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Literally this is a big evolution for mobile gaming as we can now download Elsword: Evolution for our android powered device. Based from a mega-hit arcade based MMORPG, Elsword, now we can enjoy the mobile version for free which we never imagined that we can play such cool game using our mobile device. The same with the PC version of Elsword, this will let us play against thousands of gamers across the globe. In Elsword: Evolution you are going to enjoy hundreds of 3D levels packed with different types of enemies you need to defeat. To make it more exciting, the game will let you upgrade your powers as well as casting awesome abilities full of special effects.

Just like with the PC version of Elsword, you will start by choosing your character and personalizing their skills. As you continue playing the game, you can upgrade your arsenal either with your weapons and magic. The game also offers quests which you can complete to win rewards, items and gears which will make you even more effective in battle. Different class offers different play-style in game. So here you will use based on what role you want in Elsword: Evolution. You can select from magic, melee or even ranged based characters. Each class has their own signature combat moves as well as abilities.

The game will never be fun without competition, that is what they ensured. Players will compete with global ranking which encourage everyone to do their best beating one another and be the number 1 spot as global warrior champion. Competition comesin different way including boss fight and events.

And the most interesting part of the game, the beast feature. Here you can train your own mount to let them summon and fight for you in battle. Beasts include such as Scorpion King, Speed of Wind, Nasde’s Robot, Saiya Prul and lot more.

Now if you are very ready to download Elsword: Evolution, visit their official pages below:

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