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The biggest decision in playing MMORPG is what character you are going to play. Role is very important as this is what this game based of. As per role, successful games can provide a well balanced sets of characters and roles for their players. Well actually each class has their own strong part as well as weak part and we are here to discuss to you our guides for Crasher Classes and hopefully this will help you decide what character is suitable for you.

In choosing a character, you should understand the edge of each class. There is a class meant of survival or those class with higher amount of HP and can wear equipment which is based from higher def. There is a class that relies on speed who can eliminate the target swiftly. There is a class that is good on crowd control as well as AoE damage. There is a class that relies on PvP. So what do you want to enjoy in game, it is up to you. Well in Crasher there are four different classes that have the edge on what I mentioned above such as:


This is the most popular class in any MMORPG because the balanced stats that warrior can offer. This class is well known for their defense as well as good melee offense. The primary role of warrior is to play as tank. They are very important in team which can hold and protect his teammate especially in boss battle as well as in guild vs guild war. But unfortunately this class is not good in farming based on his skills. Compare to other class that can do AoE damage as well as casting fast skills and in range, this guy has slow interaction with skills as well as considering that target it can hit. Imagine a tank, yeah it is slow but powerful in war and so it is the same with warrior. But if you think that is not the way you want to play Crasher, well it is better for you to pick a different class aside from warrior. And when it comes on farming/grinding make sure to go party with class good in farming so they can carry you in your disadvantage. That is good in team system, you have always options and strategy to play the game well.


The best damage dealer in Crasher as well as the farm queen because her skills are based on AoE and she can cast it right away and kills hordes of enemies without moving on her place. That gives her a big advantage on farming as well as a leap on grinding. Being offensive based character, this character is poor on defense. Once her opponent got her in, it will be difficult for her to go out but to face her doom. Playing with mage as a team, you really need to protect this squishy character but in terms of damage, this is can give the best of it. When playing as mage, we recommend not to play in auto so you can utilize your character in avoiding attacks as well as putting a good position for her to defend herself from incoming attacks.


Almost the same with mage, you can enjoy this class as a good farmer because he can take advantage with his range to eliminate monsters in map. Archer is also good in PvP for powerful attacks. Archer is also fast cast type of character meaning when you click his skill, without much CG he will initiate it to inflict damage. With all offensive capabilities that archer has, the same with mage, he is poor in defense which will make him fragile especially on close quarter combat. As an archer, you need to know how to kite well so you will not give your opponent a chance to fight back killing them without letting your target get near to you.


Perfect class for PvP lover as this is the most effective in close quarter combat that is what we’ve mentioned, the big threat for both mage and archer. Though doesn’t have the same defense as warrior, Assassin is very fast and it can eliminate his target without them giving a chance to fight back. All you have to do is to make closer on your target. The disadvantage on assassin is also farming and grinding. Though she has some AoE skills but then it has a slow execution or not fast enough compare to other nukers of this game. With longer action to execute it, it will give him a vulnerability to receive damage from range and AoE attacks. But once inside his target, nothing is too hard for this character to kill. If you are worried with grinding / farming, you can ask someone to do a permanent team for you, you can also invite closer friend to join you in your team or play other character that will work as grinder for your assassin.

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