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This game is about a big challenge to the Dice Lord using the ultimate Adventure Time game. As a player you are able to collect more than 50 champions that come in both heroes and villains across the Adventure Time Multiverse. You can team up with your favorite characters including Finn, Jake, Cake Marceline, LSP, Farmworld and lot more. The entire battle is real time and this is what I really like in this game where you are going to develop a winning strategy to beat your opponent using tactical turn-based role playing combat. Even with dynamic battle system, everything will come in simple gesture to command or execute an attack. I said real time, means you can play with your friends through real time PvP. Just be on the top of PvP Arena and rise up the leaderboards with your skills. Along your way you can improve your battle ratings by unlocking more champions and more powerful attacks. And because this is a strategy based game, your ultimate journey is to build your powerful team and challenge players and in-game content. Just keep in mind that every champion has a unique set of powerful attacks. Just combine your character abilities to win the challenge. And to guide you more about this game, you can check out our cheats and guides for Champions and Challengers.

1. Auto grinding and farming cheats. There is nothing more convenient for players if they can use auto in game. Most mobile games has auto-battle and it is rare to see that this feature is not available in Champions and Challengers. Developers wanted us to enjoy the real essence of playing this game. So we need to manually create combo with taps. Actually this is really fun as this will give you different gaming experience from typical mobile games. Yes this is fun but if you are going to grind, this come tedious as you need to do it manually for hours. From that experience, we believe that making it in auto will give us an advantage in game. This is a rule of a thumb in RPG, the more time you spend in grinding the more progress you can have as grinding and farming will boost your level and gives you loots which you can use to upgrade your arsenal.

For us to automate our grinding we need to download an additional app that will serve as auto-pilot for the game. This is by downloading recorder-based app that is capable of recording script or the tap you did in game. So instead of doing the same tap over and over again , we will record it and then play in auto so we can have a simple feature of auto grinding and farming. As for the application you can download, you can check out the free version of Repetitouch or you can play using Nox Emulator has it has a built in feature of script recording.

If you are already playing in Nox or installed Repetitouch, you can now start recording. Just find a good stage to grind or those stage you can complete easier while you can get decent experience points and loots. Once you found the stage you can grind, start the recording and complete it. Then just go to the same stage you completed and from the part you started the record that is where you are going to stop the record to complete the cycle. Once the recording is completed you can play it to see that the application will play the game in auto. Just don’t forget to set it on infinite loop so it will grind over and over until you stop it. With this you can ensure that you will never have a problem with loots and experience points.

2. Complete achievements. The game is not mean for a day and night grinding. We are only going to do that so we can beat hard cashers in game. The real essence of playing this game is to enjoy their battle system and other content such as achievements. What I really like in completing achievements in the premium rewards you can get. As a free-to-play user, I really need to earn premium currency for free and this is a good chance earn it. Plus achievements will diversify your daily experience of playing Champions and Challengers, you are not only doing the same thing everyday but to enjoy other stuff such as completing 6 episodes, upgrading 15 unique heroes, collecting 12 magic heroes and so on.

3. Use your free spin. Since we are free-to-play we need to take advantage everything that will give us free compensation. Fortunately in this game there are opportunities you can get rewards. One of them is by spinning your luck and collect rewards from premium currency, gears and lot more. Don’t miss your chance to earn rewards from this reward system as this will gives you extra credits without doing anything that requires progress from you.

4. Play daily and earn rewards. This is common in most mobile games wherein you will get rewards from simply logging in to the game. Just like in free spin, all you have to do is to be in game daily and claim your rewards. In this reward system you will get better rewards based on how many days you be in game. The longer the streak, the better rewards you will get so don’t forget to be in game daily even you are not going to play for hours just log in and claim rewards.

5.  Complete your daily task. It is simple and meant to be completed for a day. Daily task will challenge you to do stuff daily in return of rewards. Aside from achievement which is tend for long-time accomplishment, daily quest is easy task you can complete daily. Everyday you will find different task and it is really fun to complete so you would know if you are playing the game right. If you can complete it without having a problem, meaning you are in the right path of playing Champion and Challengers.

That’s all for my Champions and Challengers cheats and guides and if you want to add something to my list or you want to ask further explanation especially with the auto grinding and farming part, you can contact me using the comment form below. Enjoy!


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