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One of the best MMORPG in mobile platfrom that have been released in 2017 along with Lineage 2 Revolution. In this game you are going to experience a war between two empires, the Lothelan Empire and the Ashitar Blood Alliance. From the war you are going to select a character from DPS, support and tank. Like a typical MMO that you experienced in both PC and mobile, Dragon Revolt offers boss raid, PvP, open world hunting/farming and lot more. You can also learn a whole slew of spells and skills along the way as you unlock the full potential of your character. And the best that any MMORPG offers, competition. We are playing for community, to be the best and dominate the game. And if you are with us, we are going to share to you how can you play Dragon Revolt effectively using cheats and guides below:

1. Fast exp and silver grinding cheat. Have you ever wondered how those top players manage to reach high level after few hours of release? It is because they are using this trick to get double or triple experience point and gold. And the best of this cheat, is that you will not get banned from using it because it is technically legal. The only thing is that we will do some improvement so we can reap a lot from it. The concept is it is through farming/grinding with a team. As we can see, if you get teamed up with other players, what they get in battle in terms of experience and gold will also go to you. That is why it is always better to play with party than solo. But the problem that I always encounter is that I can’t find any partner that is going to play Dragon Revolt actively as I am. And that is the way how I discovered this cheat. What I did is to create a full party of my own. Using Nox emulator, this let me play 3 instances at the same time. With this Android emulator, I can play Dragon Revolt on PC and create a three characters to complete the party of DPS, support and tank.

Now I can ensure that I can grind 24/7 without worrying that my team will leave me especially when I’m AFK (auto grinding). Also all the items, gold that team will get will go to me which I can use to focus on a character I’m going to boost first. This is very essential because once you have a high lever and well armed character, everything will be easy for you.

2. Login daily and claim your rewards. I believe if you are going to do the cheat I shared above, you are not going to miss any sign in rewards. Just in case, you should play the game daily and claim your rewards. In this rewarding system, you will see that the longer the streak you are playing Dragon Revolt, the better rewards you will get. So don’t miss any single day to claim your daily rewards until you reach 28 days. Aside from daily rewards, you are also entitled to claim another gifts based on how many times you sign in on daily basis.

There are also online rewards, level rewards, share or social rewards and gift pack. This is for non spender make their way to earn premium rewards without spending cash. We are all aware about pay-to-win issue in most mobile games, and for us to reconsider if this game is pay-to-win or not, they include such reward system that will bring balance between spender and free-to-play users. Of course both methods requires a participation from players that will test how actively they are in game.

3. Always deploy a hunter. There is no reason why you are not going to participate in this in-game feature. Here you can deploy a hunter for a treasure hunt. There are three types of hunter that you can deploy: Elite Hunter, Epic Hunter, and Legendary Hunter. Each hunter requires silver based on their capability on treasure hunting. Of course you will get better item from higher tier hunter but sometimes it is still better to go for free least hunter that will not cost you too much.

4. Take advantage the discounted items in game. You can check the discount items tab and see the list of item that you will get with off prices. Here there are different set of items you will get based on time duration. So don’t forget to check this tab and see if there is an item that you want to get. This is limited edition so you better include this to your plan on spending your gold or premium currency.

5. Participate in event. We mentioned about gold and this doesn’t mean that you are going to spend money for this game. There are lot of ways to get a free gold one of it is through participating in events. Since the server had just released there are lots of on-going even to participate the game. Don’t miss your chance to participate as this will rewards you premium currency and gift. This will also gives you a different experience of playing Dragon Revolt aside from endless grinding and farming.

6. Add friends. Joining a social community is a must in playing MMORPG. Either you playing on PC or portable device, the community will always help you in game on both direct and indirect assistance. By adding friends and participating in community, you can learn a lot from them including their tricks on playing the game. Just don’t forget that this is a give-and-take scenario wherein you need also to help them so they will become loyal to you. You can share the cheat I shared above and help them grind and farm easily. By means of giving a favor, you can earn their trust and help you in other way.

That’s it, on my next post I’m going to share my cheat on playing Lineage 2 Revolution. Both games have the same concept and the way you can dominate the game. Actually it is difficult for me to choose what game I’m going to focus with. But since I can play more than 5 instances, I can play two games at the same time. Enjoy!

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