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The game is about the famous detective wuxia story in Ming Dynasty. The battle started for the thrown when Crown Prince, the son of the emperor and Prince Kim, his younger brother wants to rule the kingdom as their father get seriously ill. Until then the peace in the dynasty corrupted, there were series of murders that both princes involved with.

For the game features, you are going to enjoy the 3D RPG graphics and HD battle system in game. This is for those who consider that graphics above all for the game they played. There is also epic artifact weapons that give unique stats for enhancing attack and defense over the game.

The same with most RPG that you can play in mobile, Clash of Assassins has amazing mount system that gives not only aesthetics but also attributes. At first glance you can rate a player by the  mount they are using. Top tier players got legendary mounts and this is can be easily identify by appearance. So you can show to the world your power without even using a skill.

Above all, CoA is very competitive that deals with guild fight, world boss, player vs player, arena and events. This is to ensure that players are going to be serious in playing. Also this will push them to spend money for the game. But for those who are with us who are not fan of spending in game, we still have our edge using cheats and guides that we are going to share below:

1. Clash of Assassins grinding cheats. The game is all about grinding and farming if you want to become stronger. Ironically not all players want the idea behind it as they are busy with PvP and other social competitive features of the game. Well if you missed to do grinding you will get weak as battle is getting tougher while you make progress. This is the rule of any RPG, the one who has patience on farming got the advantage in all fight. It is good to see players in top ranking but actually they went in through hundred of time grinding. Even you are going to spend money in this game, there is nothing can substitute the progress you can make from hard time grinding.

That is how important this boring part of the game is. I know you don’t want to do it for days or weeks that is why we are going to share to you cheat on how to make your farming life easy. When I said easy, yes it is really easy as everything will comes in auto. I know that there is a auto battle system in the game but this is not enough as you still need to be in game for confirming your rewards and changing the stages for every victory. To improve this battle trick, we are going to add something to get a fully automated pilot.

I’m talking an app that do recording. Yes we are going to record all actions we do while we are farming and let this recorded taps do our job so we can sleep, or go to work or do something important to skip this boring part of playing RPG. For the app that you can use that you can download for free, Repetitouch is a powerful recording tool that you get from Google Play. Anyway you can use any app you want but considering our experience of cheating mobile games such this, the free version of Repetitouch is enough for us.

If you are playing using your Android emulator, you can also use Nox. It has a macro recording feature which is likely the same as Repetitouch. Once everything is ready, you can go on the stage you want to grind and start recording your first run. We need only to save our first attempt and then after, we are going to the recorded tap to play Clash of Assassins. The key here is where you started the recording that is where you are going to end it so it will complete the cycle. After you’ve done in recording you can play it for infinite repeat so it will grind endlessly until you consumed all your stamina.

This is very efficient especially on the early phase of the game when you have lots of stamina to use. There are events in game that gives free stamina as well as everything is still easy for you to complete.

2. Check your mission. For you not to get bored of seeing your daily gameplay with cheat, you can check mission and see the task you can complete for rewards. This will introduce you to do something differently in game that deals with either storyline or daily quest. It is good to complete it so you are aware on what really happening in game and why you are playing it. Plus considering the rewards and you as a non-casher this is a decent enough for you to earn premium currency.

In mission there are main story, daily and guild. For your main story, this tells about the lore in game. You can complete it based on your progress. If you found that it is hard for you to deal it, meaning you need to grind or farm more so you can adapt on how the game should be played. Daily mission consists of easy tasks that you can complete in less than 24 hours. Everyday there is a new set of task to be done. Try to comply everyday so you can get a passive amount of rewards. And for the last set of tasks, the guild mission. This will rate how active the guild member is. If you are serious to your guild and you want to contribute for their progress, you must not come to miss every single guild mission. All missions have rewards and it is really worthy to deal with.

3. Get rewards from updating the game. You should take advantage everything that is capable of giving you rewards. In Clash of Assassins reward system comes in unique ways. You are able to get rewards from updating the game. So make sure your game is always updated to claim freebies. In updating your game make sure you are connected in WiFi or other reliable internet connect as requires you to download big volume of data.

4. Play actively and get rewards. For players to get encouraged on playing CoA actively, they put up a reward system where you can get compensation from daily log in, monthly card, online, active, level and etc. Upon meeting a certain requirements you are entitled to claim items based on how active are you in game.

That’s all for my list and if you want to add your own tricks of playing Clash of Assassins, you can insert your secrets and tips through comment form below. Also if you need further assistance on what is written above especially with auto grinding cheat, you can contact me using comment section.

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