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Another hack-slash game for mobile device as part of Dragon Saga installment. From classic version you can enjoy the ultimate action role palying game with various quests, skills and the anticipating league tournament of real time PvP. Personally I like this title over other Dragon Saga since the combo system is more technical. You will never get tired of playing this game for hours unlocking more skills, completing dungeons and competing with other players globally. Actually the focus of this game is to encourage everyone to play seriously on the PVP settings. This where the game will lead their players to spend cash and look forward to be on the top of the food chain.

We at ProGamersOnline.com will share the other way of how can you dominate the game without spending cash or for those casual gamers who want to make their edge. So let’s go!

1. Best class in Dragonsaga Origin. Let’s start with the frequently asked question. What is the best class to start with. Of course everyone wants to invest on the right character and if you don’t know much in game, you might want to know the mechanics on each character. Well to answer this question of what might the best character “for you” I’m going to discuss each character on their pros and cons and what you might expect on playing this character.

Knight – This is the basic character in game. Combo is pretty straight forward. This character is balanced in both offense and defense. Basically in part of knowing the game, I recommend Knight as a good choice. A novice knight user vs an experienced player using rogue not on its full potential – knight will be the winner. Knight is easy to play but his full potential is limited by being straight forward in game.

Wizard – Known for being the best damage dealer in game in return of poor defense. This is for players who want to experience a kiting and cheap shot all day long. It has better mechanics than knight but also requires an in-depth knowledge of playing distance in a hack-slash game.

Rogue – The most difficult class to play in game considering the combo and the base stats. If Knight is known for having balance or mostly on defense and wizard is for offense. Rogue is in the middle of it. Rogue is melee yet squishy. It can do better damage than wizard if you know how to use the combo perfectly.

Pick a character based on your experience in game. You can have a decent start with Knight or if you already played other hack-slash game before you can go for Rogue for additional challenge and promising potential once mastered.

2. Follow and complete the achievement. Don’t just play the game randomly and do what you want. Always check the achievement tab and see what task you can complete base on your progress. Here you can explore the game while acquiring additional experience points. The quest comes in different difficulties. There are some quest that is good for beginners such as clearing chapters while some requires you to spend more effort in game. If you know what you are doing game, you will never stop improving and challenging yourself to improve everyday as you play the game.

3. I want to spend money, where is the best to invest with. For players who want to spend cash in this game in case you found this game very enjoying and you want to donate money for the development of the game, the best way to spend it is through the monthly plan. Here you have choices of 30 days of happiness and 60 days of happiness. For 30 days of happiness you will get 20 diamonds daily for 30 days that is worth .99 USD and the 60 days of happiness where you will get 50 diamonds daily for 60 days in return of your 2.99 USD.

4. Get your pet. Like the game said, Pet is your partner. Now that you have enough diamonds, your next move is to know where you should spend it. I’m caught of deciding on getting a premium weapon or pet. But after continue playing the game, I understand that pet is more practical to buy. Pet will lend you skill in game. Get the those pet that gives better skills based on your play style. Pet system also adds up content to the game where you can enjoy not only fighting but also raising your partner for your power arsenal.

5. Don’t forget to play on PvP. I know that there are some players who don’t wish to play for competition. But this is a part of the game. If you want to enjoy the full content of the game, you should participate in PvP. Here you will be rewarded as well as keeping your interest in game. Just believe in your character and your skills on winning matches. In PvP there are two modes such as League match and Tag Match. In league match this comes like MOBA where there is ranking system of Beginner, Rookie, Bronze, Silver and Gold. You will be rewarded base on the rank you achieve in game.

6. Upgrade your weapon. This is your primary arsenal in game. So don’t forget to check it from time to time if there is weapon that you can buy from your current cash. I don’t suggest spending diamonds here that is random based. Maybe I’m not fan of gambling in game but if you have lots of diamond to spend, you can go for it. But for casual player you can just farm your gold coin and unlock weapon as you making progress.

7. Add friends for rewards. The more friends you have the easier for you to acquire social points (green heart) which you can spend for premium items. This is another option for those who don’t have enough diamonds for premium draw. Here you still have chance on getting chest for random weapon as well as other content in game. Also friends will help you throughout the game. You can talk to them and ask their tips and tricks for Dragonsaga Origin. You can also invite them for tag which is the the second mode of PvP.

You can also join guild for better circle of friends. Although in looking for guild and to earn their acceptance you need to prove your worth. The higher than rank of guild the harder for you to join as their requires the same way of how they play this game. Don’t worry if you just casual gamer because I’m pretty sure that there are still guild out there who are looking the same as yours. But for competitive players always aim to hit the top guild. Also you can consider getting to the guild with the same country as yours so you can enjoy the social features of it a lot more than to a guild where is difficult converse because of dialect differences.

8. Auto grinding and farming cheats. Now for you to get the better advantage in game, you can do the auto grinding and farming cheats using macro. Here you are going to record the way you farm a certain dungeon with the auto-battle on. The macro system will ensure that your farming and grinding will be continuous even you are sleeping or not around in game. For macro you can download it for free through Google Play or you can play on Nox Emulator as they have a built-in macro system that let record the tap or the way you farm and play it in infinite repetition or until you consumed all your stamina. This will act as a bot and perfect for those who don’t have much time in playing Dragonsaga Origin. Of course farming is still the foundation of your progress where you can unlock more materials and currency for better upgrade.

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