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We believe that Skylanders Battlecast needs more promotion so potential players of this card-collecting based game will know that they can download this app for both Android (APK) and iOS for free. Actually we already published guides for those who needs assistance so the will never find this game too difficult to play. And now for those who are looking on how they can download this game, well they can get links below.

What really made me play this game is seeing the first character you are going to use in game. That dragon reminds me of Spyro the Dragon, a cool PS One game that made my younger years of playing video games awesome. Also I can’t deny the fact that I’m avid from playing card battling based game which is I first experienced in playing Digimon. Well to see a game like Skylanders Battles gives me nostalgia and I’m lucky to play such game today with my mobile device.

Compare to other card-collecting games that you can play in iOS and Android powered-device, Skylanders Battlecast got good graphics and additional twist to a simple turn-based combat system. Here you can swap into different characters and use their abilities in form of spell cards. Each card you need to spend energy for it while energy replenish every turn and adding numbers in random so this will let you cast even stronger cards in late game.

Skylanders Battlecast also proud to present to us their multiplayer battle system wherein players can compete globally. Competition will makes players to play this game seriously and also a good reason to spend money for their advantage. The game also provide different promotion that will give all their players the advantage over their competitors even without spending money.

Now if you are ready to play this game, you can check links below to download Skylanders Battlecast:

iOS download button       google play download button       apk

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