Dungeon Chef but don’t forget to finish those mission. It helps you to explore the game and discover more recipes. Main orders are located at the top and the rest are side orders. Missions give you a reason to keep playing and continue experiencing those challenges. Completing mission give coins and other rewards which can help you throughout the game.

4. Log-in Daily

This is your chance to get free crystals and coins. You don’t need to finish something in the game, all you have to do is to login everyday and get your rewards. Don’t miss your opportunity for these items! Although you’re not  in the mood to play the game, still log-in and claim your rewards.

5. Watch the advertisements

At the bottom left of your home screen device is the location of option for an ads. Watching an advertisements can give a little advantage to you but you need to be more patient if you want to get a rewards. You can get some free gold for your tavern after watching these.

6. Check Mr. Herveous and Faery Everyday

Mr. Herveus the leprechaun comes to the tavern. Tap him and get your reward of coins or ingredients of the day. Faery can be check from time to time but you can only collect little ingredients from her. Still, this is a big advantage for you so don’t ignore them!

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