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Dragon Pals Mobile is the place where you can construct a bustling city. This game has an animated 3D dragons where you can discover your Dragon- Master destiny. Hatch the newest generation of legendary dragons and find your perfect dragon to breed them together. Start your mysterious dragon island now and prove yourselves in single player mode or in PvP global. Feel free to explore the island on your own and tell the world that you’re the best trainer of all dragons

1. Understand The Gameplay

 You can be able to place your buildings in the game wherever you like. The more you build the more you earn exp reward.

Each time you win in the battle in adventure mode, you can spin a wheel and  awesome rewards are waiting for you in the end.- the first spin is free. Remember, each dragon that falls in battles can  lose you one star so keep all your dragon in the fight until the end to earn 3 stars.

Breed your dragon. When two dragons breed, they make an egg and it all starts at the love bridge. Stronger dragons take longer to hatch, but we can speed it up with a cost. Higher level of dragons have a better chance to breed higher quality dragons. Make your them stronger by feeding them a fruits.

2. Complete Your Goals

Missions are the reasons why you still entertained in the game. This also the reason why you keep playing and constantly feel the satisfaction. Complete all of these to understand the game more. In every mission you accept the more knowledge you’ll earn. Complete them all with all your strength and you’ll earn bunch of rewards.

3. Know The Different Kinds of Dragons

Dracopedia, this the name of book where you can learn about all dragons, even the ones you haven’t found yet. Each dragon has their own ability, so it’s important if you know how they play in the game. Through this, it will easy for you to defeat your opponents. Whenever you discover a new dragon you can also acquire more diamonds.

4. Check in Everyday

Play everyday to join in this adventurous and exciting game. Check in and get your free rewards. If  you constantly do this that better rewards you may claim. This is important source of free items so take an advantage with this.  Claim your rewards and use this to make your properties bigger!

5. Connect Your Game To Your Facebook Account

Have a circle of friends in Dragon Pals Mobile. Simply connect your game to your Facebook account- it allows you to save your game and keep it forever. Connect, have more friends and claim your rewards. This is for your own sake so grab it now!

That’s all for our Dragon Pals Mobile Guides and Tips. If you have your own strategy then feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below! Enjoy playing!

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