Civilization of Empires Strategy Guides and Tricks


I like this game for bringing real time strategy game into a new combat system. I’ve seen a lot of Clash of Clans-like games before and I don’t blame them for getting the same idea from that game since it is really fun to play. So it is not really new to see dozens of apps that you can download for Android and iOS having the same concept. Well here in Civilization of Empires, though you will experience same city building game but the battle system is really different from CoC. Being a MMORTS, expect that you need good strategy to dominate the game so you can compete well with other players.

Aside that it has a unique version of MMORTS, what really I like in this game is the content based from Greek and Norse mythology. Here you will start with myth legends and heroes and then you can unlock Gods from different mythology to empower your arsenal. Well that is a new story to play as well as with the new concept of battle system we will experience under real time strategy game now.

So with this new concept I think you need some additional strategy on how you should play the Civilization of Empires. And that is why we included our guide below:

1. Complete the achievements. This is a good source for free gems especially if you haven’t download Civilization of Empires cheats for unlimited gems yet or you don’t have in your mind to spend money for this game. Here all you have to do is to complete the task asked from you such as winning 50 stars in the battle or upgrading main castle to level 40 and so. Also since this game is open end game, meaning you can do whatever you want in game, it is difficult for you to know if you are playing the game right or you need to improve more. Well achievement is your guide on how you should play the game based on how devs designed it. If you can complete your achievement easier meaning to say, you are playing the game effectively else you need to improve more and this might come to the decision of spending money on this game.

2. Go for discounted gems. Well since we already mentioned spending money, if you want to support this game buying a diamond is in your choice, you should purchase those which can give you additional numbers of gems for free. In Civilization of Empires, the larger number or diamonds you purchase the bigger bonus you will get from it. So if you have money always save it for bigger discount.

3. Don’ forget to log in specific day. This is for you to get free King Sparta, General Merlin and diamonds. Unlike with typical iOS and Android games wherein you will get compensation from playing daily, here you don’t need to log in every day to get rewards. You need only to be online on specific date given below to get rare rewards. Devs understand that not all players are able to play daily because of their personal lives but don’t worry because you need only to log in on 2nd and 7th day to get King Spart and Merlin respectively. And if you want to get gems, just log in every day. Here even without downloading cheats, you can still have lots of diamonds to unlock more content.

4. Go for permanent boost. Now that you have diamonds, the second thing you need to think about is how you will spend it at its best. Well to answer, the best thing you can do with your diamonds is to use it for additional worker. This is your basic unit of progress and the more worker you have, the faster you can make progress for this game. Never spend your diamonds to speed up process. Just wait for it t complete or if you really want to rush, just add workers as what I’ve said above. Also if you have enough diamonds, you can buy powerful heroes / gods in game this will give you boost in battle so you will never find it really difficult to dominate. But still the success of your game here is not on battle but on city management. Having effective city progress will leads you for better combat output.

5. Getting lots of gold. Though I don’t recommend this for your diamond to spend with but in case that you really need some gold coins, get it from levy. Here you can convert your gems to gold with a bigger value. And that best thing here is that the higher level you have, the more coins you can get from conversion. This is a good way to produce gold if you in hurry.

7. Check your enemy power. Before starting a fight, you can check your opponent’s power and yours and you can compare it so you will know who’s going to win even without  fighting yet. This rating is very straight forward, who who has the bigger digits, will be the winner. This is a good way to know if you are going to win especially in PvP feature of the game.

8. Always check your heroes’ equipment. Yes this is pretty basic but also a common mistake for players. I understand that this game is really fun to play and most players are very excited to play the combat part which makes them forgot that they need to equip their hero too or update them with new items you got from latest battle. Well make it a habit that every time you complete a level, check your heroes’ equipment as this will help them improve a lot.

That’s it for now, I need to go back in game. I’m very addicted in this game and I can’t resist not to check the game from time to time to see if I can collect resources. I need to be active now as I’m still on mid way. Later I can make more gold coins as well as upgrade takes longer hours, which will give me some break from checking Civilization of Empires from time to time. If you need something to ask, don’t hesitate to write it down in comment. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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