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When I first play CRY – Dark Rise of Antihero on Android, I know this game has some potential not to mentioned that this app is developed by Eyedentity but considering the graphics and the gameplay I know this is not a cheap hack and slash game that we are able to download for free. But unfortunately this game is lack of promotion not even listed on Eyedentity’s website. At first I thought this is only on alpha test but I read on their announcement that what I’m currently playing is pre-OBT meaning there will be no server wipe out anymore and players can spend money on the game.

I don’t want this game to just come easy and go easy, so I decided to play it personally, promote it and even share a guide for it, for those who are like me who get fascinated in this game. I also wish that Eyedentity will do something in this game or why other gaming website doesn’t review such cool game like this. This is the best hack-slash game that I ever played in Android, it is better even compare to Elsword: Evolution regardless that game is obviously pay-to-win but to put it on gameplay, graphics and features, CRY: The Blackened Soul have it all the way.  Anyway ready for the guide? check it below:

1. Play all three characters. This will not only give you opportunity to know what class fits for you but also this will give you tremendous amount of free gems. Because gem reflects on account and not on character meaning to say what you will earn from one character will be taken on another character. But you can’t cheat CRY – Dark Rise of Antihero with this method since when you spend it on one character, it will also consume on the other. The only way to trick it is to spend all your gems that you gather to your main character. In my experience, what I did is to just play the three character without touching the diamonds yet. So I will know what character will be fit on me. And I found out that the strongest character in CRY: The Blackened Soul is Lucia so I used all my diamonds to this very cute yet deadly girl. With all free diamonds that I collected from all three character, no wonder that I can have higher tier equipment even in lower stage which had gave me an easy win.

2. The strongest character – Lucia. I picked this character not only it fits on me but technically she is imbalanced in this game because of Larry, that can do awesome damage as well as good in breaking boss armor because two of you are hitting the boss especially on higher level wherein you can have 2 Larry at a time. Compare to Eva’s skills, Eva got the AoE and damage but the skill precision is on Lucia which is really important when dealing when bosses. About Deimos, he is slow in executing his skills while it doesn’t have good damage or AoE factor at all. So I will stay with my Lucia.

3. Go for AoE skills. If you are looking for a good combo or sets of skills that you include in your first-3 set, well it should be AoE skills. Since enemies comes in different direction, you can’t rely on skills that will hit an enemy in a single direction. So what you need to do is to use AoE skills that can eliminate monsters in all directions.

4. Complete all daily activities. This includes World Raid, Daily Dungeons, Battle Arena and Realm of Trials . As you can see you have a limited attempt to participate on these activities while daily it reset so don’t waste your opportunity to play and win great rewards from these activities. Actually me I spend diamonds to add attempt so I can take advantage with the rewards especially on Realm of Trials wherein you are able to get higher tier equipment.

5. Always deploy your familiars. As long as you have available Familiars in your list, don’t hesitate to deploy them so you will get additional credits. And then let them explore based on how many hours you are not available in game. For example you are going to sleep and you are not able to check the game for hours, you should deploy them with the highest hours available. But if you are actively playing the game, the shortest hour will do the job.

6. Take advantage with your free draw. This is your chance to get B-D tier equipment and if you are going to spend diamonds for it, you need to pay 100 for each draw. Fortunately, the game is generous and they are giving us a free draw for a certain amount of time. Don’t forget to draw as often as possible. Personally I got my B-tier from that free draw which is almost the same on what I got from using 1000 gems per 10 draws.

7. Be aware with your ultimate skill. This is come with the skull icon and you need to click it manually even you are in auto-fighting. This is very essential especially on tough fight as this give you a temporary invincibility (same with familiar skills) and execute a devastating attack. But this appear so fast and you will usually miss it if you are not paying attention. You are able to activate this ultimate skill upon doing decent number of combos which come easier when you are using Eva.

8. Do repeat-battle. This is very helpful especially if you still have stamina but you don’t have time to play the game. So in repeat-battle you don’t need to select what you are going to do between stage completion, as the auto-system will do it for you. You can simply just turn your gadget and let the system will play the game automatically for you.

9. Do enhance, evolve, combine. At first you will find it tricky to do but actually the concept of this is very simple. To enhance you need to sacrifice lower tier equipment for your main equipment until it reach 30 so you can evolve it using chaosite or you need to provide 2 same items with level 30 so you can combine it to improve the current tier.

10. Do Boss Raid. This is the best way to farm for more equipment that you can use for enhancement. The trick here is to do boss raid on lower level (Nosferatu) so you can kill it easily and also it requires 1 stamina only. Don’t bother with higher level boss as they gave same tier (E or D). In boss raid you will fight highly improved boss from what you defeat in storyline.

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