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3 months ago they released the Dragon Nest: Saint Heaven globally and  it earned a success in mobile platform. To continue the glory of this game they come up to a new Dragon Nest title that has been released yesterday. Dragon Nest 2 Legend is here to promise more content and high end graphics for your mobile device. To compare this game with the predecessor the game features  the next chapter in Dragon Nest’s epic story that evolved through 500 years of lore. Each character has their own unique story that you need to unfold that comes into dramatic twists.

When it comes to gameplay, they give us the freedom to play the character we like based on our preferences. You can create custom skill combs that will fit to your Hero’s play style. You can also collect unique skills to build your own combo attacks. The game challenge players on executing their attacks with perfect timing which mostly improves the total output damage of that attack (exciting right?). From the classic Dragon Nest you can also experience dungeon grinding and several nest with other players globally in real time. The game is about team up that promotes largely on playing MMO.

The way we dominated the first DN title in mobile, we are here again to share to you Dragon Nest 2 Legend cheats and guides that you can use to play this game with ease or should I say without spending money in most games that runs with pay-to-win system. Let’s go.

1. Best class in Dragon Nest 2: Legend? It is Geraint? Argenta? Gavel? or Marion? First you need to understand what is the meaning of the best for you? It is actually based from individual expectation on what they want to experience in playing this game. Each character has their own advantage over the other in terms of PvP, PvE and mechanics. To help you decide on which character you are going to play on DN 2: Legend, here are the previews on every character you can control.

Geraint – The well-balanced character in all aspect. I found this guy a good character for beginner on playing ARPG. He has a smooth control over the other characters that requires  an advanced mechanics from players. He has a good scale of skills from AoE, damage, and crowd control. This is the reason why there are lots of players are using Geraint from this factor. He can also plays as tank in game which is very viable in a team on having a good team composition. This is very important especially on running on difficult nest in latter stage.

Gavel – Pick this hero if you believe in a saying, “offense is the best defense” This guy has everything if you are looking for a single-target damage. He is the main DPS in a team. And as a carry expect that you have a very important rule on taking a nest. You are the main damager of the team that requires a good decision making and initiative in making an engage. Usually players wants to invest on gear pick Gavel. He has a good potential on PvP but requires an advanced knowledge from players.

Marion – Knows from having a good crowd control in game. She has also a decent amount of damage that good for supporting or primary burst damage of the team. This hero is good for PvE as she can clear dungeon faster than any other hero in the game.

Argenta – Coming soon.

2. Auto grinding and farming cheat. We found this game closely the same to Nexon’s Heroes of Incredible Tales with the same concept do dungeon grinding. That is how we decided to try this cheat and it worked in Dragon Nest 2: Legend. The concept of this cheat is pretty easy as you need only to use macro or script recorder to save up all action you do in grinding and then play it in nonstop so it will grind and farm in auto without spending currency. Now you know that idea you can use any tool that will help you make it possible. But for our recommendation you can check Google Chrome for auto tap application that you can download for free or you can use Nox emulator as they have a built-in macro system for script recording. I’d like to play using Nox as this can guarantee that I can grind 24/7 without minding my battery which is a common problem in playing in portable device.

With the tool needed, the first thing you need to do is to record your action. So you need to find a good dungeon to grind and then complete it with auto battle. Make sure that this dungeon has good experience point and loot to offer but not difficult for you to complete. Keep in mind that you are going to play in under auto battle which will sacrifice the efficient control in your character. An easy stage will do the job but not too easy as you will get lesser items there.

Now that you completed recording you can play it in repetition to see that you have a pilot that will play for grinding and farming part. We understand that this is least appreciated part of playing MMO but this will be your foundation to become stronger in game.

3. Play daily. This will be your chance to get premium currency including ruby, premium armor card, premium accessory card and etc. All you have to do is to log in to the game and then claim your rewards based the number of days you are playing. Technically the longer streak you are playing the better rewards you can claim. Good to know that this is not the same with other ARPG with VIP system wherein VIP players are able to claim more items in their log in event. Aside from this event there is also 7-day log in event which works the same as this. The only difference is that the 7-day log in is limited for new server. So make sure you are playing with the newest server to enjoy the limited event.

4. Complete your achievement. Although your main improvement is through grinding and farming it will be fun to check the achievement and mission tab and complete it. This will help you hold to the game and not to be burned out from a solid repetition of grinding and farming. Achievement is  a good way to measure your progress as well as giving you rewards from completing it. As you just started playing the game and you need more gold achievement is a good source of it. Just try not to make rush but rather to check those easy task that you can complete based on your progress.


5. Add friends. It is lonely to play alone. And for you to keep on growing you must enjoy the social feature of the game by adding as many friends as possible. Through communicating with other players you can get more details from them just like on how you learned from us. This will also let you to exchange gifts with other players and participate in some features of the game such as guild and party system.


That’s it for our list and if you want something to add on it, you can use the comment form below. If you want to clarify some point you can also send your inquiry through comment form below. Enjoy!

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