Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare Guides and Tips

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Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare is the survival sequel of Dead Ahead. Fight for the world and be the fearless man that can beat the zombies. Kill the zombies that blocking your path, gather supplies and create your own fate!

Our Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare Guides and Tips is here to learn more about the game. It also gives you a techniques which allow you to upgrade and have the most durable weapon and workers against the zombies.

1. Know The Different Types Of Zombies

There are so many types of zombies in Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare so you need to be prepared for all the levels you will take. Have an idea what skills, strength they have. It’s so important to have an idea about them to be aware what workers you will deploy.

2. Upgrade Your Workers And Gears

If you want to stay alive, make sure you are totally ready on your journey. Upgrading your skills and gear is so much necessary for able  you to clear those zombies. You must collect items, get more experience and achieve those quest to enhance your workers and items. Keep in mind that the more gear you get, the more zombies you will able to upgrade on. Upgrade your bus too, so that the zombies will have difficulties to beat you. Be the most ultimate player around the world!

Achieve All Missions

Your bus trapped and there are so many zombies blocking and stopping your way of progression. Defeat them with all your strength, guide and give orders to your workers to clear out all the zombies on your way. Clear those blocking barrels and make sure you clear all the zombie so the bus can reach the safe zone. This is the concept and mission of the game so make sure you survive with these hindrances.

In every missions there are many rewards will be given to you. Complete and acquire them! This is also the reason why you keep playing and still entertain. Reach your target successfully, well that’s the most important mission here.

Watch the Advertisement

Watching advertisement is your big source to get a bunch of money in the game. You must have a lot of patient in your body if you gonna play this one. Each ads took 30 seconds up to 1 minute but after this you can earn lots of money.  If you want to get extra bonuses after you achieve a mission, simply watch again and your rewards will be doubled. The more you play the ads the bigger amount you’ll receive. Take an advantage with these to upgrade and buy more resources which can help for your progress.

Get Your Daily Reward

Aside from advertisements. Signing in is also your source of free reward with less hassle. Play and get this no matter what, all you have to do is to open your game and then collect the rewards!, that’s it – very easy right? Collect your rewards and these items can surely help you throughout the game.

That’s all for our Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare Guides and Tips. If you have your own suggestions that would like to share, then let us know in the comments below. Share your thoughts and enjoy playing!

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