Drop Wizard Tower: Tips, Techniques and Strategy Guides

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Drop Wizard Tower is an arcade-style platform where you can play as a magical wizards. Enjoy playing the arcade and join Teo with his wizards friends in this fun action platform.

Choose The Appropriate Level Ups

Leveling up for the first time is very important in the game. You can choose any level that you want on the board. After that, you can only pick one that are next to your first level up. Keep in mind when you are going to pick. Anyways I listed some level ups and what they can do.

  • Yellow Star – this is your stun power. When you hit your enemies by your projectiles then they will keep stunned as long as you have a higher stun power.
  • Blue Lightning Bolt –  This is your magic and allows you to release big blast of magic frequently. The higher the magic powers the quicker to fill up your magic gauge.
  • Green Boot – The movement speed.
  • Red Heart – It restore an extra life. Take note, this is not going to increase your maximum lives. Be careful when choosing this at four lives because it will not do anything but the game still allow you to pick it anyways.
    Prioritized the Stun Power and Movement Speed because these two stat is a huge help for you to overcome the levels faster.

Pay Attention With The Umbrellas

Look out for the umbrellas because there are super rare item that will pop up from time to time. Yellow Umbrellas help you to skip ahead two levels- neat! Red Umbrellas are the real prizes because it will make you skip ahead eight levels. A crazy helpful for you! Leave whatever you doing and get those umbrellas.

Spell The Word WIZARD

As you play the game you’ll see bottles that contains letters. Collecting those bottles with letter will spell you out W-I-Z-A-R-D and you’ll be transfer to a bonus level. Run and collect the four gems and a bunch of small gems in the bonus level before they disappear. Bonus level is an assurance that you can level up, so try to collect them all a soon as possible.

Get Baburu

Babaru, is the first character you can buy with your gems. He is a little green angler guy with a water orb. His  stun power is one level less than the standard starting stun power but he makes up for it with a really good magic spell. He has a spells that shoots out a water with a wide water column and every enemies that caught in his spells are instantly defeat. This is also a better spell than Teo’s. Babaru doesn’t suffer from any movement speed problem when he is moving in the water.

Dance on the platform!

Dance on a platform while you’re waiting. Rapidly tap the left and right so your character will shuffle back and forth and let any danger below you pass while you dance the night way. If your character accidentally hits a walls, simply hold down the movement button the direction of the wall and your character will stay completely.

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